Chile: Coordinated incendiary attacks against telecommunications infrastructure by FAI-IRF

Translated by Insurrection News:

I. “This instant that won’t be forgotten
So empty when thrown back by the shadows
So empty when rejected by clocks
This wretched moment taken by my tenderness
Stripped naked, naked of the blood of the wings
Robbed of eyes to remember the angst of yesteryear
Of lips to scoop up the juice of the violence
Lost in the tolling of frozen belfries.”

In the current context of recent state reforms that have resulted in increased sentences for the possession and use of incendiary devices and/or explosives, coupled with the many cases of imprisonments related to insurrectionist violence (bombings, burning of buses and incendiary actions by encapuchados outside universities), one might be made to think that there is no longer any space for offensive actions against Dominion and it’s normality, the perfect excuse for those who have always found justifications for postponing their own revolt against the existent.

However, the long history of revolts, rebellions and conspiracies shows us that the systems of domination have always been and always will be vulnerable, and that it is always possible to find space for revolt and direct attack against the structures, symbols, institutions and representatives of oppression.

But something else is also true, and this is that the vulnerability of Dominion only becomes evident when our acts of disobedience and our desires for freedom slip through the fissures in the dominant social order; striking it, wounding it, becoming uncontrollable and dangerous to their plans of domination.

That is why we are still here and why we will remain here, continuing to defy authority by spreading with our actions the idea that the insurgent rebellious will depends on acts of revolt that do not stop.

II. “But for us everything changed when we decided to live like warriors instead of slaves. We honour our grief and frustration, our loneliness and insecurity, by neither suppressing or surrendering to them: we take these broken pieces of self in our hands to craft victim into fighter, and stand proud as antagonists in this world. To attack what attacks us.”FAI-IRF comrades in the UK

The relationships of authority, power and submission have expressed themselves throughout history and in the present via a multiplicity of practices, models and systems of domination.

Throughout the exploitation and dominion over nature and over human beings and other animals, each model of domination (patriarchy, caste system, industrial/financial/technological/capitalism etc) materializes by means of authoritarian relations between individuals sustained via interaction with a wide range of buildings, objects, goods, infrastructure and representatives such as politicians, businessmen, police officers, military men, journalists, scientists, lawyers and other servants of the powerful as well as drug traffickers, Johns, clergyman and so on who are able to do what they please in order to maintain their privileges largely due to the absence of insurgent activity combined with the apathy, fear and/or complacency of the civil and exploited masses.

Therefore every action that aims directly at the representatives of dominion and/or at it’s industrial and technological infrastructure, although it may not in itself tear down the whole of dominion, still interrupts and obstructs the flow of information, goods and social relationships that enable the everyday continuance of the imposed order.

It is the multiplication and proliferation of these types of actions that makes them a direct threat, something that only be achieved by breaking the lethargy and taking to the streets armed with our desire for freedom and a determination to leave concrete wounds in the network of domination.

III. “…only when we decide to put our lives totally at stake, when individually or with our comrades in affinity, we strike power right where we can do more harm, only then do we have total control of our lives and are able to say with joy and serenity that we are making our revolution. By realizing a perspective of direct attack we are freeing ourselves from the obstruction of defensive struggles and opening infinite possibilities of action and freedom.”Nicola Gai, a member of Olga Cell, FAI-IRF

How can we sit and watch the days go on and on without acting, without going on the offensive, without taking an active role in the struggle against domination?

For us this intolerable which is why opted for the risk of anarchy rather than living our lives removed from struggle waiting for future insurrectionist moments.

Because it is our actions in the present that are the only things that we have to demonstrate who we are and what we want.

Because it is in the polymorphic offensive action and the attack on the expressions of dominion where our present existence acquires real meaning.

On this occasion, united as groups with similar affinities, we coordinated our forces with a common objective.

Without annulling the particularities or the autonomy of each group, we freely agreed to act in a coordinated manner on the morning of Tuesday, August 25 by installing three incendiary devices with chemical delay mechanisms.

One of them was successfully installed in the underground wiring of the fiber optic network of Entel, the main telecommunications company in Chile. This attack was carried out in the center of the city of Santiago on Avenida Alameda.

The other two incendiary devices were installed within the structure of a cellular phone tower in the community of La Reina, at the intersection of Mariano Sanchez Fontecilla and Troncos Viejos. One of the devices was placed in the electrical feeder of the tower and the other was installed in its cables. Both devices were activated successfully at approximately 2AM, resulting in serious damage to the target.

We claim these coordinated actions as a minimum expression of experimental forms of attack that seek to hinder by means of sabotage the normal functioning and technological progress of the current system of domination. By building on the connections between our groups rather than the differences we are creating the possibilities of actions in the present, through trial and error, always cautious with our steps.

We know that we are not the first and that this has been a path forged with fire and gunpowder by other groups in this territory. There has already been more than 15 years of attacks by autonomous and anti-authoritarian groups in post-dictatorship Chile.

We send greetings to all the comrades locked up inside the prisons of Chile and around the world, to all the groups of anarchistic action and to all cells of the Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front.


Anarchist arson attack cell “Fire and Consciousness,” Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front, Chile.

Grupo Kapibara
Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front, Chile.


Other actions by our groups:

“If I Die in Police Custody, Burn Everything Down!”

Originally posted to IT’S GOING DOWN:

Across the US, in response to the outpouring of rebellion in the wake of a tidal wave of police murders, a handful of cops have been charged, several have been fired, and a few have simply quit. Those in power, from president Obama to the local police chiefs, rush to make cosmetic changes to an ever militarizing police force. They hurry to buy police body cameras while at the same time departments spend millions on decommissioned military vehicles and weapons to suppress future rebellions.


They say the conversation on policing and race and America has changed, but the daily reality of American life continues to produce piles of dead bodies and millions of people incarcerated. Since Mike Brown’s murder by Ferguson police, over 1,100 people have been killed by law enforcement in the United States.

We aren’t in a crisis of policing – we’re in the middle of a war.

“That’s the Only Way Motherfuckers Like You Listen!”

At the same time, due to the ongoing rebellions in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Oakland, those in the “opposition,” from the unions, to Jackson and Sharpton, to the Nation of Islam, have all intensified their rhetoric. The commemoration for the ‘Million Man March’ is entitled, “Justice or Else!” The recent disruptions of the Presidential debates, from Sanders to Clinton to Bush all point to a growing anger at politics as usual and an acceptance of more radical action. But these protests also continue this idea that if “justice” is not served, there will be consequences. “If you don’t negotiate with us, we’ll set the rabble loose!,” say the activists and politicians in waiting.

But it hasn’t been the ‘leaders’ of the official Black Lives Matter group, the New Black Panthers, or any of the leftist parties that have pushed the current uprisings; the revolts has by and large been carried out by the people themselves and the youth in particular. In Baltimore, it was high-schoolers who trashed cop cars and threw stones at police, driving them out of the neighborhood. In Ferguson, it was the neighborhood of Canfield which fought back every night for weeks in the face of a military occupation. It was a collection of graffiti writers, youth of color, and anarchists who held the streets and blocked freeways in Oakland for close to a month.


During these rebellions, the “official” organizations, whether the Democratic Party or the non-profits, were all trying to smoother the uprisings. Now, they hope to turn this energy into votes and new members. But while the official groups try to match their rhetoric to the actions of the people, all they have as leverage against those in power to make changes is the actions of the people they hope to drown out. “Listen to us and we will make sure there isn’t a riot,” they say. “Make these changes, put us in power, and there won’t be an uprising.”

But things must change, everything must change.

The riots were just the start, we must go much further.

“Rise the Fuck Up! Shut that Shit Down!”

Buildings have been burned, freeways have been blocked, and millions of dollars of property and police equipment has been destroyed. “But nothing has changed,” we hear people say over and over again. And they are right.

With each cycle of revolt, things only seem to get worse. The anti-war movement, the student movement, Occupy, and Black Lives Matter – all of these moments were largely based around the idea of exacting a cost on a system in order to push it to make structural changes. From blocked freeways, to burned buildings, to shaming hashtags, “Here, have a taste of our anger,” was our mindset.

But those in power became quite adapt at making changes – changes that didn’t amount to shit. Their rhetoric changed; they said words like, “the 99%” and “Black Lives Matter,” around election time. They put cameras on police, but in the end the cameras are still pointed at us. They took healthcare away from prisoners and diverted it into higher education. They passed laws upping the minimum wage to $15 in several years time; keeping us squarely locked in poverty. All the while, this society continues to break down and the ecological system continues to hurtle us towards apocalypse.


The militant movements of the last several years have been failures because they have only sought to generate reforms from the present system, even if they didn’t make demands. We went into the streets knowing something was wrong, but in the back of our minds we hoped those in power would listen to us and make changes.

Those in the Left groups with their newspapers claimed we lacked a vanguard party to guide us. The unions claimed we lacked representation in the workplace. The churches and mosques said we lacked moral superiority in the face of state violence. The non-profits whined we had a poor outreach strategy.

The riots, blockades, occupations, and shut-downs failed because they didn’t go far enough.

Revolutions that go half-way, dig their own grave.

“If I die in police custody, don’t let my parents talk to…Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, or any of the motherfuckers who would destroy my name.”

Being a revolutionary in the present terrain means knowing that things aren’t going to get better; that currently there are no reforms that the system can grant that will get us out of the current crisis. Those in power will continue to offer only more repression, surveillance, incarceration, and policing to quell in rebellion, while also attempting to placate to popular anger by attempting to offer cosmetic changes or “expand the dialog.”

But what would a revolutionary strategy look like? What has already taken place in the streets that can show us a way forward? In the past several years, across the world, from Oakland to Egypt, we’ve seen the proliferation of various tactics and strategies – all responding to a historical moment of crisis that defines our era.


We have seen the proliferation of occupations, whether in camps, squares, or buildings. These communal spaces serve as a vehicle to get organized from and meet the needs of the insurgents involved. We saw this in many Occupy camps, in Tahrir square, and in Ferguson around the burned QT building. All insurrections need bases of operations; they need space. But we have to push and expand this space, into schools and universities (such as in various occupations across Chile and Europe), in occupied union halls and workplaces (such as in Greece), and into public areas and whole regions (such as in Turkey at Gezi Park, throughout the Rojava Revolution in the autonomous region of Kurdistan, indigenous blockades of pipelines such as across Canada, and at the ZAD in France).

Autonomy is power.


Beyond just being a place where people talk and make plans, these places need to expand the communal activity of people organizing themselves and meeting their needs directly. But such space will always need to be defended. Whether it is the streets of Ferguson from the police and the National Guard, or the occupied Egyptian squares, rioting has been the offensive capacity by which people have defended themselves from government forces and expanded their territories.

“Let them know, that my sisters got this!”

Rioting, in a defense and offensive capacity also allows people to attack the infrastructure of the enemy: namely the police, surveillance systems, and the like. However, beyond bank windows and burned patrol cars, the use of blockades has proven to be a very effective tactic in shutting down the flows of capital, stopping the construction of a project, and preventing the movement of state forces. We can see this most spectacularly in the indigenous struggles in Canada (such as the Mi’kmaq and Unist’ot’en), where Native groups are setting up encampments to stop the development of fracked oil pipelines.


But these tactics by themselves are just that, tactics. Blockading a freeway against white supremacy might be the start of a longer revolutionary struggle or a way to gather our forces, but simply going onto a freeway and hoping that something will materialize (or worse yet, someone will listen,) is delusional thinking. If we want to build a revolutionary force capable of destroying this system of domination, white supremacy, and exploitation, then we have to think about tactics in terms of a strategy.

Thinking about a strategy means paying attention to the situation we are in both locally where we live, but also nationally and internationally. We have to think about how the Left and those that try and control social struggles will react and try and hinder our efforts. We have to think about how the state will try and repress us for attacking the social order.

But above all, we have to think about how our actions can grow, expand, become more powerful, and ultimately link up with others across the social terrain.


The above text has been condensed into a flyer which you can download below. Use the box to fill in a link to local projects. 

Whole page. Quarter sheet.

Chile: Words from anarchist prisoner Sergio Álvarez in memory of Sebastián ‘Angry’ Oversluij

From Insurrection News:


Insurrection News received and translated:

Greetings comrades, I write these words and give them all my love in response to the call for a week of action in memory of our fallen brother in combat Sebastián Oversluij that was carried out this week.

In my current position as a prisoner it has been hard to find out many details about this but in the context of the individual and collective actions undertaken by comrades outside there arises in me the need to contribute, although it is a minimum gesture of solidarity, it is important to use whatever weapons are available to continue in a combative manner to remember a comrade who gave his life and his death in the struggle against Power, Authority and all of it’s Domination.

This is why on Thursday along with comrade Ignacio Muñoz who is imprisoned in module 34, we fasted in solidarity, understanding that our bodies can and should be positioned as one more front from where we can attack. And although fasting or hunger strikes did not correlate with the character of this particular call for action which was  more focused on street graffiti, banners, posters, leaflets etc; I believe that each individual with every one of their circumstances, possibilities and contexts should contribute instances that arise from their memories and seek to generate a projectuality of the conflict.

This is how I have understood this gesture for Angry, as an exercise of combative memory, for although we have only known each other in a tangential manner, we were able to connect via the tensions that mobilize our bodies, via the principles that guide us, each on their own path towards total liberation.

I value these instances but I feel that to be limited to only one type of action, as in this case the visual propaganda, is to mute the potentiality of actions that can be born of impulses and feelings of complicity with Angry that range from how to breathe this dirty air up to the exercise of the nihilistic / anti-authoritarian / anarchic minority violence.

I believe that it is necessary to multiply each of the methods that we have to confront Power, therefore it must be remembered in a practical way how the comrade died – expropriating a bank in rejection of wage-earning work, and how he aspired to live life free and autonomously in direct combat with the values and conventions imposed by the society of domination. That’s why I believe that these moments are opportunities for meeting accomplices and creating informal affinity networks to enrich and nourish us. Well, this is all that I have to say for the time being. A huge hug to those who continue to fight both in the prisons and on the street.

Sebastián Oversluij “Angry” present!

Long Live Anarchy

Missing and waiting for a new meeting with you my brothers and sisters.

Sergio H. Álvarez
Anarchist Anti-Authoritarian & Nihilistic Prisoner
Module 33, Santiago Prison Number 1

(Original Spanish version of this text can be read HERE)

Chile: Update on anarchist prisoner Natalia ‘Tato’ Collado

From Insurrection News:

FreeTatoOn August 15th anarchist prisoner Natalia ‘Tato’ Collado was transferred from the S.A.R (High Security Section – the isolation module) back to the ‘Public Connotation’ module where anarchist comrade Nataly Casanova is also held. Tato had been in the isolation module since July 27th as punishment for her rebellious and defiant stance against the prison guards.

At this stage Tato has not been able to share a cell again with Nataly however she is out of isolation now and back in a module where the conditions are a lot less suffocating and restrictive.

Let’s not forget that the comrades Natalia and Maria Paz are still being held in the S.A.R., accused of the arson attack against a barracks of the Homicide Investigation Police.

Solidarity and insurgent affinity with the imprisoned comrades!

(via Publicacion Refractario, modified translation by Insurrection News)

Mexico City: 4 anarchists arrested during solidarity demonstration for Chilean prisoner Hans Niemeyer

hans niemeyer

Hans Niemeyer

Yesterday, Tuesday August 20th, there was a demonstration in solidarity with our comrade Hans Niemeyer, at the Chilean Embassy. After the protest, as our comrades were getting ready to leave, they were followed and arrested by the police; Jaime Alberto Aguilar Marroquin (member of the Anarchist Black Cross DF) Guarneros Tonatiuh Garcia, Jair Juarez Victorino and Mario Alberto Lopez Gutierrez.

Our comrades were taken to the Public Prosecutor, charged with: undermining the authority and damages against private property.

As far as we know up to this point the City Government, headed by Miguel Angel Mancera, has instructed the Attorney General to keep them as prisoners.

This is a clear example of the policy of persecution and harassment against the anarchist movement that has been carried out by the Mexico City’s Governor Marcelo Ebrard, and continued now by Mancera. We hold the City Government as well as the Judicial Power as the ones responsible for this repression.

We are calling to all of our comrades around the world to demand their
freedom to these officials:

Jefe de Gobierno del Df

Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa

53 45 80 62

53 45 80 42

@Mancera Miguel MX

Procurador General Justicia del DF

Rodolfo Fernando Rios Garza

53 45 55 57

Because solidarity between anarchists is not only written words.

Down with the prison walls!

DF Anarchist Black Cross

Chile: Marcelo Villarroel – We walk together: it’s time to fight!!

marcelofrom vivalaanarquia, transl. by waronsociety:

“Because one who forgets the captives of war completely forgets the same war.”

-Gerasimos Tsakalos, CCF member in prison.

The chapters of confrontation which we live as hostages of the state-prison-capital are many and lived daily, there are no pauses in war.

Domination crushes lives in the centers of extermination and isolation, in the places of wage exploitation, in the temples of indoctrination and lobotomy which serially create teams of managers, professionals of democracy, citizens of social peace, slave-sheep of the millitary-police complex which controls a large part of the planet.

But the multiform offensive resistance is not a pantomime nor a mere pose. it is a permanent act-option-experience which manifests in all moments and aspects of our lives.

The hunted individuals and collectives of liberation extend and bond, are never extinguished nor disappear.

Where some capitulate and return to the normality of a citizen of capital, others sincerely, and with everything, rebel.

Against all authority, against the prisons and jailers, their borders, the mercantile dictatorship, the false critics, various reformists, adaptive pseudo-radicals…against all that exists that robs us of life…

There are memories of resistance and subversive struggle where there is a thirst for justice…in a sterile high-security cell, in the beautiful darkness of a mountain lined with clandestine footprints, in anonymous urban sabotage, penetrating their guarded centers of power…in a poem-song, in a text-declaration, in an honest surrender to the heart…memory and subversion exist independent of the pounding waves of repression.

Our negations are infinitely more potent then their domination, charges, and threats, are proudly fed by our desires and necessities, by our indomitable dignity which we do not buy nor sell…we are willingly irrepressible, never forgetful!!

I think of and carry with me:

-Zoe, a young compañerita libertaria* who died April 30, 2009 handling an explosive device in an abandoned factory in Cogna, Chanbery, France while we were prisoners atUnidad 11 in Newken, Argentina.

-The three compañeras and two compañeros, political prisoners incarcerated since Dec. of last year in Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina as a result of the mobilization of popular sectors tired of their misery.

-Nicola Gai, Alfredo Cospito, combative anarchist prisoners held in Ferrara, Italy, for the attack carried out in 2012 against the executive director of Anslado Nucleare.

-Jaime Gimenes Arbe, an anarchist prisoner of direct action of Basque origin, held captive since 2007 in prison in Monsanto, Portugal and perversely mistreated in a regime of punishment who has been on hunger strike since April 1st.

-Every imprisoned individuality in the whole world who fights against power.

-The anonymous in insurrection, autonomous, and anti-authoritarians who attack, practice the revolutionary experience, and walk the path of the permanent offensive against all that oppresses us.

-Those who in solidarity  accompanied us this past Wednesday, the 24th, outside of the “justice center” in Santiago, attempting to demonstrate, and who were arrested by the pigs.

-To the hermanxs in the Argentine region who manifested as well on Wednesday outside of the Chilean consulate in Buenos Aires and at the doors of the Chilean capitalist retail trash called Fallabella.

-Those who conspire in minority sectors promoting conflict, calling for social war…I’m thinking of you and carry you with me…

“Because not one sentence will be perpetual and not one prison high-security” -Claudia López B.

-Hans Niemeyer, recaptured Thursday the 26th and clumsily indicted by the prosecutor and police in order to satisfy democracy’s anti-bomb thirst for vengeance.

-Carla and Iván locked up in their houses under the same capitalist thirst for vengeance.

To break with immobility and acceptance, to construct networks of complicity, to take back the practice and ideas of subversion and revolutionary solidarity…

For anti-capitalist internationalism, autonomous, and libertario

Let’s go, walking together, it time to fight!!

Prisoners of the Social War…to the street!!

While misery exists, there will be rebellion!!

Against prison, the state, and capital….Total liberation!!

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda

libertario prisoner

CAS – Santiago – Chile

April 30, 2013

WOS Note: Liberatario/a/x translates directly to libertarian, but does not carry the same connotation as in the english-speaking world, especially the US. The next best choice may be anti-authoritarian, but the term seems most accurate and eloquent left as is.

Recently Translated Chilean and Mexican Anarchist Prisoner News

Thanks to War on Society for the translating and Liberacion Total for hosting the news in Spanish.

Chile: Investigation against Carla Verdugo and Ivan Silva closed

On December 27, 2012 the prosecution decided to close the investigation against Carla Verdugo and Ivan Silva; both comrades were arrested on April 17, 2012 for possession of explosive material.

Charged under the anti-terrorist law, the police are speculating about the possible target of the device, pointing fancifully to the Justice Center, since Carla is the romantic partner of Juan Aliste, a comrade accused in the Security Case who had a hearing that day.

In spite of the months that the comrades have spent in preventive prison, they have with dignity rejected the southern prosecution’s petitions that intend to bring about an abbreviated trial (in which they take responsibility) under the anti-terrorist law. Faced with the null sentences for the anti-terrorist law in other cases, the prosecution insists on the blackmail against the comrades.

From December 27, the southern prosecution has a period of 10 days to present the “Accusation.” A judicial document and stage where the persecutors indicate the sentence they intend to apply and the list of witnesses, experts and evidence. Then comes the preparation of the oral trial and finally the trial.

We affectionately greet Ivan and Carla; we expect and call on you to accompany them in this whole juridical process of blackmail.

Ivan and Carla: To the street!

Solidarity letters from Italian anarchist prisoner Elisa to Luciano Pitronello and Mario López from inside Rebibbia prison in Rome.

Dear compa Luciano,

We do not know each other yet every time I hear news surrounding you and your incarceration (your wounds and capture by the Chilean state) I feel we have met, every time my smiling eyes admire your smile and firm gaze.

Though we have never met, I greet you every time I read your words full of flame and tenderness, forcefulness and gentleness, of struggle and love…The solidarity you expressed to me from the 10th of September on to the 11th through a hunger strike filled me with emotion and gratitude. Your simple act of complicit revolt, in which you shouted your own love of freedom entered “my” cell of iron and cement. It separates, crumbles, and removes the miserable “dignity” that each state, or dictatorship pretends to give with a reformist touch, and turns it into a dazzling blinding bonfire, a savage flower, a snow-covered peak.

Brother Tortuga I hope you are well! I know that your spirit is unyielding and free…You are not alone, we are not alone!

From this snow-covered peak, where my anarchist essence knows no bars, I send you a strong embrace of solidarity and rebellion, full of strength and love!

Elisa Di Bernardo,
c/c Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo, 92
00156 Roma

Greetings compa Mario,

When I heard what happened to you, my heart stopped for a few minutes, I felt so much…for sometime now I find myself in one of the thousands of the state’s cages. I am one of the Italian prisoners rounded this past June 13th under “Operation Aidre.”

My rebel spirit accompanies you through your days spent in the hospital and still accompanies you through your seclusion in the cells of Mexico!

I want you to know that you are not alone…We are not alone! I hope you are well, for real, with a combative spirit.

You already know about the absurd judicial hysteria surrounding Stefano and I…from the beginning we knew that these days it is a crime to distribute counter-information and to have contacts amongst compas–above all anarchist and rebel compas. If being an anarchist is a crime…I am guilty!

As an individual I also reject the concepts of federation, front, organization or whatever else… The blood in my veins grows hot with each act of rebellion, with each action of revolt, with each liberatory outburst that seeks to destroy that which oppresses us, that which poisons each of our existences, transforms it into a grey death, into economic gain, and turns the natural instinct of autonomy and freedom into a frozen calculation.

With these few words I want to express my closeness and complicity! May the bridge between “your” cell and “my” cell, in between every cell which encloses our compas in struggle, become a constellation of concrete solidarity…That will break down every wall, each isolation!

It is from “my” cage without walls, that I send you a strong embrace full of strength and anarchy! The same I send to compa Felicity!

Elisa Di Bernardo,
c/c Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo, 92
00156 Roma

Letter from clandestinity for Mario López’s recent release from prison under bail

To my brother Mario,

Six months have passed since they captured you that ill-fated night, since they tortured you and threatened you, since they harassed your family and friends. For six months they tried everything to be able to break your anarchic spirit–they enclosed your body between four walls and innumerable bars, far from the wild forests where you belong, but it did not occur to them that at every moment you were going to be with your compañerxs in affinity around the world. They left you enduring pain, but your will to fight always won out.

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Chile: Luciano “Tortuga” Pitronello sentenced to 6 years probation, no further imprisonment

From the Santiago Times… via Anarchist News:

Attempted bomber acquitted of terrorist charges and spared jail.

Luciano Pitronello, a 23-year-old anarchist on trial for a bombing attempt last year, was sentenced to six years of probation by the Fourth Oral Criminal Tribunal in Santiago on Wednesday. Pitronello will serve the sentence under house arrest.

The case has been a source of particular controversy in Chile, especially after the court decided last week that Pitronello’s actions could not be constituted as terrorism.

Pitronello’s lawyer, Carlos Mora, spoke of his client’s satisfaction after the sentencing.

“He is very satisfied by the verdict because the only thing he was asking for was to not be labelled as a terrorist, because he isn’t one,” Mora told the press. “He knew he was to be convicted, and he risked effective punishments.”

District Attorney Raúl Gúzman said he would ask for an appeal, due to the fact that the crime of terrorism was not considered in the case. The district attorney’s office has 10 days to appeal to either the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals, while Pitronello’s defense team prepares the arguments to defend the ruling that the attempted bombing was not an act of terrorism.

Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter said it was “very probable” that the Ministry would also appeal the decision.

“When a person decides to execute a crime involving the making, placing and denotation of a bomb, this person is thinking further than just the physical damage it could cause to a building,” Hinzpeter said. “This person is thinking of causing alarm and introducing fear to the people, and this same bomb could have affected people circulating in that area.”

After terrorist charges were dropped last week, Pitronello’s sister took to her Twitter account to express her disappointment at the charges being dropped.

“I lament the rejection of classifying my brother’s actions as terrorist, he is a danger to society,” she wrote.

Pitronello’s homemade device exploded in his hands during his bombing attempt last June at a Santander bank in downtown Santiago, taking his right hand and three of his fingers on his left. He had previously been vocal in online forums in his criticism of global economic inequalities and multinational corporations.

Luciano Pitronello – The abyss does not stop us

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

The abyss does not stop us. Communique at one year after the Bombing that almost cost me my life

First days of June, 2012

To the conscious rebels; to my companions scattered across the world:

A little more than a year has passed since everything changed for me that cold predawn of June 1st last year, and I believe that to not declare myself about it would be to play along with the game that has me here prisoner in the hospital of the Santiago 1 prison, and it would be a dishonor to myself, but above all to you my dear compañerxs who worry about me.

I should say: I wanted to make a balance one year from when all this happened, but did not manifest it publicly for two reasons: the first is because that text was too compromising, and the second and more important in my opinion is because nothing was really analyzed in it, it was only a compilation of frustration, resentment and hatred that raged against everyone, cursing those who ran off, but now I want to do it, I feel the lucidity to be able to deliver some words that I am sure are so deserved.

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Chile: Bombs Case comrades absolved

originally from vivalaanarquia, translated and sourced from waronsociety:

After a long process during which the $hilean state and the plaintiff institutions tried by all means to condemn the compas at any cost, they were absolved of all the charges, in the final hearing today June 1st, 2012.

All the charges such as placement of explosive device and terrorist financing were dismissed; also they raised all the cautionary measures against the 6 compas.