Call for Actions in Solidarity with Fugitive Comrade Felicity Ryder

We recently received this from comrades in Mexico City Anarchist Black Cross.

A call for two weeks in solidarity (February 21st- March 7th) with Felicity Ann Ryder, an anarchist comrade on the run.

Greetings in Solidarity to all anti-authoritarian hearts who read this wherever they may be. To everyone who, with conviction and strength, combat, in whatever manner they see fit, every institution and symbol of the apparatus of capitalist patriarchy, oppression, domestication and the farce of power.

Comrades, we put this call out from inside of the beast to howl our solidarity with our sister and comrade Felicity Ann Ryder, who remains fugitive from the claws of the state after more than 7 months.

In the early hours of June 27th, 2012 an unfortunate event occurred: an explosive device detonated leaving our comrade Mario “Tripa” López injured (and behind bars for 6 months). Mario is now “free” on Conditional Release and has an ongoing case against him. After police and government forces found Felicity’s passport, and facing the risk of also being put in jail, our comrade began life as a fugitive.

Since then we know that there has been constant harassment of her relatives in her country of birth (Australia) as well as throughout the so-called social networks. It is also possible that more investigations have been opened in other countries attempting to tie together various action oriented anarchist cells. This all forms part of a frame-up instigated by police forces on an international level that is used to attack the anarchist movement using fear and terror in an attempt (unsuccessfully) to immobilize us.

We understand the difficult situation that Felicity must be facing after all these months. Living clandestinely, despite being a better option than the cold bars and cynicism of a jail cell, also becomes a form of prison in that it stands in the way of enjoying full liberty because of the constant threat of possible detention. This situation brings many difficulties in terms of mobility, for self-sufficiency, and struggle; isolation and distance from loved ones and the abandoning of life plans.

Clandestine life as a necessity, and not as a privilege of an authoritarian vanguard, also requires our solidarity, the obligation of our comrades to constantly be on the run, pushed underground and forced to dig their way to liberty, deserves our support.

Living clandestinely does not afford the same support, material and emotional, that a comrade in prison receives from the outside. We know that wherever our comrade Felicity may be, she stands firm in her convictions as an anarchist, she laughs at the enemy while continuing to attack them, face to to face.

From here we send a warm greeting and call on all of our forces as anti-authoritarians to participate in two weeks of activities, greetings, and gestures in solidarity with our comrade Felicity from the 21st of February until March 7th, to take the form that one sees fit, so Felicity knows that she is not alone and that solidarity between anarchists in struggle is not merely a written word, or a phrase used to adorn pretty “revolutionary” pamphlets.

For us solidarity is a weapon that destroys power. We also wish to remember that there are other comrades living as fugitives like Hans Niemeyer, persecuted by the Chilean State, as well as Grigoris Tsironis, Marios Seisidis, Vassilis Palaiokostas, Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa from Greece.

No Remorse, No Defeat!!!!
Free and Wild, Felicity is with us!!!
Comrade, you are not alone!!!! Many of us follow you in struggle and embrace your convictions!!
Freedom to all prisoners of the social war!…

Global call for solidarity for the imprisoned comrades from 12 Feb. 2012 Social Revolt in Greece

From Void Network, via Anarchist News:

On Sunday, February 12, day of vote of Memorantum 2 of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP) that outlines the economic and financial policies that the Greek Government and the Bank of Greece will implement during 2012‒2015 in the Parliament House of Greece, held in Athens one of the biggest protests in years. The clashes that broke out lasted until the early morning hours the next day and reminded that much of December 2008.

At the same time of voting of the measures in the Parliament, a crowd of 300.000 people that gathered was not put off by the chemicals and the suffocating atmosphere that was created by the police. The great majority of the people remained in the area and continued the fights around Syntagma / Parliament sq. and the surrounding streets for several hours. The media, as usual, reported extensively only the riots and disasters that took place, not making the slightest reference to the size of the protest or the violent methods of police repression.

Also, in all major cities of Greece similar reactions took place from people who attacked the political offices of those Parliament Members who voted these same hours the agreement of capitalists.

In Athens, police arrested 79 protesters and at the end of the day imprisoned 4 people, with unfounded categories and using as only excuse their participation in social struggles the last years. Immediately after the verdict of pre-trial imprisonment the police published in mainstream media four photographs of the arrested ones trying to search for informers who might know something about the actions of the demonstrators. Since then this act appeared that was the beginning of a new regular logic of police sharing photos in public with mainstream media as the same public pre-trial humiliation and violation of personality took place in the case of HIV positive prostitutes and drug users, characterized by the police as individuals indirectly dangerous to the public health of the society.

The propaganda that the state tries to built through all this story is that anyone that participates in a demonstration can find him/her self arrested and accused as “potential terrorist” without any real proof than his/her participation in the march
Now more than ever we express our solidarity with Evangelos K. and all the imprisoned ones from February 12, 2012 social revolt and we shout the old Greek slogan :
We ask for the immediate release of demonstrators in custody from 12 February 2012

Void Network

CCF – victory of the hunger strikers

English original

May 1, 2012 by actforfreedom | 0 comments
Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!



“A battle has been won but the war does not end here…”

After 23 days of hunger strike, we come out as winners against the corruption, defeatism and captivity that dominate in the world of prisoners.

We wrote: “We made a decision… we fight till the end…” We stood consistent to this choice of ours even when we saw our brothers Gerasimos and Panagiotis leave and be hospitalized in a bad condition at Tzanio hospital. Because from all that is written, we love what is written with blood and sealed with actions.All the rest is hollow babbles and a waste of time.

These 23 days we did not regret the hunger strike even for a moment. We knew the risk. We know everyone dies… but there are deaths that weigh differently, because we ourselves decide the way we will die, just as we choose the way we live. And we decided to come out of this battle as winners.

Gerasimos and Panagiotis won their final transfer from Domokos prisons. Gerasimos got transferred to Koridallos prisons and Panagiotis because he is considered a long term convict (he is sentenced to 37 years) and could not come to a prison such as Koridallos (a prison mainly for people who are waiting to be judged), won a transfer to a prison of his “choice” and will be transferred to Trikala prisons where three other members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire are also being held.

This victory puts in its own way another pledge in our aim for political coexistence of the members of the CCF within the walls and abolishes the isolation they try to impose on us.In this confrontation opposite the system, time and fatigue, we put our bodies as a barricade and as a pawn of our decency. That’s why we did not plead, neither did we beg for solidarity in the places we avoided to hang out during our course as anarchists of praxis.

We stayed clear of leftist parties, from press conferences with a humane background, from reformist circles. Choosing thus a conscious loneliness we counted friends and enemies, comrades and indifferent, actions and silences… We do not have spare words for the small time politicians and the meaningless.

On the contrary the word “thankyou” is very poor for the comrades from the whole of greece who ran, gave out flyers, put up posters, set up PA systems, organized gatherings, occupied a tv station, they came with a demo by the prisons, carried out counter-information actions from radio stations…

Finally we send our warmest hug to all those vandals, the hooded ones, the provocateurs, the night time arsonists and bombers in Greece, the anarchist nihilists in Spain, our brothers in Bolivia, England and to all the cells of the Informal Anarchist Federation and of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire…

Nothing would be the same, without all of you…

May we meet soon comrades. Although we won, we have nothing more to do than start the next battle.


And anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos

California: Hunger strikes spread across state prison system

From Libcom:

Since yesterday, prisoners in at least 11 of California’s 33 prisons are refusing meals in solidarity with a hunger strike staged by prisoners in one of the system’s special maximum-security units: the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison.

Another interesting news item taken from the dominant media:

The strike began Friday when inmates in the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison stopped eating meals in protest of conditions that they contend are cruel and inhumane.

“There are inmates in at least a third of our prisons who are refusing state-issued meals,” said Terry Thornton, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The number of declared strikers at Pelican Bay — reported Saturday as fewer than two dozen — has grown but is changing daily, she said. The same is true at other prisons.

Some inmates are refusing all meals, while others are rejecting only some, Thornton said. Some were eating in visitation rooms and refusing state-issued meals in their cells, she said.

Assessing the number of actual strikers “is very challenging,” Thornton said.

Prison medical staff are “making checks of every single inmate who is refusing meals,” she said.

More than 400 prisoners at Pelican Bay are believed to be refusing meals, including inmates on the prison’s general-population yard, said Molly Poizig, spokeswoman for the Bay Area-based group Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity.
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April 14-21: International week of solidarity with imprisoned Chilean anarchists

This April 14th to the 21st has been chosen as a week of agitation and propaganda for the immediate freedom of the 14 Chilean anarchists arrested on August 14th 2010. The arrests were a culmination of raids under what is being called the “Bombs Case”. The arrestees are accused of placing or being implicit in dozen of bombs set off in the greater Santiago area for the past couple years. They are being charged under the dictatorship era Anti-Terrorist Law. They are charged with “illicit association” as well. Ten of the arrested comrades have been imprisoned since August 14th, culminating now to almost 8 months of jail time, also 9 of the 10 have been on hunger strike since February 21, 2011. The other comrade joined the hunger strike March 23rd. They have lost around 20 pounds each, the hunger strike is indefinite. The prosecutor is asking for sentences of 10 years, 15 years, to life imprisonment. The comrades have kept their heads held high inside prison agitating with their bodies and small acts of refusal, on the outside anarchists have continued the struggle and expressed multitudes of solidarity, internationally anarchists have responsed as well. This week will act as focal point for anarchist solidarities and a reminder of our comrades known and unknown locked up in the cages of democracy in Santiago. Those who forget the accused or the imprisoned of the struggle, forget the struggle itself.
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Bulgaria: Anti-Facist Awaits Verdict, Asking for Support

Update from Freedom for Jock Palfreeman

“Jock had his final defense plea in his appeal on 19th of January. It means that theoretically within 30 days he should receive his verdict- the Bulgarian system however is not known for its efficiency so it might take more time than that. In the meantime we definitely need a last push for him!
Comrades in Moscow already organized another picket outside the Bulgarian embassy and we know there is something going to take place in Holland in few days. If you have a Bulgarian Embassy or consulate in your area why not to pay them a visit with few friends and a banner or at least go there and officially deliver a letter of support? (It has to be noted by embassy staff and sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs so it carries more weight than you might think). If not that send few emails to Bulgarian authorities, reminding them that Jock is not forgotten and we are watching them.”
Here is very handy form for sending messages to a Bulgarian Ministry:

Free Jock website finally seems to be moving, with large update of different articles about him:
online petition for Jock here:

News about solidarity actions:

Read original story on ABC blog:

Short Update of Recent Repressions Against Anarchists in Belarus

From via the Anarchist Black Cross Moscow

As of right now four Belarussian anarchists are under arrest, accused of having organized a series of direct actions 2009-2010.

Everything started long before this past September (2010). The years 2009-2010 were rich in radical actions claimed by Belarusian anarchists. Such as:

An illegal anti-militarist demonstration in September 2009 against a mutual Russian Belarusian war exercise, when a Joint Staff was attacked with a smoke grenade.

An attack on a Minsk casino using paint bulbs and flares in protest of the relocation of most Russian casinos to Belarus after the law banning casinos in Russia was passed.
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