Charles Sims Africa: Latest Parole Board Decision

March 24, 2017

I was seen in December of 2016, and on January 2017 a decision was rendered giving me another two years. I will be reviewed again in 2018. But the thing is, I won’t be reviewed again because I refuse to see them. I am done with this charade. I will continue on in a course that involves legal action via a Habeas Corpus and a lawsuit against all Board members in their individual capacities. It is quite clear that these modern day Gestapos are only interested in persecuting me and others. Their reasons for my latest denial is that I, “refuse to show remorse and take responsibility,” etc. etc. Well, I proclaim my innocence and I was sentenced to 30 years; that minimum sentence (by law) IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED AS LONG AS ALL PROGRAMS ETC ARE COMPLETED. The Board has for years manipulated a statute pertaining to parole and tried to say that it is not a “Constitutional” issue. Well, it is a constitutional right to be paroled after one has completed their minimum. I will send copies of my papers to everyone as soon as they are completed and filed. Some of the legal issues will be complicated, but in the end it will clearly be seen that these people (involved in parole, the prisons and the courts) have been perpetrating a fraud and issuing sham justifications for denying parole to people.

I am confident that I (we) can beat these people and get out of prison! I appreciate all the support given to me in any way possible. I won’t waste any more time seeing them twisted sadists; fuck them. I apologize for such language, but its all I can say right now…

I took a few weeks to prepare this because I was sent to a few hospitals the last couple months for eye surgeries and I was out of it for a lil while. I will be right back at you soon.

Free all PPs and end all violence against women!
Chuck Sims

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