A 2011 year-end reportback from Denver Anarchist Black Cross

We hope these words find our comrades around the world in the best of health and spirit, during this time of massive social upheavel and revolt. The world has definitely seen a spread of anarchist influenced and revolutionary praxis throughout the last half of 2012, and we’ve definitely been feeling the massive change in current here in Denver.

2011 saw the busiest time yet for our collective, as we worked to support social movements active in Denver, and across the world.


The most recent formation of the Denver Anarchist Black Cross has now been active in the Denver metro area for 2 1/2 years. During that time our collective has seen a lot of ebb and flow with our membership and our work. However, the last 6 months of 2011 saw our collective solidify to a consistent membership base. At the close of 2011, we had 11 dues paying members, with three more people expected to complete their membership process sometime in January 2012.

2011 saw the start of what will hopefully become an annual tradition of hosting a weekend retreat for ABC members. Through events such as this one, we’ve seen our membership not only solidify numerically, but also become a tighter and more cohesive group. We look forward to our bonds continuing to strengthen in the New Year.

Denver ABC has maintained our blog at denverabc.wordpress.com for the entirety of our collective’s existence. The blog is updated nearly everyday with news about political prisoners, state repression, and other stories of interest to members and supporters of DABC.

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Rhode Island Imprisoned Mothers Lose Shackles During Birth

The Rhode Island State Legislature passed a law this week prohibiting pregnant inmates form being shackled or handcuffed during childbirth, and mandates that only the least restrictive restraints be used during the second and third trimester. The Rebecca Project has been working to push such legislation through other states; according to the organization, 11 states (Colorado being one of them) currently have rules on the book that prohibits the handcuffing and shackling of pregnant inmates. Check out Birth Behind Bars to learn how to support birth education and support for pregnant inmates.

Reproductive Freedom News Round Up

Courtesy of SQUAT Birth Journal, here is a round up of recent news around birth, reproductive rights, and mothers fighting for their dignity.

Midwives and supporters gather outside the Arizona state capital
on theInternational Day of the Midwife
Source: Desert Free Press
Last week people around the world celebrated the International Day of the Midwife, organizing walks and talks to celebrate the role of midwives in serving women and babies, particularly in developing countries. The Virtual International Day of the Midwife hosted a 24-hour online conference, and the proceedings are now available online.
Afghanistan is the worst place to be a mother, according to Save the Children’s Annual Global Mother’s Index. One of every 11 women die in childbirth in Afghanistan, and only one of every five children in the country will live to age 5. In contrast, Norway was deemed the best place to be a mother, with the US at spot 31. Continue reading

Nurturing Liberation Seeking Donations for New Kids’ Space

Denver’s 27 Social Center has been doing a lot of exciting rennovating lately. One of the latest developments is a kids’ space. We’re hoping to transform the room into a space that kids and the young at heart love to visit. To make that happen, we’re seeking out various donations. Here they are and spead the word!

Donations Wishlist

-dustbin and handbroom
-drop cloth
-paints and art supplies
-paint clothes (old button down shirts, etc.)
-changing pad
-first aid kit
-shoe cubbies
-wood for building a puppet stage
-books, music and movies with radical and empowering themes (some examples include Click, Clack, Moo; Los Historios de los Colores by Subcomandante Marcos; and Selavi, That is Life: A Haitian Story of Hope)

If you wish to donate to the space, simply bring your donated items in a clearly marked box to the 27 Center at 2727 W 27th Ave and leave it in the kids’ space. 27 Center volunteers will be happy to show you where the room is.

Thanks so much!
the Nurturing Liberation Collective

Nurturing Liberation: A Round-Up of Newly Released Radical Parenting Zines

The radical parenting zine community is a thriving one and a few of our favorites are just now being released- check them out!!


1. Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind #4

DLYFB is a zine geared towards radical non-parent allies, but even as a parent I find tons of helpful tips in here to help make our movements more age-inclusive.  I liked especially that it had so much on the intersection between the prison industrial complex and families.  Here is a breakdown of just some of what this issue has in it.

Rad Dad #19

Well, this just came out and isn’t available online, so haven’t been able to actually read it- BUT! ¬†Rad Dad is always great and this issue’s theme is “heavy topics,” so it’s definitely going to be a good one.










Cuntastic #3- The Radical Parenting Issue

This zine hails from just over the pass in Grand Junction, CO! ¬†The zine is freaking awesome, as is the blog that accompanies it. ¬†This particular issue focuses on Radical Parenting, which is great. ¬†It has a cool look inside the day to day living of the radical co-op house there and all their lil babies. ¬†It also has a great essay from one of my favorite radical parents Rahula Janowski, a radical parenting book list, an essay by another favorite of mine Vikki Law, who happens to be the author of the excellent book Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggle of Incarcerated Women, and co-editor of the previously mentioned Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind zine! ¬†It also features¬†Cesareana,¬†¬†an art collection around the theme of mama survivors. ¬†Just overall great, great work.