Confront the “March 4 Trump”

DABC Note: We will be providing a jail support line for all leftist comrades that attend. We encourge all of you to be there. We got your back! #DefendDenver

From Denver Action Network:


Saturday, March 4 at 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM MST
Colorado State Capitol

On March 4th in the capital of the US, there will be a gathering and march for Trump supporters. Just as Trump’s fascist agenda has emboldened white supremacists and misogynists everywhere, this march is sure to attract the worst of the country’s authoritarian shitheads.

Along with the March in DC, a number of local “March 4 Trump” events have been announced throughout the country.

We are calling on antifascists, anarchists, and anti-authoritarians everywhere to resist what is sure to be an open display of racism and misogyny. While some argue that confronting fascists in the streets will only draw attention to them, we know better than to remain complicit. Fascists don’t deserve a single outlet or forum to promote their disgusting ideology. Events like these empower and embolden these scum to further organize.

These events are being organized in an attempt to make it appear that Trump has widespread public support despite massive anger building against him, and seeks to use his supporters as an auxiliary army against rising social forces that are physically confronting Trump and his policies. Trump and his administration represents a disgusting pro-corporate and pro-billionaire agenda that seeks to push neoliberalism to its authoritarian conclusion while destroying the environment, privatizing everything, attacking immigrants, Muslims, the trans and queer community, and the poor and working-class as a whole.

Let’s not let these marches go unopposed.

Nazis in Denver have stated they are planning on attending.
Mask up, wear all black! #blackbloc

Meeting at Civic Center Park, west of Broadway14th @10am. After we gather numbers, we’ll walk to the Capitol to confront the march.

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