Denver Comrade Stabbing Survivor Update

PF StickerAs many folx already know, a Denver comrade was attacked outside of Goodwill while removing/covering up fascist Patriot Front stickers. You can read the full story by our friends at It’s Going Down here. Content Advisory: Graphic post-surgery photo.

Denver Westword also picked up the story and have reported on it and can be read here.

If you want to donate to our comrade’s medical and legal fundraiser, please find that here.

Image taken from local antifascist removing Patriot Front stickers from same block two days before attack. Video can be viewed here.

Prisoners on Hunger Strike at Sterling Correctional Facility, CO


The information below is from a prisoner inside of Sterling Correction Facility, stating that prisoners are on a hunger strike. They will continue their hunger strike, with more joining, until their 5 demands are met.

Sterling, CO August 7, 2018

“Right now as I write you this myself, as well as 38 other men here in Sterling’s ‘MCC’ (another name for Ad-Seg) are on 24 hour lockdown for 2 weeks and counting. Some have been on this lockdown for 3 months and counting. At the moment there are 10 engaged in a hunger strike and by the time you receive this letter that number will have doubled…


#1.) End of group punishments. Especially the “off the record” policy known as “redtag” used at Sterling. This is in reference to Colorado’s prisons locking down entire groups for one person’s actions. And it is almost exclusively used to lockdown groups of Hispanic inmates, which can force anywhere between 20-100 Hispanic inmates to be held indefinitely in solitary (for no action of their
own) for months at a time. At any given moment.

#2.) Abolish solitary confinement, but especially as a punishment to retaliate against inmates who refuse to attend/participate in intel/ICC interviews.

#3.) C.D.O.C must comply with all parts of the settlement reached in
Decoteau v.Raemisch as well as adhere to the statements made by Rick Raemisch himself in a Oct. 2017 New York Times article and statements where he stated “solitary confinement and extended restrictive housing have been abolished in Colorado. No inmate will be held in RH [restrictive housing] longer than 15 days.”

#4.) Refund all inmates; money for outstanding subscription and GTL
Linkunit accounts due to tablets being recalled.

#5.) Expand educational programs to include some correspondence courses and programs to help build and strengthen family unity between inmates and their families in the outside world.

…this is our final hope at some sort of relief. It is powerful to witness men deprive themselves of the basic nutrients needed for survival in order to fight
oppression, especially when most of us are routinely labeled ‘most


Running Down the Walls 2017

Denver’s annual Running Down the Walls 5k benefit is coming up just around the corner! This will be our ninth annual run/walk in solidarity with U.S. held political prisoners and prisoners of war.

Join us Sunday September 17th at 10am with the run starting at 10:30am! Runs will be taking place in other cities and in prisons. Please be sure to get there early to sign in and get your t-shirt. Food will be provided afterwards. Vegan options included. Bring everyone!

Every year prisoners and ABC chapters organize Running Down the Walls events to raise awareness and funds for political prisoners who are in need of support.

Suggested $50 donation by you or anyone who wants to sponsor you can be made below, You can also donate in person at the event!

And if you can’t attend and would like to support politicial prisoners please feel free to donate what you can!

Please sign up here:

Solidarity runs across the country!

Solidarity runs

Boston, Mass
2:00PM- Jamaica Pond

Bloomington, Indiana

Buffalo, New York


Hamilton, Ontario

Inland Empire (Riverside, CA)


Middletown, CT

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Seattle, Washington

Passing of former political prisoner: Sekou Kambui

We will never forget you Sekou Kambui. Thank you for being an inspiring part of our lives, and for relentless commitment to struggle. We miss you deeply. #RestInPower

Our dear brother and Black Panther comrade, Sekou Kambui (sn William Turk) made his transition last night. The struggle for freedom defined him in so many ways. After 47 years as a political prisoner in Alabama prisons, and his release in 2012, he can now rest in peace. Farewell my dear friend.    

Audri Scott Williams

Sekou Kambui – Life After 47 Years as a Political Prisoner

From Unicorn Riot:

Denver, CO – It has been two years since Sekou Kambui was released from the Alabama prison system after spending 47 years of his life incarcerated. He and fellow Human Rights activist Audri Scott Williams spoke in Denver on Thursday, July 14th, 2016 at an event hosted by Denver Anarchist Black Cross about his life after prison and their current collective work.

During his teenage years in the 1960s, Sekou participated in the Civil Rights movement through mobilizing fellow youth in Alabama and providing security for meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC), Congress for Racial Equality (CORE) and the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

When Sekou was 19 years old, he became affiliated with the Black Panthers Party for Self-Defense, as well as, the Republic of New Afrika. In the 1970s, Sekou spent most of his time community organizing in Birmingham, Alabama with the Alabama Black Liberation Front, the Inmates for Action, and the Afro-Amerikan People’s Party.

Because of his activism in the Civil Rights movement, he was watched closely by the FBI’s counterintelligence program entitled COINTELPRO, and was subsequently profiled and pulled over on January 2, 1975 for allegedly running a yield sign and/or speeding. During the traffic stop the officer found a pistol in Sekou’s vehicle, and after strong suspicion by the officer that it was the weapon listed as stolen during a Tuscaloosa, Alabama murder, Sekou was taken into custody and charged for the murders of the two white men; a fireman and KKK official Olmstead Copeland and multi-millionaire oilman John Harbin.

Throughout both trials, major witnesses admitted that they had been coerced into testifying falsely against Sekou and were repeatedly visited by certain members of the Tuscaloosa County and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and were deliberately coached on what to say during their testimonies.

Sekou was never placed at or near the crime scene, the real murder weapon was never found, nor was there ever any direct evidence to connect him to the murders.

While in prison Sekou remained politically active by becoming a jailhouse lawyer and prisoners’ Civil and Human Rights activist. Many prisoners owe their freedom to Sekou’s legal efforts on their behalf. He has won numerous civil actions regarding medical malpractice, abusive treatment, abusive segregation, and abusive prison conditions.

Sekou explains his motivation for becoming a jailhouse lawyer:

“Once I entered prison, what was I going to do but do the same thing I did out of prison? And that was organize—fight the powers that be for a better life and quality of life. The prisons were overcrowded and people in beds were about as close as arm-to-arm. It was filthy and the food was bad. A lot of times you’d find feces from some animal or another—mice, roaches, whatever. You’d break open a piece of cake and it had been invaded by spiders and you’d just pull it and spider webs would come with the cake. So we had a lot of work to do. As I was becoming an up-and-coming jailhouse lawyer, I began to attack and challenge those things, and with some success. And out of their success, I became notorious throughout the prison system as one ‘leave-him-alone’ litigator.”

Since his release on June 30th, 2014, he has relentlessly continued his Civil and Human Rights activism by touring nationally with The Red Flame for Freedom. The organization’s main goal is to raise awareness about the proliferation of modern day slavery experienced through sex trafficking, human trafficking, mass incarceration, and children in poverty.

“Going back to prison is not on my agenda. It’s not an option to be considered. But I’m not going to stop doing what I’m doing. And I’m going to take every breathing moment I can to get out and propagate truth and reveal the lies about what’s going on behind prison walls,” Sekou added.

Audri Scott Williams, one of the founders of The Red Flame for Freedom, spoke about her lengthy and expansive international and national Human Rights activism. Since 2000, she has participated in and organized many walks for social justice change, the environment, and for many more causes.

During the Q&A dialogue, Audri added:

“It’s that relentless pursuit of what calls you, alright, and believe me you wouldn’t be sitting here if something wasn’t calling you. We’re living at a time now where the issues are so big and so broad that you can literally just pick one and go for it. The biggest challenge is not whether there’s something you can align with, the biggest challenge is you must know that you can make a difference.”

Sekou is also involved in the Free Alabama Movement, which is an organization formed by people in men’s prisons in Alabama to fight mass incarceration and prison slavery “that supports the Non-Violent and Peaceful Protests for Civil and Human Rights by the men and women (and children) who are incarcerated in Alabama, Mississippi, and anywhere else in the U.S.A.”

Watch the entire presentation by Sekou Kambui and Audri Scott Williams here:


Call for Artwork and Articles for Certain Days Calendar 2018

Call for Submissions


What: A call for art and article submissions on Awakening Resistance for the 2018 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar

Deadline: May 15, 2017

The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar collective ( is releasing its 17th calendar this coming fall. The theme for 2018 is ‘Awakening Resistance,’ reflecting on organizing in the current political climate.

We are looking for 12 works of art and 12 short articles to feature in the calendar, which hangs in more than 2,500 homes, workplaces, prison cells, and community spaces around the world.

We encourage contributors to submit both new and existing work. We also seek submissions from prisoners – please forward to any prison-based artists and writers.


The current political moment changes the landscape for radical organizing. Beyond the White House, communities worldwide are facing a climate that is more openly white supremacist, misogynist, and Islamophobic. Trump’s election, specifically, has woken up many elements on the left as well as the right, both north and south of the U.S.-Canadian border.

Some questions to consider: What can other periods of history teach us about what brought us to this moment, and what we can anticipate in the next few years? How do we bring in/work with newly politicized people, or those who could become politicized? How do we openly and decisively oppose fascist organizing? What does this moment look like, uniquely, within the Canadian state and in other global contexts? What does resistance look like for radical movements of all kinds — ecological, anti-colonial, migrant justice. queer- and trans-liberation struggles?

We would like Certain Days 2018 to contribute to our collective answer to these and other questions that the current political moment presents for social justice movements.

For some more inspiration, we invite you to read “The Context for the Trump Phenomenon” by political prisoner and calendar co-editor David Gilbert.

“There’s been an outpouring of Left analysis on who voted for Trump and why. Some of it is very helpful about race, class, and the economy. From what I’ve seen there’s been very little that puts all that in the global context, with the U.S. as the premier imperial power but in decline. Nor has there been enough that has rooted Trump’s rise in the developments of the past 45 years. This is the challenge for our ongoing project of analysis and activism.” – David Gilbert



• 500 words max. If you submit a longer piece, we will have to edit for length.

• Poetry is also welcome but needs to be significantly shorter than 500 words to accommodate layout.

• Please include a suggested title.


1. The calendar is 11” tall by 8.5” wide, so art with a ‘portrait’ orientation is preferred. Some pieces may be printed with a border, so it need not fit those dimensions exactly.

2. We are interested in a diversity of media (paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, computer-designed graphics, collage, etc).

3. The calendar is printed in colour and we prefer colour images.


1. Send your submissions by May 15, 2017 to

2. ARTISTS: Please send images smaller than 10 MB. You can send a low-res file as a submission, but if your piece is chosen, we will need a high-res version of it to print (600 dpi).

3. You may send as many submissions as you like. Chosen artists and authors will receive a free copy of the calendar and promotional postcards. Because the calendar is a fundraiser, we cannot offer money to contributors.

Prisoner submissions are due June 7, 2017 and can be mailed to:
Certain Days c/o QPIRG Concordia
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. O.
Montreal, QC H3G 1M8


Certain Days
PO Box 110034
Brooklyn, NY 11211


The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers in Montreal, Toronto, and New York, in partnership with three political prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell. We are committed to doing work grounded in an anti-imperialist and anti-racist perspective. We work in solidarity with anti-colonial struggles, Political Prisoners and the rights of undocumented citizens and migrants. We are queer- and trans-liberationist. We raise awareness of Political Prisoners and Prisoners ofWar in the United States and abroad, many of whom are now in their fourth decade of imprisonment. People on the streets should understand the history of today’s social justice movements and how that history is linked to solidarity for PPs/POWs. In addition to building that historical awareness, we emphasize the ongoing involvement and continued commitment of PPs/POWs in these same movements.

Proceeds from the calendar will be used for direct support work for Political Prisoners and anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist struggles in the U.S. and Canada.

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Cool new posters made by Sacramento Prisoner Support

Download PDF


Download PDF


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Download PDF

Ferrara Prison, Italy: Update on censorship / Anarchist comrade Nicola Gai in isolation

Posted on Insurrection News:

(31.03.17): We have learned from our correspondence with anarchist comrades in the AS2 [high security] of Ferrara prison, that with the renewal of censorship over the past three months, the censorship of their correspondence has started again, and many of their letters have been seized.

In addition to this, they have informed us that comrade Nicola Gai may have been placed in isolation. We are waiting to get all the facts, we will know more as soon as we are able to visit the comrades.

(via Anarchist Black Cross Italy, translated by Traces Of Fire)

Charles Sims Africa: Latest Parole Board Decision

March 24, 2017

I was seen in December of 2016, and on January 2017 a decision was rendered giving me another two years. I will be reviewed again in 2018. But the thing is, I won’t be reviewed again because I refuse to see them. I am done with this charade. I will continue on in a course that involves legal action via a Habeas Corpus and a lawsuit against all Board members in their individual capacities. It is quite clear that these modern day Gestapos are only interested in persecuting me and others. Their reasons for my latest denial is that I, “refuse to show remorse and take responsibility,” etc. etc. Well, I proclaim my innocence and I was sentenced to 30 years; that minimum sentence (by law) IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED AS LONG AS ALL PROGRAMS ETC ARE COMPLETED. The Board has for years manipulated a statute pertaining to parole and tried to say that it is not a “Constitutional” issue. Well, it is a constitutional right to be paroled after one has completed their minimum. I will send copies of my papers to everyone as soon as they are completed and filed. Some of the legal issues will be complicated, but in the end it will clearly be seen that these people (involved in parole, the prisons and the courts) have been perpetrating a fraud and issuing sham justifications for denying parole to people.

I am confident that I (we) can beat these people and get out of prison! I appreciate all the support given to me in any way possible. I won’t waste any more time seeing them twisted sadists; fuck them. I apologize for such language, but its all I can say right now…

I took a few weeks to prepare this because I was sent to a few hospitals the last couple months for eye surgeries and I was out of it for a lil while. I will be right back at you soon.

Free all PPs and end all violence against women!
Chuck Sims

Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For April 2017 Is Now Available

From Prison Books Collective:

Hello Friends and Comrades,

1. Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for April.(11″x17″ PDF, 519KB) Also available in color here, and as a shareable PNG here (imgur link). Print it out and plaster your community, both in commemoration of these freedom fighters and to advertise locally for a political prisoner letter writing night. Get together with some friends in your town to send birthday cards to these fighters in our struggle. It’s an easy way to help remind them that they aren’t forgotten. If you make one, remember—don’t use anything like white-out, stickers, tape or glitter on it. We also recommend that you put a return name and address and their name and prisoner number on the card, lest the authorities “lose” the envelope and forget where it is going. If you would like to add a birthday or sign up for our poster mailing list (not a listserv, one email per month), or if you would like to contribute in another way to increasing the profile of US political prisoners, email us at

2. This month’s poster comes hot on the heels of a Week of Solidarity Against Repression. Join with others in your community to show that resistance to the Trump regime will not be cowed by the repressive actions of the state against its sworn enemies.

3. A special thank you to the designers of this month’s poster. Designers are constantly bombarded with requests to work their trade for free, for publicity, or for a cause, and every month the PPBD Posters project relies on their generosity of time, skill and devotion to the cause of prison abolition. Cheers to Patrick for putting this month’s rad poster together.

4. Do you need help advertising for your local Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night? Are you interested in distributing physical copies of the poster? Write to us and let’s find a way to get physical copies of our poster to you:

5. Be sure to check out the latest Political Prisoner/Prisoner Of War every-other week update (PDF, [##]KB) by the NYC-Anarchist Black Cross. There are lots of important updates on many political prisoners. This one includes updates on Lynn Stewart, Marius Mason, Krow, and more.

Remember: They are in there for us, we are out here for them!













Until Every Cage Is Empty,

The Political Prisoner Birthday Crew

Thunderclap against prison visits cut on March 28th

There will be a ‘thunderclap’ on March 28th to urge Governor Andrew Cuomo not to restrict prison visits in New York State. If you are on facebook or twitter, you can participate by having Thunderclap post to your page or tweet. The more, the better! Please check out the link below and participate in the Thunderclap.

Join the Thunderclap to save visiting at maximum security prisons in NY State.

Join a partnership of advocates to support and strengthen visiting by joining a Thunderclap campaign to urge Governor Andrew Cuomo not to reduce the visiting days for people incarcerated at maximum security prisons in New York State. Thunderclap will send out tweets and Facebook messages on the same day, March 28, to draw attention on social media to the need to support visiting and encourage people to take action.




Flyers and images to share: