FAM Press Release: Protest at St. Clair Prison in Alabama

From Free Alabama Movement

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February 1 Protest To Highlight Inhumane Conditions In Alabama Prisons

(Springville, Ala.) – Demanding an end to the filthy living conditions on
Alabama’s death row and “a culture of violence” carried out by officials
throughout the state’s maximum security prisons, families and friends of
the men, women and children who are incarcerated in Alabama prisons will hold a peaceful protest on Sunday, Feb. 1.

Sponsored by the Free Alabama Movement (FAM), the protest will begin at 11:30 a.m.
a.m. in front of the St. Clair Correctional Facility (SCCF), located at
1000 St. Clair Road in Springville.

FAM was started by men in Alabama state prisons to expose “the deplorable
conditions and the slave labor inside the cement walls” of the state’s
prisons. FAM has posted videos on You Tube in which over 80 men who are
incarcerated in the Alabama Department of Corrections give their personal
accounts about the inhumane living conditions they endure in Alabama

Three Alabama maximum security prisons, St. Clair CF, Holman Correctional Facility,
and Donaldson Correctional Facility, all went on lockdown at some point in the past 10 days due to violent-related incidents.
Men and women are confined to their 8 by 12 foot cells 24 hours a day during lockdowns, and their family members
and friends cannot visit them.

On Jan. 25, several men on death row at Holman held a peaceful protest.
Holman officials have denied these men use of equipment to clean their
cells, and these men are being forced to eat cold sack lunches three times
a day. “We are human beings. Just because we’re on death row doesn’t mean
that we have to live like animals,” said one death row inmate. The guards
used pepper spray to punish the peaceful protesters in the segregation unit at Holman who were also protesting the inhumane living conditions.

SCCF has turned into one of the most dangerous prisons in America,
according to the FAM. The prison’s warden, Carter Davenport was previously
suspended in 2012 for assaulting a man confined at St. Clair in the head while he was

Riot police have been called in at SCCF, according to FAM. In the last two
weeks, there have been at least 20 incidents in which people were
stabbed or assaulted by an officer,  at SCCF. Prisoner Jarvis “Flame” Jenkins was beaten twice by guards
and was seen with blood dripping from his clothes. Another SCCF prisoner,
Derrick LaKeith Brown, has been hospitalized with injuries for a week.

Prison officials Warden Walter Myers and Captain Darryl Fails, and others, removed  James Pleasant from his cell at Holman on January 23, 2015, and told him that he, Robert E.
Council (Holman) and Melvin Ray (St. Clair), known as the FAM 3, were problems to the ADOC and
threatened to kill them for exposing inhumane and illegal conditions inside
Alabama prisons.

FAM has been organizing Non-Violent and Peaceful Protests throughout the ADOC since January 1, 2015, when over a three week perios, over 4500 men participated in the demonstrated, which were supported by their families, friends, loved ones, and supporters nationwide.

For more information, call Ann Brooks at (256)783-1044.

UPDATED: On January 27, 2015, St. Clair CF went back on lockdown, where the overcrowding and lack of leadership from Warden Carter Davenport continues to cause a violent atmosphere.