Demand condoms for Alabama prisoners!

Indiana Queer Prisoner Solidarity:

On February 10, 2015, prisoners in Alabama need as many people as possible to call the prison officials below and demand that condoms be made available to prisoners through the medical healthcare unit and/or by adding them to the list of approved commissary items and products prisoners are allowed to purchase.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are rampant in the prisons and to minimize their spread, condoms are a necessity! This is a major health issue. One prison has already been placed on quarantine due to widespread STDs.

Commissioner Kim Thomas: (334) 353-3883
Governor Robert Bentley: (334) 242-7100

Spread the word!
We want condoms!

I’m calling in support of prisoners’ demand for condoms. As Governor/Commissioner, you have the power to allow prisoners access to condoms. It has been brought to my attention that STDs are rampant in Alabama prisons and that if prisoners are allowed access to condoms through the commissary and/or health care unit, it will minimize the spread of STDs and help save lives and medical costs.


-Globally, 10 million people are locked up, with 6 countries locking up at least one of every 200 of their citizens.

-HIV prevalence within prisons is estimated to be between 2 and 50 times those of general adult population. Prisons are a high-risk environment for HIV transmission with drug use and needle sharing, tattooing with homemade and unsterile equipment, and sex.

-Overcrowding creates a breeding ground for opportunistic infections.

-The reported rates of syphilis are higher in correctional environments than in the non-incarcerated population.

-The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended the correctional systems to evaluate existing condom programs.

-The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends condoms in prisons.

-Over 80% of European Union prisons systems, the Correctional Service of Canada, and prisons in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, and Iran provide condoms for prisoners.

-In the U.S., Mississippi and Vermont state prisons have condom distribution programs.

-Condom distribution programs exist in the Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA: New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA; and Washington D.C. county jails.

-Released prisoners constitute 17% of U.S. population with AIDS

-Released prisoners constitute 35% of U.S. population with tuberculosis

-Prisoners constitute a high rate of Hep C infections

-Studies in California with condom distribution programs in Solano State Prison concluded that condoms were effective in combating the spread of STDs among prisoners and at a low cost.

2. Evaluation of a Prisoner Condom Access Pilot Program Conducted in One California State Prison Facility

The Support Luke Defense Committee

From Asheville FM, via Anarchist News

On the night of New Years Eve this year, there was an incident of violence that occurred at a party which left six people stabbed and/or beaten in the Reynoldstown neighborhood of Atlanta. One man, Luke O’Donovan, was taken to the hospital with multiple bruises and also stab wounds on his back, was arrested. The police and media narrative, based on the words of those present at the party, states that Luke left the party angry, returned with a knife and, as we’ve seen portrayed in recent coverage of mass shootings in the U.S., returned to attack those who enraged him.

The Support Luke Defense Committee and Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross, however, have been working to change that narrative. Friends, families and Allies of Luke claim that Luke was actually the target of a homophobic attack by a group of young men, and succeeded in defending himself and maybe saved his own life before police came. This week, we speak with Esme of the SLDC about Luke and Luke’s case, and how folks can support him.

Playlist for this show can be found here

This show will be available from from 1/14/13-1/20/13. Downloadable from

Queer political prisoner in ICE detention needs support!

From the Rainbow Defense Fund:

This holiday season, give the gift of helping an inspiring young political prisoner be freed from the confines of the immigration detention center in Florence, AZ where she is currently held.  Her name is Estrellita and she is seeking help paying her bond, which she expects to be around $3500.  Here is what she writes:

“Hola, mi nombre es Estrellita y estoy detenida en Florence, AZ.  Yo necesito de su ayuda.  Mi familia me odia por ser homosexual, y no tengo el apoyo de nadie, solamente de Casa Mariposa y Raul.  Mi situacion es la siguiente:  Ya pedi asilo politico y ya fui a la entrevista y pase.  Lo unico que me falta es de la fianza y las cartas de apoyo.  Les boy a agradecer toda mi vida si me ayudar con la fianza.  Yo se que afuera hay angeles y se los boy a agradecer mucho.  Mi corte la tengo para el 31 de energo para lo de la fianza.  Ayudenme please please!”

“Hello, my name is Estrellita and I am detained in Florence, AZ.  I need your help.  My family hates me for being homosexual, and I do not have the help of anyone, only Casa Mariposa and Raul.  My situation is the following:  I asked for political asylum and went to my [credible fear] interview and passed.  The one things left are the bond and letters of support.  I will be grateful for all of my life if you help me with the bond.  I know that outside there are angels and I will appreciate them very much.  My court for bond is January 31.  Help me please please!”

The Rainbow Defense Fund will be collecting funds for Estrellita, with the goal of raising $3500 by January 31st so she can be released as soon as a bond is set.  Please donate online through Paypal or send a check made out to “Restoration Project, Florence” to:  Attn:  Rainbow Defense Fund; Casa Mariposa; 127 N. Palomas Ave; Tucson, AZ 85745.

Thank you so much!

Atlanta Comrade Jailed After Allegedly Defending Himself from Hate Crime

Received from Atlanta ABC:

A comrade in Atlanta is currently facing five charges of felony aggravated assault with a weapon after defending himself against a hate motivated attack.

The media is currently slandering him and portraying him as a crazed unstable attacker but supporters have drafted a counter narrative that is included below. Please forward this and post it so that we can get support

We are looking for funds to help with legal defense, and for his commissary. Luke is vegan so if anyone has information how to help him get vegan food while in jail please let us know.

He is currently in jail with no bond.

As of now no specific site is created by those supporting Luke but the Atlanta Black Cross page will be updating information as we get it.

In Love and Rage,



It has been reported in the press that Luke O’Donovan, 19, went on a
“stabbing rampage” at a New Year’s Eve party in Reynoldstown, a
neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. This is not accurate. The events that
occurred were the result of Luke O’Donovan desperately defending himself
against a clear act of queer-bashing that included Luke being stabbed in
the back.

Some facts of the situation remain unclear, but the events that have been
reported thus far are inaccurate. Narratives have described Luke
O’Donovan, 19, as having returned to a house party that he had been kicked
out of. The reports state that Luke returned with a knife and stabbed one
person, and then 4 others who attempted to subdue Luke.

As multiple witnesses have testified and will testify, Luke was never
kicked out of the party and did not leave. He remained at the house where
the party was occurring up until the incident. This basic fact, and the
fact that it has been misrepresented, changes the story as it has been
reported thus far. Luke is being portrayed as having gone on a nearly
unfounded “stabbing rampage” comparable to recent mass killings. This is
false. Luke did not go to the party intending to initiate conflict with
anyone. Just fifteen minutes before the fight, Luke was present in the
living room of the house, having a pleasant and friendly conversation with
other people at the party.

Although the exact sequence of events is unknown at this point, it is
clear that Luke was attacked by several people at one time and retaliated
in self-defense in an attempt to escape the attack. Several witnesses have
reported watching between 5 and 12 men mobbing up on Luke and stomping on
his head and body with the intent to kill him. The people who were stabbed
during the conflict were not attempting to end the fight with Luke. The
altercation was never limited to Luke and one other person, but involved
several people mobbing up on him.

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November Prisoner Letter Writing Night: Queer and Trans Liberation Prisoners

Denver ABC’s monthly prisoner letter writing night
Wednesday November 7, 6:30pm

27 Social Centre * 2727 W. 27th Ave Unit D Denver

Join Denver ABC as we host our monthly letter writing night to political prisoners and prisoners of (liberatory) war being held captive in prisons across the United States.

As always, everything you need is provided: envelopes, paper, pens, stamps, prisoner addresses, and even DINNER!

This event is free and family friendly!

This month we will be focusing on sending letters and cards of support and love to members of our communities who have been kidnapped by the state for acting in defense and for the liberation of queer and trans people(s).

Spread the word! Bring your crew! Bring your family!

Solidarity and love!

Seattle: 6 arrested during Pride riot

From KOMO, via AnarchistNews:

Six people were arrested early Sunday after a large group of anarchists marched down the middle of several streets, clashed with police and damaged property during a noisy disturbance in the Capitol Hill area on Pride Weekend, police said.

The incident began just after midnight when a crowd began to assemble at the corner of 12th Avenue and Madison Street. The group quickly grew to about 40 people and then broke up about 15 minutes later, with most wandering north on 12th Avenue.

The group reassembled on 13th Avenue and began marching west on East Pine Street, then headed north on 12th Avenue, walking down the middle of the street, then east on Olive Way toward Cal Anderson Park, lighting off fireworks.

The group continued down the middle of Broadway, taking over the street, knocking over road signs and dragging garbage cans out into the street, said Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson.

At about 12:45 a.m. officers attempted to detain a woman who was in the process of dragging a trash can into the street, but she eluded officers and ran back into the crowd.

The group then continued east on East Pike Street, where they were met by a line of officers at 10th Avenue. The crowd of people stopped and began to dance and bang on drums. Several in the group yelled and screamed at officers while others placed bandanas over their faces.

After several minutes, the group began to move south along 10th Avenue to East Union, then east on Union to 11th, where officers reported seeing more members put bandanas on their faces. The crowd walked around, eventually ending up back at 12th and Madison, Jamieson said.

Shortly after 1 a.m., a police commander ordered the group to get out of the street and back onto the sidewalk. The group then left the street and assembled on the sidewalk.

At that point, a 25-year-old man who was on the sidewalk purposely stepped back into the street and proceeded to walk directly in front of the police commander. The man clicked his heels and stood at attention in front of the commander. The commander informed the man he was under arrest, and as officers took him into custody, the group grew agitated and began shouting verbal abuse and profanities.

Then the scene became chaotic as a man jumped on top of a parked car and begin to stomp and jump up and down on it. Officers ordered the man to get down off the car, but he refused and pepper spray was used.

Several members of the crowd surged forward and a 24-year-old man rushed forward and kicked the commander in the knee, police said. The man was pepper-sprayed and arrested on suspicion of assault.

As officers moved forward to assist in the arrest, a 30-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman who is well-known in the anarchist community immediately grabbed onto the man being arrested and attempted to pull him back into the crowd. Those two were both arrested.

As the disturbance continued, two other women, ages 22 and 29, were arrested for investigation of pedestrian interference and obstructing police.

All six suspects were taken to the East Precinct, where they were treated for the effects of pepper spray and later booked into the King County Jail.

First of May Anarchist Alliance: Defend CeCe McDonald! Self-Defense is Not a Crime! Stand up Against Racism and Transphobia!

From First of May Anarchist Alliance:

An important case demands our support. Crishaun “CeCe” McDonald, a young Black transgender woman faces two counts of second degree murder for defending her friends and herself from physical attacks by a group shouting ugly racist and homophobic insults.

Please contact the Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and demand he drop the charges against CeCe:

612-348-5540 fax * 612-348-2042 *

Please bring this case before local GLBTQ groups, Black Community organizations, Unions and community groups, Occupy assemblies and anywhere people are struggling for freedom and justice. An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

According to the Support CeCe website

“Around 12:30 am on June 5, CeCe and four of her friends (all of them black) were on their way to Cub Foods to get some food. As they walked past the Schooner Tavern in South Minneapolis, a man and two women (all of them white) began to yell epithets at them. They called CeCe and her friends ‘faggots,’ ‘niggers,’ and ‘chicks with dicks,’ and suggested that CeCe was ‘dressed as a woman’ in order to ‘rape’ Dean Schmitz, one of the attackers.” Continue reading

Seattle: Ariel Attack arrested after rowdy queer riot

From Capitalist media:

The person arrested during this weekend’s vandalism on Capitol Hill is a transgender anarchist and activist best known for smashing windows at the Democratic party headquarters in Denver in a summer 2009 attack, CHS has learned. Maurice Schwenkler, 25, was booked into jail early Sunday morning after being arrested as police busted up a march on Broadway that also resulted in broken windows at businesses along the crowd’s route and attacks on police cruisers. Schwenkler, who goes by the name Ariel Attack, was booked for pedestrian interference but has not yet been charged with a crime.

Schwenkler pleaded guilty in the 2009 Denver case and was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution. Anarchist groups raised funds to help cover the penalty and Schwenkler’s legal bills.

According to a spokesperson for the Seattle City Attorney’s office, charges in the case could take weeks as police gather evidence and prosecutors weigh their case against Schwenkler.

The Saturday night/Sunday morning melee started as a gathering billed as “a roving dance party in the streets.” Participants report a situation that quickly turned hostile and destructive as some people in the crowd of 100+ participants began attacking police cars and attempting to break windows. Two businesses suffered broken glass, an ATM was smashed and two patrol cars were damaged. SPD called the situation a “mob” in its report on the incident.

Schwenkler’s arrest was the only one reported by police in direct connection with the incident. No significant injuries were reported though SPD did say one officer suffered a minor shoulder injury. A police officer responding to the East Precinct from downtown as the situation escalated was also injured when his car smashed into a utility pole downtown as he rushed to assist.

Mt. Hope Infinity: 2 Portland area queers have their email accounts subpoenaed

On Wednesday, March 16th, Google will be forced to hand over the email accounts of two queer activists from Portland, Oliver Hayes and Kat Enyeart, to the evangelical Mt. Hope Church in Lansing, MI. Both Portlanders are subpoenaed because of their alleged ties to the Bash Back. However no factual evidence has been produced to support such a relationship existing and both deny membership in the organization.

They issued this statement Wednesday:

“Today Google will have to comply with a subpoena to release our private email correspondence to a hostile far-right anti-gay organization. These emails were subpoenaed by Mt. Hope Church — a virulent and dangerous anti-gay mega church based in Lansing, MI. The subpoenas are part of a civil suit wherein Mt. Hope is attempting to sue people they allege to be part of an organization called “Bash Back.” Three years ago a group of people using that name engaged in a non-violent protest and political theater display against the anti-gay rhetoric and actions of Mt. Hope. During this non-violent protest no person was hurt and no criminal charges were filed as a result. Now, however, Mt. Hope (under the guise of the Alliance Defense Fund) is attempting to sue anyone they believe to be connected to Bash Back. In a sickening twist of fate, they are suing under the FACE Act — a law meant to protect women who seeking abortion services. It is ironic that an legislative attempt to protect women’s reproductive rights is now being used to target and harass queer rights activists.
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New defendant added to Mt. Hope Infinity case

Mt Hope InfinityDABC Note: The Mt. Hope Infinity Support Tour will be making a stop in Denver on Monday November 15th at the 27 Social Centre in Denver. Please show your support! More info:!/event.php?eid=140941772624050

Lansing, Michigan — On Nov 5, a visible radical queer organizer in Chicago was added to the lengthy list of defendants in the Mt. Hope Infinity lawsuit.

On November 9th, 2008 activists from the international queer liberation group, Bash Back! protested the notoriously anti-queer mega-church Mount Hope at its headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. The church preaches an anti-queer stance and runs a coercive program designed to turn queer youth straight.

While some of the protesters danced, chanted, and held signs out side of the building, a small group proceeded into the church to conduct a demonstration by hanging a banner that read “It’s OK to be GAY!”, and handing out support leaflets directed towards the queer youth. As the demonstration was legal, the police gave no citations.

In May 2009, the multi-million dollar right-wing non-profit Alliance Defense Fund filed a federal law suit on behalf of Mt. Hope Church under the Freedom of Access to Clinical Entrances Act. The lawsuit named 13 individuals, as well as Bash Back! as a whole, Bash Back! Lansing, and 20 “John” and “Jane Doe”s (who the ADF is in the process of identifying). ADF and Mt. Hope Church seek, first, a broad injunction that could dramatically hinder future activism that resists the institutionalization of religious fundamentalism. Second, they asked for an unknown, but assuredly large, sum of money in supposed “damages” and trial costs.

The injunction, if granted, would set legal precedent. Imagine it was legally impossible to protest anti-choice organizations or “ex-gay” conferences. With this lawsuit we may be making new law regarding these types of demonstrations.

Last week the ADF identified one of the “Jesse” Does. There are still 19 more spots.

The Mt. Hope Infinity is in need of support in any form, especially financial, media and kind words.

If you’d like to join the (small) support team, or help out in any way, email