Recently Translated Chilean and Mexican Anarchist Prisoner News

Thanks to War on Society for the translating and Liberacion Total for hosting the news in Spanish.

Chile: Investigation against Carla Verdugo and Ivan Silva closed

On December 27, 2012 the prosecution decided to close the investigation against Carla Verdugo and Ivan Silva; both comrades were arrested on April 17, 2012 for possession of explosive material.

Charged under the anti-terrorist law, the police are speculating about the possible target of the device, pointing fancifully to the Justice Center, since Carla is the romantic partner of Juan Aliste, a comrade accused in the Security Case who had a hearing that day.

In spite of the months that the comrades have spent in preventive prison, they have with dignity rejected the southern prosecution’s petitions that intend to bring about an abbreviated trial (in which they take responsibility) under the anti-terrorist law. Faced with the null sentences for the anti-terrorist law in other cases, the prosecution insists on the blackmail against the comrades.

From December 27, the southern prosecution has a period of 10 days to present the “Accusation.” A judicial document and stage where the persecutors indicate the sentence they intend to apply and the list of witnesses, experts and evidence. Then comes the preparation of the oral trial and finally the trial.

We affectionately greet Ivan and Carla; we expect and call on you to accompany them in this whole juridical process of blackmail.

Ivan and Carla: To the street!

Solidarity letters from Italian anarchist prisoner Elisa to Luciano Pitronello and Mario LĂłpez from inside Rebibbia prison in Rome.

Dear compa Luciano,

We do not know each other yet every time I hear news surrounding you and your incarceration (your wounds and capture by the Chilean state) I feel we have met, every time my smiling eyes admire your smile and firm gaze.

Though we have never met, I greet you every time I read your words full of flame and tenderness, forcefulness and gentleness, of struggle and love…The solidarity you expressed to me from the 10th of September on to the 11th through a hunger strike filled me with emotion and gratitude. Your simple act of complicit revolt, in which you shouted your own love of freedom entered “my” cell of iron and cement. It separates, crumbles, and removes the miserable “dignity” that each state, or dictatorship pretends to give with a reformist touch, and turns it into a dazzling blinding bonfire, a savage flower, a snow-covered peak.

Brother Tortuga I hope you are well! I know that your spirit is unyielding and free…You are not alone, we are not alone!

From this snow-covered peak, where my anarchist essence knows no bars, I send you a strong embrace of solidarity and rebellion, full of strength and love!

Elisa Di Bernardo,
c/c Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo, 92
00156 Roma

Greetings compa Mario,

When I heard what happened to you, my heart stopped for a few minutes, I felt so much…for sometime now I find myself in one of the thousands of the state’s cages. I am one of the Italian prisoners rounded this past June 13th under “Operation Aidre.”

My rebel spirit accompanies you through your days spent in the hospital and still accompanies you through your seclusion in the cells of Mexico!

I want you to know that you are not alone…We are not alone! I hope you are well, for real, with a combative spirit.

You already know about the absurd judicial hysteria surrounding Stefano and I…from the beginning we knew that these days it is a crime to distribute counter-information and to have contacts amongst compas–above all anarchist and rebel compas. If being an anarchist is a crime…I am guilty!

As an individual I also reject the concepts of federation, front, organization or whatever else… The blood in my veins grows hot with each act of rebellion, with each action of revolt, with each liberatory outburst that seeks to destroy that which oppresses us, that which poisons each of our existences, transforms it into a grey death, into economic gain, and turns the natural instinct of autonomy and freedom into a frozen calculation.

With these few words I want to express my closeness and complicity! May the bridge between “your” cell and “my” cell, in between every cell which encloses our compas in struggle, become a constellation of concrete solidarity…That will break down every wall, each isolation!

It is from “my” cage without walls, that I send you a strong embrace full of strength and anarchy! The same I send to compa Felicity!

Elisa Di Bernardo,
c/c Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo, 92
00156 Roma

Letter from clandestinity for Mario López’s recent release from prison under bail

To my brother Mario,

Six months have passed since they captured you that ill-fated night, since they tortured you and threatened you, since they harassed your family and friends. For six months they tried everything to be able to break your anarchic spirit–they enclosed your body between four walls and innumerable bars, far from the wild forests where you belong, but it did not occur to them that at every moment you were going to be with your compañerxs in affinity around the world. They left you enduring pain, but your will to fight always won out.

They tried to stop your lawyers from expressing their solidarity with you, without realizing that a couple of strange guys lying in wait in the shadows of the early morning and some empty death threats were not going to be able to stop those who are ready to fight together with you. They sent their prisoner-traitors to hurt you, but the solidarity that you sew was always stronger. During these months you mocked the enemy, withstanding the pain, the uncertainty and the torture of the captivity of a wild being, you held strongly to your convictions each long moment. You used all of your brimming energy to spread freedom with each step, having success even in that so sterile place, to continue the analysis of our insurrectional struggle, and you never stopped fighting, not even for a second, for freedom and Anarchy.

Today, when you walk the street again, you should know that really your freedom never left you–you were free the whole time, because in spite of everything they tried, you never could and never will be able to shed the freedom that runs through your veins, through our veins. I know very well that this has not stopped–we all know the deceit and vengeance that form the essence of the State–but know that your compañerxs stand together with you and that your indomitable spirit for Anarchy can only grow stronger still.

As you are in the street, I desire that all our imprisoned and fugitive comrades in Mexico, Italy, Chile, Greece, Bolivia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the whole world could also walk the street today, go into their homes and embrace their loved ones. And even though for the moment they proudly endure the captivity and the uncertainty, they are also with us in every moment.

Onward compañero, there is still much to do…

Your sister in affinity,

Chile: Hans Niemeyer is on the run


Esperemos que vueles como el viento, con las estrellas y la luna como su guia!!!!


* * *

From vivalaanarquia, transl. by waronsoicety:

As anarchists we recognize the war against this society and its logic. At the same time we can not nor want to overlook the difficult moments those of us who go on the offensive must live through. Clandestinity is an extremely difficult decision for those who choose it, but without a doubt one of the most dignified.

We are not interested in knowing if Hans is “guilty” or “innocent” of the charges he is accused of (the placing of 3 explosive devices), and after having reading his words (in spanish) we became his accomplices in this struggle.

Lets consider the facts.

Hans Niemeyer was placed under house arrest as part of the proceedings against him for the alleged placement of three explosive artifacts (Banco BCI, Memorial de Jaime Guzmán y Automotora One), risking 19 years in prison. Later Grupo de Combate Manuel Gutiérrez and the Núcleo Autónomo del Crimen Revolucionario claimed the aforementioned attacks, declaring that Hans did not participate in a single one.

The conditions of his house arrest (which began 11/28/12) stated that Hans was not able to leave his home and was to be visited each day by the police. This was more of a theory however, for in reality the police only visited him one day (the 5th of December) and never came back. Hans seized this opportunity and decided to escape, and since Thursday the 7th of December has been unable to be found. However, due to the continual incompetence on the part of the police, this was only noticed yesterday (12/14/12), the day that Hans was set to appear at court to return to preventative detention in prison (his house arrest was revoked only a few days before).

Yesterday a INTERPOL dispatched a warning and international order for capture, forecasting the risk of international flight.

Despite everything, Hans remains undiscovered.

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