Running Down the Walls 2017

Denver’s annual Running Down the Walls 5k benefit is coming up just around the corner! This will be our ninth annual run/walk in solidarity with U.S. held political prisoners and prisoners of war.

Join us Sunday September 17th at 10am with the run starting at 10:30am! Runs will be taking place in other cities and in prisons. Please be sure to get there early to sign in and get your t-shirt. Food will be provided afterwards. Vegan options included. Bring everyone!

Every year prisoners and ABC chapters organize Running Down the Walls events to raise awareness and funds for political prisoners who are in need of support.

Suggested $50 donation by you or anyone who wants to sponsor you can be made below, You can also donate in person at the event!

And if you can’t attend and would like to support politicial prisoners please feel free to donate what you can!

Please sign up here:

Solidarity runs across the country!

Solidarity runs

Boston, Mass
2:00PM- Jamaica Pond

Bloomington, Indiana

Buffalo, New York


Hamilton, Ontario

Inland Empire (Riverside, CA)


Middletown, CT

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Seattle, Washington

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