Political Prisoner Gary Tyler Released!

On Friday 4/29/16, political prisoner Gary Tyler was release from Angola prison!


Posted on huffingtonpost.com:

Louisiana Prisoner Freed After 41 Years Of Unconstitutional Life Sentence

At 16, Tyler was the youngest person on Louisiana’s death row.

Gary Tyler who has been incarcerated since he was 16 is shown in this image before his release from Angola prison in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. on April 29, 2016. Courtesy Joan Griswold/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVE.

Reuters Photographer / Reuters

A Louisiana man walked free from the state’s notorious Angola prison late on Friday after serving 41 years of an unconstitutional life sentence over the shooting death of a white high school student during a violent and racially charged chapter in the state’s fight to segregate schools.

The high-profile case of Gary Tyler, 57, ended when he entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 21 years – just over half of the time served – and told he could go home Friday, according to a statement released on behalf of Tyler and his attorneys.

Tyler is among a generation of prisoners who faced harsh conditions and years or even decades in solitary confinement for convictions during racially charged events in Louisiana.

Angola is considered among the toughest of the state’s prisons, once a part of a Deep South plantation and known for seething racial tensions and harsh treatment of inmates.

At age 16 in 1974, Tyler was the youngest person on Louisiana’s Death Row, where an all-white jury sent Tyler, who is black, to die for the slaying of 13-year-old Thomas Weber, a fellow Destrehan High School student in St. Charles Parish in southern Louisiana.

Tyler was aboard a bus filled with black students who were passing an unruly crowd of white students when Weber was shot, the statement said. Police found a gun on the bus and Tyler was charged with capital murder and tried as an adult.

After his death sentence, black and white students who testified against him recanted their stories. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals called his conviction fundamentally unfair and said he was never given his right to the presumption of innocence. But he never received a new trial.

In 1976, his death sentence was commuted to life after the state’s mandatory death penalty was ruled unconstitutional. In the following two decades, the Louisiana Board of Pardons and Paroles voted three times to lessen his sentence.

Still, Tyler served eight years in solitary confinement and more than 30 years in the general population, where he became a mentor and a leader. His case drew national attention as an example of the unfair convictions and over-the-top sentencing and treatment of minorities in the Louisiana justice system at the time.

In 2012, life without parole for juvenile offenders was also ruled unconstitutional, and earlier this year, a court decided the ruling should be retroactive – giving prosecutors a legal avenue to reduce Tyler’s sentence with a guilty plea on Friday.

Passing of Political Prisoner Luis V. Rodriguez

DABC Note: Rest In Power comrade. We never forget.


“You cannot harm me, you cannot harm one who has dreamed a dream like
mine” (Indian Warrior Song).

Luis Valenzuela Rodriguez left this mortal world on Thursday April 14,
2016, at 7:28 p.m. surrounded by his family and friends. He was sixty
years old. Songs and prayers were offered to honor him from the four

Luis was innocent. He fought with determination to prove his innocence for 37 years. Lies were told about him; in the media, in the courtroom. Many let him down and betrayed him, but many more loved him and stood by him. Despite the great injustice that befell him and despite all the
indignities he was subjected to in prison, Luis woke up every morning with a prayer of gratitude, thanking the creator for another day on earth, even if it meant it would be spent behind bars. His spirit was never broken. His sovereignty never compromised. He walked his path with dignity. Always.

Luis was no angel. He had his faults… he was human. But he was a good man. He was intense but fair in his dealings with others. He was a man of his word. He shared what little he had with those who had less. He gave guidance and encouragement to many. He counseled the young, hoping to change their perspective on life so that they would never have to return to prison (You know who you are).

Luis was a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, son and brother. His physical body was not home with us, but he was ever present in our lives. He was more of a father, of a husband, than many men out there who get to go home to their families every night. Luis was Apache-Mestizo. He was a warrior. His medicine was powerful. He died in prison, then came back to life, then woke-up from a coma and rose in his hospital bed to dance to the beat of his daughter’s drum… Who does that? Luis Valenzuela Rodriguez. That’s who! Luis chose his passing. He gathered us around him to say goodbye and see him out on his journey. He obliterated the prison from his hospital room and from his life and he passed to the spirit world a free man. We are proud to call Luis our husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, son, brother, cousin and friend.

Finally Free

From Jason Hammond:


After 16 months of imprisonment for raising hell against some white supremacists, I’ve been released on parole, and am back home in the Chi. I would like to share my deepest thanks to all those who have supported me, y’all have made a shitty experience only barely sucky. Seriously though, major shoutouts to Anarchist Black Cross, the anarchists from st. louis, the DOPE collective, Crimethinc Ex-worker, the peeps at WILDFIRE, the DIRT, IT’S GOING DOWN, all my friends and comrades in Chicago, and everyone who has sent me letters, books, cash, and kept me up to date with wtf is going on in the world – y’all are the best. My experiences have taught me how dire the situation is; 2.5 MILLION people are locked up in these stupid prisons at any given time in this country, the greatest number and among the greatest rate in the world. With the waters rising and the fires raging and fascism becoming more ubiquitous in the voting booth and the streets, its more important than EVER to be asking hard questions and also to make total destroy!

Your friend for the rev,

Jay Chase update

Nato protester’s prison term extended for throwing human waste at guard

Jay Chase

Jay Chase pleaded guilty on April 11th and will receive a sentence of one
year in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Jay will be eligible for half time on the 1 year sentence but with his loss
of one year of good time on his previous sentence it is still unclear what
that will mean for potential release.

All supporters were removed from the courtroom citing a “potential security
risk” and searched again in the hallway right as Jay’s name was called. We
got back into the courtroom right as it was ending. This is what Chicago
state repression looks like. Six sheriffs searched a long line of people
that had been searched already at the entrance and obviously found nothing.
This is how they undermine support.

Stay strong and continue to support Jay. He is going to need all of it.

For now, shoot Jay a letter and let him know you care.
Jared Chase M44710
Pontiac Correctional Center
PO Box 99
Pontiac, Illinois 61764

Pack the court for Jay Chase of the NATO 3!

Apr 11 at 9:00 AM – Apr 15 at 5:00 PM in CDT
Cook County Criminal Courthouse
2600 S California Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60623

Jay Chase

The day is here. Our friend and comrade Jared ‘Jay’ Chase goes on trial starting Monday. Will you stand with him?

Jay is supposed to be coming home on May 6th but this trial is creating a situation where he may not. We need you to PACK THE COURT. The attendance at previous hearings has been small at best. Jay is in prison on entrapment charges from the NATO 3 case and these charges stem from his time in solitary confinement at Cook County Jail.

Anita Alvarez is prosecuting Jay. Yes, the same Anita whose events you disrupted and who you voted out of office. The same fascist who prosecuted the NATO 5 cases, the Tinley Park 5 and Jason Hammond, the same monster who is finally leaving office. This is her legacy though.

Jay was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease while in captivity in Cook County Jail and the ongoing brutalization and isolation he has faced has contributed to a noticeable and alarming deterioration in his health.

This trial is not just about a few extra years being tacked on to his current sentence which is coming to an end in May. The State has made it very clear through this obviously vindictive prosecution that they want to ensure Jay lives out his days in their cage.

Jay needs your support and solidarity. Everyone needs to see that Chicago stands with him and we have his back.

Jay Chase2


DABC Note: Rest In Power Abdullah Majid. We never forget.

– – – – –
April 4, 2016


Fifty years ago, the Black Panther Party boldly proclaimed themselves to be “heirs of Malcolm.” That would manifest itself with great organic uniqueness with the legendary New York chapter of the Party. Many of those brave young men and women were actually touched by his work before his fateful assassination. Many others were pulled in by the work of his comrades like the late Herman Ferguson, our incredible founding chairman, who dared to launch the Jamaica Rifle and Pistol Association, in the aftermath of his leader’s death and made that a training ground for many who would ultimately make up and drive the work of what is now that legendary chapter of the Party’s history.

Let the historical record clearly reflect that Abdullah Majid was one of those young people who was molded in that environment.

Tall, fearless, humble and selfless, we are proud to unequivocally say that he would come to embody the best of the Black Panther Party.

Unfortunately, it would also make him and his comrades obsessive targets for COINTELPRO repression.

Majid passed away suddenly, yesterday, April 3rd, in an upstate NY prison, on what incredibly was the anniversary of Malcolm delivering his revolutionary classic ‘The Ballot Or The Bullet.’

He was 66 years old. He wasn’t surrounded by his family, including his 91 year mother, the irrepressible Rose LaBorde, or his wife Nandi Majid who passed several ago from cancer working to secure justice for husband to her very end. Again, he was in an upstate NY prison.

Majid was in his 33rd year of wrongful incarceration. He was the surviving Queens Two defendant, framed for killing a NY police officer in 1983. His co-defendant and comrade, the late Bashir Hameed, the NJ field secretary for the Party, passed away in prison several years ago.

“It was very clear from reading those trial transcripts that Majid was being railroaded,” said his young lawyer Moira Meltzer-Cohen at an October benefit held in his honor.

Majid was due to come before the Parole Board in June. To all around him, he appeared to be as strong as ever. MXCC was primed to do its share to help mobilize for that process.

“I am stunned and overwhelmed,” said a greatly pained Dequi Kioni-Sadiki, MXCC’s passionate chair, who had taken the reigns of reorganizing his Defense Committee.

Her husband, Sekou Odinga, who was released on Parole in November 2014, was silenced by his comrade’s passing. They were not only comrades in the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, they were friends from their youthful days in SouthEast Queens.

Organized by his wife Dequi, Sekou keynoted that moving performance benefit held in October to mark the 49th anniversary of the Party’s founding. “People don’t understand why we take the plight of our freedom fighters so personally,” said a shaken Zayid Muhammad, the organization’s founding press officer. “Because if we come up short on this front, it costs them their lives.”

Compounding the tragedy the family’s resources are challenged by having had to bury another loved one suddenly shortly before Majid’s death. A Pay Pal account has been established to help cover the costs of his Janazah, the Arabic term for a Muslim funeral.

Please donate at: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=UQE4527PGEPXS If you have PayPal you can also email donations to Majid’s Burial Expenses PayPal account at: expenses@abdullahmajid.com

Waposhitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa spoke about the evidence used against him

From the Examiner:


Waposhitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa discussed the evidence used against him


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