The Criminal Legal System for Radicals: Zine Release by Tilted Scales Collective

From Tilted Scales Collective:


Tilted Scales Collective is excited to release a zine version of the heart of our guide to the criminal legal system in anticipation of publication through Combustion Books in late 2016.

We wrote this book after noticing that the state is highly skilled in using criminal charges to neutralize, disrupt, and destroy radical/revolutionary social movements–and that most defendants are ill equipped to handle those charges in ways that advance their struggles. We reached out to around 100 people across the country–including current and former political prisoners/prisoners of war–to provide radicals with the best tools and insights for fighting criminal charges while continuing their struggles.

An excerpt from our forthcoming book is being released in advance of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions; in a time when anti-pipeline struggles are digging their heels in to prevent those Earth-destroying projects from moving forward; in the midst of protests and rebellions around the country in response to police murders of people of color and poor people, predominantly young black men. We hope that this excerpt and our forthcoming book will help the radical Left move our communities/regions/nation closer to the revolution we are constantly fighting for.

Many thanks to Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness for designing our zine, “The Criminal Legal System for Radicals: Setting and Balancing Personal, Political, and Legal Goals.”


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