UPDATE: Hunger Strike at Ely State Prison, NV


– – – – – – – – – –
Brooke Keast of Nevada DOC public relations said today that two prisoners accepted their trays, leaving six still on the strike (if what she says true). We’re still waiting on confirmation from those inside.

In the mean time, make calls to the Wardens office as well as the director of Nevada DOC. Be sure to mention all five prisoner demands, and tell them to meet these demands immediately. Leave messages as needed.

1) Ely State Prison Wardens Office (775) 289-8800 ext.3
Warden Renee Baker ext.1
Associate Warden of Operations ext.2
Associate Warden of Programs ext.3

2) NV-DOC director James Dzurenda (702) 486-9910.
– – – – – – – – – –

July 13:
Last night, prisoners at Ely State Prison went on hunger strike in protest of the policies and conditions of the Disciplinary Segregation Units.

Here are their demands:

  • That additional phones be installed so there are two phones per wing, and allow us to make two calls per day.
  • 2,500 calories on each tray with adequate food portions.
  • If write-up free, we demand to be able to buy appliances every 60 days.
  • To go to the barber two times a week.
  • To be able to purchase clothes, hygiene, and food from commissary.

This morning a concerned supporter called Brooke Keast of Nevada DOC public relations. Brooke mentioned that eight prisoners refused their dinners last night. We DO NOT know how accurate Brooke’s numbers are. We’re waiting on more information from prisoners inside. Updates will be posted as they arrive.

Please support the hunger strikers. Take two minutes to call Brooke Keast (775) 350-0037 and demand that Ely State Prison meet their needs immediately. Please voice all five prisoner demands during your call.


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