Running Down The Walls 2014 Success!

2014 Running Down The Walls Denver, dedicated in loving memory of Ryan Ronquillo (murdered by DPD on July 2nd, 2014). Around 45-50 participants from Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins area  meet at Curtis Park starting around 10:00am. The run/walk/roll took off at 11:30am. The weather was great and the route being close to downtown provided the opportunity to hand out literature to interested bystanders. We re-grouped at the park and enjoyed a BBQ which included vegan options. Denver ABC had a table providing literature and t-shirts. We were joined by the Ronquillo family, who participated in the 5k with us. In total we successfully raised $1,900! This enables us to make yet another contribution to the Ronquillo family, and further support them every step of the way.

We will also be contributing to the Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF) prisoner warchest, a pool of funds to provide monetary support to political prisoners and prisoners of war. Funds raised this year will also sustain our own, Denver ABC prisoner warchest program. Every month we send stipends to four prisoners who at one point or another, expressed the need for more financial support. Currently we send stipends to Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Ed Poindexter, and Siddique Abdullah Hasan. We have also been providing this support for Sekou Kambui, who we are happy to re-announce, was paroled on June 18th of this year! This leaves us with an opening to add another prisoner to our warchest.

In solidarity with Ryan Ronquillo, Ferguson, Memphis, Albuquerque, and all victims of police terror, we have decided to reach out to Christopher Monfort, who currently faces the death penalty after being accused of waging a one-man war against the Seattle police in the fall of 2009. During his arrest, police opened fire and shot Christopher, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. In February 2013, King County Superior Court Judge Ronald Kessler found the prosecutor’s office to be “flawed”, and threw out Dan Satterberg’s attempt to pursue the death penalty. In November 2013, the Washington state supreme court unanimously over-ruled the decision, reviving the option of capital punishment. Christopher’s death penalty trial was scheduled to begin on September 5th (the day before our 5k). Our hearts go out to you Chris and we’ll always be here for you ❤

Thank you everyone from the community who came out to make this event meaningful. Thank you to all who sponsored runners and made extra donations. Year after year we aim to exceed the previous, and we’re happy to say that 2014 was a complete success!

With love,
Denver ABC

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