Siddique Abdullah Hasan

  Siddique Abdullah Hasan (Carlos A. Sanders)


Ohio State Penitentiary

PO Box 1436

Youngstown, Ohio 44505



-Easter Sunday, 1993, the Lucasville, OH, prison was rocked when prisoners took control in what was the longest prison uprising in U.S. history.

-Prisoners were fighting back against a “long train of abuses.” When prison boss Arthur Tate mandated TB testing with injections containing alcohol, Muslim prisoners politely requested an alternative testing method. Tate’s refusal to comply, along with his utter disrespect of Muslims, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

-During the course of the uprising, 9 prisoners and 1 cop were killed.

-A remarkable interracial solidarity was shown during the 11-day siege as Black & white prisoners, Muslims & white Aryans, stood together against their common enemy — the state and its armed police thugs.  

-Hasan played a key role in negotiating a peaceful end to the siege, preventing additional violence & death from the state.

-The Lucasville rebellion sent a shock wave of fear into the heart of the prison system, & the state was determined to teach a lesson to those who stand up & fight back. In the sham trials that followed, Hasan & 4 other leaders, Black & white, were scapegoated onto death row.

-Although no eyewitness testimony & no material evidence link Hasan to the death of the cop, the state used jailhouse snitch testimony, along with a predominantly white jury in Cincinnati (a city notorious for its institutionalized racism), to get a conviction against Hasan in a trial reeking with the foul odors of racism & Islamaphobia.


  •  A devout Muslim who serves as Imam (prayer leader).
  •  A husband and father
  • Founder of Compassion magazine, which serves as a forum for prisoners to assist victims of crime.
  • Co-founder of, a website for prisoners & their supporters to exchange information.
  • A journalist and prolific writer.
  • A social justice leader who has assisted youth in obtaining college scholarships.

“I urge you and all concerned citizens to take a stand against the racism and bigotry which are being perpetrated against Blacks in our judicial system.” Siddique Abdullah Hasan, excerpt from his essay “Institutionalized Racism”

The spoken words of Hasan can be heard on Prison Radio at:

Some of Hasan’s many articles can be found at

6 Responses

  1. Greetings of Solidarity Brotha Siddique. You don’t know me, but I’m a former banger who became radicalized in the SHU, U.S.A., after 15 years of oppression.I’m now organizing on the other side of the razor wire for abolition of the DP, solitary confinement and the PIC, in general. I hope it may bring inspiration to your day to know that others like me are getting out and frankly feel like we have but little choice but to thrust ourselves and our very lives into the Movement against Institutionalized phsysio-psychological violence afflicting our people!
    You may be out of sight at the moment but you’re definitely not out of mind! Please let me know of any way our collective can support you dear brother. We’re broke and live in a south Chicago ghetto but would like to show you any support that we can.

    Love and Struggle,
    -Hybachi LeMar

    • While Brother Siddique doesn’t have a direct line to this blog, we are happy to forward your words of solidarity to him. If you would like any help in getting word to him please don’t hesitate to let us know.

      Love and Rage,

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