Finally Free

From Jason Hammond:


After 16 months of imprisonment for raising hell against some white supremacists, I’ve been released on parole, and am back home in the Chi. I would like to share my deepest thanks to all those who have supported me, y’all have made a shitty experience only barely sucky. Seriously though, major shoutouts to Anarchist Black Cross, the anarchists from st. louis, the DOPE collective, Crimethinc Ex-worker, the peeps at WILDFIRE, the DIRT, IT’S GOING DOWN, all my friends and comrades in Chicago, and everyone who has sent me letters, books, cash, and kept me up to date with wtf is going on in the world – y’all are the best. My experiences have taught me how dire the situation is; 2.5 MILLION people are locked up in these stupid prisons at any given time in this country, the greatest number and among the greatest rate in the world. With the waters rising and the fires raging and fascism becoming more ubiquitous in the voting booth and the streets, its more important than EVER to be asking hard questions and also to make total destroy!

Your friend for the rev,

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