Statement on Oscar Lopez Rivera by Attorney Jose Enrique Ayoroa Santaliz

The whole Puerto Rican people, the political right, the center and the left, are prisoners in the same cell with our compatriot from San Sebastián Oscar López Rivera, for more than one reason.

In the first place, because we are all dissatisfied with the current political situation, and all of us, in our way, like Oscar, want to change it.

In the second place, because, representatively speaking, the entire Puerto Rican society believes, and has thus expressed, that serving thirty years in prison, one of the longest sentences in the history of humanity, is enough punishment. That intending that “he has to wait fifteen years more to once again apply for release, or in the alternative, serve the rest of his seventy year sentence,” is an abuse, a cruel and intolerable punishment, when it comes to a human being who is already 68 years old.

His immediate release has been sought by the entire spectrum of Puerto Rican society, including members of Congress Nydia Velázquez, José Serrano, Luis Gutiérrez and the resident commissioner in Washington, Pedro Pierluisi.

What is left as a sensible step for us to take? That we all, in one voice, resort to the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and ask him to pardon our compatriot Oscar López Rivera. As president, he has to power to do so.

Oscar’s case is so meritorious at the moment that if Obama were shown its details in a truthful film that showed the general framework of this political prisoner, he surely wouldn’t be able to believe it.

Fortunately, Oscar is a man of character and discernment, in the manner of Nelson Mandela.

All of us compassionate Puerto Ricans are in a way prisoners of our own consciousness in the face of this inhumane situation. Let’s not be accomplices with our silence in the face of this excessive abuse.

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  1. obama answered a question about oscar’s release “when a formal plea of clemency comes to my desk I willconsider it” My question is,”isn’t there a formal plea of clemency already presented. His comments were made to a local reporter for Univision June 14,2011 at Puerto Rico. Can somene please explain?

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