Denver: TONIGHT! Monthly political prisoner letter writing night: The Angola 3

Denver ABC’s Monthly Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night
Wednesday April 6, 6:30pm
6th Ave United Church of Christ (6th and Adams)

On the same day that the case of the Angola 3 will be the subject of a public Congressional Hearing in Washington, D.C., Denver ABC’s monthly political prisoner letter writing night will highlight this important case.

The Angola 3 are Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox, and Robert King Wilkerson. Herman and Albert have been languishing in solitary confinement for nearly four decades. Wilkerson was released in 2001, but had also been held in solitary confinment for nearly thirty years.

The three were accused of orchestrating and aiding in the murder of a prison guard in the Angola Penitentiary in Louisiana, a prison that was hailed as the bloodiest and most savage prison in North America throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. The three were setup in an attempt to destroy the Angola prison chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. The Angola chapter was the first prison chapter of the Black Panther Party, and Herman, Albert, and King were among the main organizers of the chapter.

The Angola BPP focused on stopping prisoner-on-prisoner rape and violence, and worked to create a revolutionary culture amongst the prisoners. They worked to promote self defense skills, revolutionary education, excercise and healthy diets, and revolutionary self discipline.

The Angola 3 case represents the same war against Black and Brown people that has been waged since the first days of colonization and slavery. Tonight, join Denver ABC is we send them love and wishes of solidarity, and learn how you can help free Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox.

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