Montreal: Cops attack student protest

From Sabotage Media:

Thousands of students coming from all around Quebec took to the streets of downtown Montreal, shouting, because they know that the government likes to be hard of hearing (and yet to see is the day when we realizes it has no ears, it has financial analysts, public relations consultants, corporate sponsors, and loads of billy clubs, no ears), they shout that they wont stand still while the government once again tries to push its agenda of a Quebec for the rich and their guard dogs, and this time on the backs of students and especially the poor and ones from remote towns far from the postsecondary institutions with the massive increase in tuition fees it imposes upon the people.

They left the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal and blocked several streets downtown for a few hours before ending at 500, rue Sherbrooke O. known as the Loto-Québec building, location of (to be closer to their business model?) the offices of the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities, which a group of students was already occupying. Hundreds of young people stood outside the building in solidarity with their comrades while dancing with drums, chanting slogans and shortly the crackdown began. Police first tried to provoke and intimidate with an arrest, some dirty blows and pointing their weapons and then they deployed without warning a totally disproportionate and brutal force against young demonstrators who posed absolutely no threat to the hundred of heavily armed policemen on the scene. The video we received clearly demonstrates.

Once again it’s another example that those who keep telling us that violence does not pay are the first to use it excessively. So then, let’s stop denouncing repression and let us prepare accordingly.

When the police attacked without any warning the young people who were already dispersing quietly, they did it in order to cause a riot so that the propaganda machine of the state, of Quebecor and Power Corporation they dare to call information, get the images they want in order to discredit the student movement in the eyes of the people as they tried to do during the student general strike of 2005. The powerful still take the people for idiots. They forget it is the people that they are attacking in the street, that it is the people they are trying to bleed with their greed for power and money.

Our admiration goes to all those out on the street and all the young people who stayed until the end showing their fighting spirit in front the excessive violence of the fascists in power.
And our outrage is with the students who are now getting into heavy debt, perhaps till their own children begin to do their fair share as would say Jean Charest.
And it is with all the people who would like to study and families who live in the regions, already suffering heavily economically and where access to education already is and has always been a very hardly paid “privilege “.

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