I-69: Tiga and Hugh near the end of their legal battle

I-69 resistanceWednesday afternoon, a dozen or so of us journeyed one last time(hopefully!) to Petersburg, Indiana with Gina (Tiga) and Hugh to sign the plea agreement that was offered by the prosecution. The plea was accepted by the court, and thus begins the end of this insane situation.

As has been the case with other court appearances, the event was far from serious. Rather, it felt fun and social as we played games and told jokes in the courtroom while waiting for the judge to arrive. But that doesn’t mean it was all easy, as it was still really emotionally difficult hearing our friends state “guilty” when asked how they plead.

Details of the Agreement: Hugh and Gina each pled guilty to 2 counts of trespassing (class A misdemeanor) and were each sentenced to two years non-reporting probation and a $10 fine, plus court costs. According to the deal, if they don’t violate their terms of probation, they will be able to move to have it terminated at 15 months and this motion will be accepted.

For transparency’s sake, we’ll soon be posting scans of their plea agreements on the website (http://mostlyeverything.net). Let us know if you have any other questions about the terms of the plea. We realize that plea agreements can be sketchy and we’d like to be as open as possible about all of this. We’ve done a lot of work with our lawyers to make sure that these pleas won’t implicate anyone else. Gina and Hugh both remain fully uncooperative.

Other notes: We’ll be getting the bail money back in the next two weeks! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. Please get in touch if you think you should be getting money back- we have good records of where all the money is supposed to go, but we don’t have current addresses for everyone. If you put money in and don’t need it back, it will go to other friends’ legal defenses (we promise we won’t spend it on cupcakes and beer!)

Lastly, a giant thank you to everyone who contributed in any way, especially in friendship and emotional support. Those of us who have been working on the case in Bloomington for the last year are still trying to figure out lots of things; what we could have done better or differently, why all of this felt so incredibly debilitating, how we can use what we’ve learned to help other friends who are increasingly finding themselves in similar predicaments. Processing this is difficult, but something that we’re still struggling to do collectively. We’d like there to be broader conversations, but aren’t sure how to begin them. If you’re interested in this or have any reflections to share or ideas about any of this, please stay in touch.

Hope everyone’s doing well, take care, love,

Friends in Bloomington

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