Support Swedish Animal Liberation Prisoners


Three activists have been sentenced in Sweden to prison for anti-fur farm actions. Ebba was sentenced to 2-5 years in prison for animal rights actions against fur (mink) farming, Karl Häggroth received also 2-6 years in prison for the same kind of action; Richard Klinsmeister received a sentence of one year and nine months. These actions were treated under the Animal Rights Militia (ARM) banner. These actions were property damage in which NO person was injured or harmed. Animal liberation is not a crime. You can support these prisoners by buying a hoodie or t-shirt from their support group. Please send letters and support to show solidarity:


Box 1005
718 92 FRÖVI

2. K. Häggroth  (supposed to be transferred soon, check here for updates)

Box 213

3.Richard Klinsmeister

Box 22113
501 14 Borås

Mexican prisons: The four anarchist comrades end hunger strike

procura que viva la anarquia

On October 17th, 2014, comrades Carlos López, Mario González, Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés called off their hunger strike that began on October 1st.

The comrades are well, without complications or physical damage. They will soon make the reasons and motives for ending the strike public.For now this is all the information we have.

Freedom for all! Down with the prison walls!

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico



From AmplifyVoices:

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24th – all day


Durham County Detention Center officials recently reduced prisoners’ evening meal to two cold sandwiches. Many people have reported that prisoners are going to bed hungry every night.** On Monday, November 24th, 2014, we are going to flood the phone lines of the Durham County Detention Center with calls demanding that people inside get enough to eat.

A phone call takes just a few minutes. Please call!

* * *

Call 919-560-0912 and ask to speak with Lieutenant Colonel Natalie Perkins. If you are transferred to her voice mail box, please leave a message.

HERE IS A SUGGESTED SCRIPT (feel free to modify)
– I have heard that many inmates are going hungry at the jail.
– Two cold sandwiches are not enough for dinner. Prisoners are supposed to receive two hot meals per day.
– They shouldn’t have to buy commissary in order to avoid going to bed hungry.
– At Thanksgiving and throughout the year, please treat inmates with dignity by giving them all filling, hot meals.

That’s it!

* * *

Thank you for letting the jail authorities know we are watching and letting the people locked inside know they are not forgotten!

**What people inside are saying about the current food situation:

“Everybody’s hungry. Everybody. Nighttime guys are saying to the c.o.s ‘I’m hungry. I’m hungry.’ C.O. just says: ‘Buy commissary.’”

“They want to make us work hard to earn days, but don’t want to feed us the food to have energy to work, man.”

“Today (Sunday) we got some lunch meet with bread, basically a cold meal, as our 2nd ‘hot meal.’

“Yeah, this jail is getting worse by the days—they don’t feed any meat any more for lunch or breakfast. They replaced it with soybean and at supper it’s 2 sandwiches—It’s CRAZY!!”

For more info on struggles at the Durham jail, visit Inside-Outside Alliance’s website:

We Control These Streets: Denver Again Demands Justice for Ryan Ronquillo

RyanMarchOn Saturday October 25th, a gathering of anti-police militants comprised of a wide cross section of people from various communities across Denver and the region, took took to the streets of Denver to demand vengeance for the police killing of Ryan Ronquillo.

Ronquillo, a 20 year old Chicano youth, was murdered by Denver Police outside the Romero Funeral Home in Northwest Denver, on July 2. Ryan, along with dozens of other members of the Chicano/Mexicano community, was attending a funeral for a friend who had recently passed away. While sitting in his car, attempting to decompress, two unmarked police SUVs crashed into the front of his car, and non-uniformed officers jumped out of the vehicles, opening fire just seconds later.

Ryan was killed, with over a dozen shots to his head and body. Witnesses claim that Ryan was pulled out of the car, still alive, and then left to choke on this own blood as police refused to offer medical assistance on the scene.

Since Ryan was killed, there have been a series of militant protests, benefit shows, potlucks, and public meetings held to build a movement for justice for Ryan. Local anarchists and anti-police organizers have been at the forefront of this organizing, working alongside Ryan’s family and friends to build strong responses within the community.

Marches up until this point have resulted in confrontations with the police, continuously pushing the police from the streets and ending with participants controlling the terrain of struggle. These marches have been times of extreme anger and also jubilation. We have cried, bled, fought, laughed and cheered at these events, building stronger ties than any prison cell or police baton.

It was within this context that militants took to the streets on the evening of October 25th, in the latest action to mobilize the community on behalf of Ryan and his family.

FTPBikeThe marchers met at Barnum Park in Southwest Denver. Ryan was from this neighborhood, and his family still calls Barnum their home. This Park served as Ryan’s old stomping grounds. The march organizers, comprised of family and friends, thought Barnum Park to be a fitting place to start this march. Almost no political street activity happens on the Westside of town. West Denver is often overlooked by the majority of typical political organizers and organizations in the Metro area. It has been a priority, however, of those doing the work to support this struggle, to bring this conflict back to the Westside.

A group of 50 or so people assembled at the park and after some short speeches, hit the streets of the Westside, shutting down traffic on Federal Boulevard, a major thoroughfare in the Westside. The march received massive support from passing motorists, with fists raised high in the air, and shouts of “Fuck the police” meeting the crowd as it marched North, snaking its way toward Downtown.

The crowd turned East onto 8th Ave, heading through an industrial district on its way to the La Alma Neighborhood, just South of Downtown. Up until this point, the police had not made any contact with the march. As demonstrators crossed the bridge leading into La Alma, several police cruisers formed a small barricade at the bottom of the hill at the East end of the bridge. As the crowd neared, and angry shouts met the officers, they quickly got back inside their cruisers and sped away.

Riot clad Gang Unit officers shadowed the march several blocks South, paralleling the demonstration route, but keeping their distance.

MarchSignalDaPigsWhen the crowd turned North onto Santa Fe Drive, the home of the Denver Arts District, the police decided to make contact. Following the demonstrators, police attempted to speak over their megaphone at the demonstrators, but were shouted down. The marchers refused to vacate the streets, despite the growing police presence.

The marchers continued, despite police harassment. Some more abrupt turns and snaking, and the crowd marched past the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center. The crowd immediately started chanting the name of Marvin Booker, a local street preacher who had been murdered at the jail in 2010. The Booker family just recently won their lawsuit against the City and County of Denver, resulting in a jury awarded $4.65 million.

The crowd then turned, occupying the street between the jail and the Denver Mint. A parked police cruiser was attacked, tires slashed, mirrors destroyed, and window shattered. The crowd continued, with police keeping their distance behind.

Some more turns and snaking, and the crowd was on the 16th Street Mall, a main downtown point of congregation for demonstrations, parties, and other large crowd gatherings. By now, night had fallen, and the mood of the march had evolved. More people joined the marchers, as hundreds of people looked on. The mall was busy, as it was a Saturday night. And many people shouted their support for the marchers.

For a five block stretch, every trash can and any other unsecured piece of furniture either was thrown at a capitalist institution, used as a barricade, or set on fire. As the crowd and the rage continued to grow, an ATM was attacked, to many cheers from the crowd.

IMAG1053It was shortly after the ATM was destroyed and many trashcans set ablaze that the police decided to attack the march. Several officers attacked the back of the march, snatching a comrade and beating Ryan Ronquillo’s mother to the ground. The marchers immediately stopped and turned, challenging and confronting the police officers. Some rocks were thrown, some blows exchanged, another comrade’s arrest prevented. The Gang Unit finally assembled and the riot gear came out.

Another arrest was made as the police charged the crowd. Yet again, however, other comrades were unarrested, and the mood of the crowd continued to turn against the officers. Some pushing and confrontation later, and the police were backing up, giving ground to the demonstrators.

Now the demonstrators controlled the intersection. Police cruisers and vans were surrounded, and some attacked, and the police quickly withdrew from the streets, demonstrators smacking and hitting their vehicles as they left Downtown to the demonstrators. Cheers of joy and defiance erupted, and a quick rendition of the Supreme’s “Na Na, Hey Hey” was sung and shouted at the retreating officers.

The marchers decided to disperse at this point. One more arrest occurred during the dispersal, bringing the total to three comrades who were captured.

Our arrested comrades face a variety of charges, from Throwing Missiles at Police Officers to Felony Assault on an Officer. A fundraising page has been set up by the Denver Anarchist Black Cross for our comrades who faces the most serious of the charges. Please consider donating here:

Denver Anarchist Black Cross will continue to provide updates on the cases of our comrades. For updates on the legal defense initiative, please visit Denver ABC’s site at

More actions are coming. We will not be deterred. We will never leave the streets in the hands of the police. Until all the streets belong to us!

Solidarity for Ryan!
Solidarity with the rebels of Ferguson!
Solidarity with all those who fight the police!

Videos available here:


Support for arrested comrade(s):

-Denver Community Defense Caucus/Denver ABC
November, 2014

Interfaith Rally to Stop Legal Lynching in Seattle – Black Man Found Guilty of Escaping Lynch Mob! –

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Seattle Municipal Court (600 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104)

Longtime Seattle anti-racist activist, Matt E (aka MC Bypolar The Toxic Cherub) goes in for his sentencing hearing at 9am at Seattle Municipal Court on 5th and James, downtown Seattle on Thursday November 13th. The sentencing is for guilty verdicts he has from escaping a lynch mob over a year ago. Three others have also been arrested and charged with Contempt of Court for their vocal support of Matt E during the racist, unfair trial. This whole thing is a blatantly clear example of white supremacy, as the state (police & the courts) have worked in collaboration with a racist vigilante mob in an attempt to destroy the life of yet another Black person.

For full story, see video
and read 

Tentative schedule:

8-9am Morning/breakfast gathering
Gather outside of courthouse for light communal breakfast and ceremony, prayer, meditation and ritual from various faith communities*.

9am- ? Matt E goes in for sentencing hearing.

1130am-1230pm Lunch gathering
Rally, speaking and further contributions from faith communities. Update on Matt E’s status.

430pm + Evening rally
Update on Matt E’s status. Decide together community responses to results of sentencing hearing. Further contributions from faith communities welcomed.

*Please contact if you would like to participate in some spiritual capacity. We are looking for people of all faith traditions. To contribute to in this respect, one need not belong to a formal religion or spiritual tradition. If you have something you believe in and you make your life about that belief, so long as it is not something fascist, please get in touch if you would like to share.

Facebook Event Page:

Mexican prisons: Comrades Amélie, Fallon and Carlos sentenced locally

Fuego a las Prisiones!

Fuego a las Prisiones!

On November 6th, 2014, in the proceeding under common law, Amélie Trudeau Pelletier, Fallon Poisson Rouiller and Carlos López Marín were sentenced to 2 years, 7 months and 15 days in prison, and ordered to pay damages of 108 thousand pesos, on charges of attacks to public peace and aggravated damages committed by gang.

In the following days the defense will appeal against the sentence. This judgment runs parallel to the sentence of 7 years and 6 months handed down to the comrades on the 31st of October, in the federal case trial, that has already been appealed.

Freedom for all! Down with the prison walls!
and complicity with Carlos, Amélie and Fallon!

National Week of Action to #FreeRasmeaNow

From Committee to Stop FBI Repression:

Though Rasmea has been unjustly convicted, her struggle is far from over. Read Monday’s report from court here.

Monday in front of supporters in the courtroom, US marshals placed Rasmea in handcuffs and under arrest. She will be detained until her sentencing, which is set for March 10, 2015. Our immediate and urgent task is to fight for her release from jail. The Rasmea Defense Committee with Students for Justice in Palestine is calling on Palestinian and Palestine solidarity organizations and others committed to opposing political repression across the United States to participate in a national week of action to win her freedom now.


Participate in the week of action Wednesday, November 12-18!

  1. Write to Judge Drain and urge him to send Rasmea home.
  2. Organize a protest at your local federal building or on your campus.
    • The SJP National Ad-Hoc Steering Committee calls on all SJP chapters to participate by organizing actions on your campuses on November 14, 2014.
    • Please send in the details of your protest plans so we can share –
  3. Write letters of support to Rasmea.
    Rasmieh Odeh #144979
    St. Clair County Jail
    1170 Michigan
    Port Huron, MI. 48060
  4. Organize a fundraiser to help fund Rasmea’s defense.
    • NSJP also calls on all those who are able to donate money to Rasmea’s legal defense fund, so that they can continue to zealously represent her and prepare for an appeal.

When publicizing your actions on social media, please be sure to use the hashtags #Justice4Rasmea and #FreeRasmeaNow


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