Demand Medical Care for Free Alabama Movement Prisoner Activist!

Black Autonomy Federation received this report from Ann Brooks, the mother of Spokesperson Ray.


We are receiving reports from St. Clair prison that my son, Melvin Ray,[one of the leaders of the Free Alabama Movement prison organization] is ill. Yesterday after lunch, Melvin indicated that he wasn’t feeling well. (As you may know, when we went to March at St Clair yesterday, officers were already aware that we would be arriving).

At around 9 p.m., Melvin began having problems urinating and was experiencing pain in his lower abdomen and bladder. At around 11 p.m., Melvin began passing excessive blood through his urinary tract. Melvin has been in isolation since January, and we believe that someone introduced something through his food yesterday.

Melvin informed Off. Cosby of his condition and was told that the medical staff said that he should fill out a sick-call form and that he would be seen by the nurse at pill-call.When pill-call came around at 3 a.m. (4 hours later), the nurse (Holcombe) and officer refused to stop at his door. Melvin banged on his door until Officer Mackesy appeared at 3:10 and informed Melvin that he would have to fill out a sick-call slip (which Melvin had already done, but Nurse Holcomb and Off. Humphries refused to pick up), and that he could turn it in at 12 p.m. and wait to be called by the doctor.

By 12 p.m. Melvin will have been passing blood for over 13 hours with no medical attention. The shift commander was Sgt. Hamilton, who is the same officer that was presented when Melvin’s hand was slammed in a door by another officer. We are asking that you please contact St. Clair @ 205 467 6111, or dial 911 and report that we belive that Melvin’s food has been tampered with. [ NOTE: THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE IN PRISON, AND WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN, PLEASE HELP US WITH AN EMERGENCY RESPONSE, Call 205-467-6111, and demand medical care for this prisoner activist!

Press Release: F.A.M. Launching “Freedom Marches” in Alabama

From the Free Alabama Movement:


IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In spite of the effort by Sen. Cam Ward and Alabama’s
Department of Corrections to silence and abuse FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT’S
organizers and derail prisoners’ non-violent and peaceful protests for
civil and human rights. Free Alabama Movement has picked up steam and is
now rallying throughout the state to garner support for the passage of
their “FREEDOM BILL”, which is legislation that F.A.M. says will transform
Alabama’s prison system.

According to F.A.M. Founder and Spokesperson Melvin Ray, this Bill will
prioritize Education and Rehabilitation and will address the historic
overcrowding, violence and spread of disease and racially motivated
disenfranchisement, among other issues, that currently plagues Alabama’s
prison system.

On July 19, 2014 beginning at 1 p.m. FAM members and supporters will be
kicking off its statewide FREEDOM MARCHES with a “MARCH ON ST. CLAIR”
Correctional Facility in Springville, Al, These Marches are being conducted

F.A.M. has chosen St Clair Correctional Facility as ground central to kick
off these historical FREEDOM MARCHES because St. Clair CF has become a
paragon of what’s wrong within the Alabama DOC. As was documented earlier
this year by Melvin Ray in a documentary that is featured on YouTube and
Facebook, St. Clair is one of the most violent, filthiest and unsanitary
institutions in the state. And, under the incompetent leadership of Warden
Carter Davenport, St. Clair has seen an alarming increase in violence with
an astonishing 5 murders (Marquette Cummings, Jodey Waldrop, Jammy Bell,
John Abraham Rutledge, and Jabari Leon Bascomb) in 3O months.

From left to right:

Jabari Leon Bascomb, Marquette Cummings, Jodey Waldrop, Jammy Bell (no photograph available for Mr. Rutledge).
Jabari leon bascomb marquette cummingsjodey waldrop

jammy bell






FAM Co-Founder and Chief Political Strategist Robert Earl Council states
that Alabama prisons are plagued by a lack of accountability from
leadership and also plagued by violence, due to a lack of resources
dedicated to education. FAM is calling for the resignation of Commissioner
Kim Thomas and Wardens like Carter Davenport. Mr. Council further stated
that with the Dept. of Justice issuing a report about decades long rapes,
sexual assaults and exploitation of women at Tutwiler, and with Davenport
overseeing a quadruple rise in both violence and murders at St. Clair, one
has to wonder if Governor Bentley, Senator Ward and others aren’t tacitly
approving these crimes against humanity and human rights violation. And,
despite the DOJ stating that these women’s civil rights were violated, not
a single ADOC employee or anyone from the Commissioner’s Office has lost
their job, let along been charged with negligence or dereliction of duty.

With instances such as these, the Alabama Department of Corrections
has produced the seeds for a massive outcry. FAM has become the voice
of that outcry, and this weekend will make St Clair CF the first stop
, in a series of marches and rallies, throughout the State to demand
Civil & Human Rights for over 3O,OOO plus men an d women who are incarcerated.

Join us in solidarity with F.A.M.s efforts Saturday the 19th:

fam solidarity flier



Urgent Support Needed for family of youth murdered by Denver cops!

Donation link:

On July 2, 2014 20 year old Ryan Ronquillo was repeatedly shot by Denver
Police in the parking lot of the Romero Family Funeral Home in Northwest
Denver during a funeral service.

While attending a friend’s funeral service, Ryan stepped out to decompress
and sit in his parked car. Police stormed the area, speeding several
unmarked cars into the parking lot. In a matter of seconds, Ryan was dead,
shot nearly a dozen times by multiple officers.

Police allege that they were in the process of serving a warrant for
“auto-theft and other felonies”, and that Ryan “started to back the car in
the direction of officers”. Statements from witnesses are at odds with the
police statements. Witnesses at the scene desribe a horrific chaotic mess.
Many in attendence did not even know who the individuals shooting at Ryan
were, let alone that they were even police officers.

Other witnesses claim that Ryan was left to die, choking on his own blood,
as police denied medical help at the scene and instead waited for
paramedics to arrive before any aid was administered.

Ryan was unarmed and suspected of participating in non-violent offenses.
Although police considered him a “flight risk”, no statements from Denver
officials or the police indicate that there was any suspicion of Ryan
being dangerous or armed.

Police claim that they had been following him all day in an effort to
serve the warrant. They claim that they chose the funeral, where dozens of
people, including many small children were in attendence, because it
proved “tactically beneficial”. In the end, instead of a peaceful arrest
anywhere else, people who were already in the process of mourning one lost
youth had to witness the murder of another.

Following Ryan’s death, his family was not even contacted by Denver police
or officials. They had to find out about the death of their son from his
friends and media reports.

As the quest for justice begins, Ryan’s family needs desperate help paying
for his funeral and burial. Any amount, no matter how large, or how small
would go a long way to beginning the process of bringing peace to his

Any excess donations over the requested amount will go toward other
expenses incurred by the family, including missing work, and hiring an

Some local media coverage:



Saturday: Solidarity Rally With the Free Alabama Movement

This Saturday, July 19th, Denver ABC will be hosting a solidarity rally with F.A.M. to match their rally outside of St. Clair’s prison in Alabama. Not only is this a protest against the overcrowded and crumbling prisons in Alabama, but also a rally in support of F.A.M.’s spokesmen, one of whom is currently in solitary at St. Clair.

fam solidarity flier

We will be joining F.A.M. in calling for a mass release of prisoners to alleviate the severe overcrowding prisoners across Alabama are facing. See for more information on the situation in Alabama prisons and the prisoner movement to combat the abhorrent conditions.

From F.A.M.:

Melvin Ray(a law clerk at St. Clair Correctional Facility) and Robert Earl Council(a law clerk at Holman Correctional Facility) put together a LAWSUIT, a BOOK and a collection of VIDEO’S & PICTURES accurately depicting the horrid living conditions within the Alabama Department of Corrections. This compilation became known as the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT. Inspired by their efforts, in January of 2014 over 2,500 incarcerated men-at 3 different institutions- exercising their 1st Amendment Rights, began a NON VIOLENT & PEACEFUL PROTEST against their inhumane living conditions, in the form of a Work Stoppage. From January 1 – 22, 2014 there was not one act of violence, as the men peacefully and respectfully demanded that they be treated like human beings. However, rather than address the legitimate HUMAN, CIVIL & CONSTITUTIONAL grievances- For STANDING UP & SPEAKING OUT against the inhumanities being inflicted upon Alabama’s 27,000 plus Incarcerated Citizens- The Alabama Department of Corrections labeled Melvin Ray and Robert Earl Council as “THREATS TO THE SECURITY OF THE ADOC” and placed them in Solitary Confinement indefinitely. This is the Alabama Department of Corrections attempt to silence these Men and to stop the Movement. But Truth crushed to the Earth shall rise again and if God be for you, who can be against you. We stand with these brothers and the thousands of other men and women that make up the Movement. FREE ALABAMA

If you can’t make the rally, you can still aid F.A.M.’s efforts. Call or email the Governor’s office and the Alabama D.O.C. in support of a mass release! Some points to mention:

-Alabama’s prisons were built to hold 14,000 prisoners. Today, they hold 28,000. In other words, AL

prisons are operating at about 200% capacity statewide.

- In 2011, the Supreme Court case Brown v. Plata effectively required the State of California to

remove 46,000 prisoners from its prisons. They were required to cut the prison population

down to 137.5 percent of “design capacity.”

-California’s DOC was sued while running its state prisons at around 185% capacity.

-Overcrowding the AL prisons has added to other existing problems, such as pests, mold, bad food,

lack of medical care for prisoners, as well as tension and violence between prisoners with no space to live.

You can contact the Governor’s Office and the Alabama DOC here:

The AL Governor’s Office, Governor Robert Bentley: 334-242-7100

Link to email Governor Bentley:

AL Dept. of Corrections, Central Office: 334-353-3883

AL Dept. of Corrections, Commissioner Kim Thomas: 334-353-3870

Email, AL Dept. of Corrections:

Born A Suspect: Racist Hospital Threatens Mother and New Born Baby.

From Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality:

Written by JoNina Abron-Ervin and edited by Brianna Burton, members of the Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism & Police Brutality

It is always said that babies,regardless of race, are born innocent, and should not have any racist legal or political standards applied to them. But this is not the case with black children and those of interracial couples. They are treated as criminals by the state and its police.

Your help is urgently needed to protest the use of armed security guards who threatened Kelly Stone, a new mother, at the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, Ill. The baby’s father LeMar DeBooth, is a personal friend of mine and a comrade in the Black Autonomy Federation. Below is a complaint letter that we are asking everyone to email. Please feel free to reword the letter according to your own writing style. It should be sent to:



Also, on Monday, you may call the medical center’s patient relations representative, Rose Cosme, at (773)296-8217.


To Whom It May Concern:

It has come to my attention that on July 11, armed guards at the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center threatened Kelly Stone, who at the time was a patient at the medical center.

According to my information, these are the events leading up to this incident:

On July 8, Ms Stone gave birth to a male infant at the medical center. The baby was delivered by Cesarean section. After his birth, Ms. Stone and the father of the baby, Bondi LeMar DeBooth, verbally told nurses that they wanted to set up a breast feeding schedule for their son. Ms. Stone and Mr. DeBooth subsequently saw a nurse feeding formula milk to their son off the schedule. When they voiced their objections to the disruption of the feeding schedule, they said a medical center employee threatened to place their son in protective custody. Thereafter, Ms. Stone and Mr. DeBooth were were no longer allowed to be alone with their son, according to Mr. DeBooth. They were “chaperoned” at all times by medical center staff and made to feel like criminals.

On July 10, Ms. Stone and Mr. DeBooth filed a complaint with Rose Cosme, the medical center’s patient relations representative. The complaint charged the medical center with economic and racial discrimination. Ms. Stone, who is white, and Mr. DeBooth, who is black, are poor people.

Ms. Stone and Mr. DeBooth were told that their baby’s blood sugar was low. The baby was then moved to an infirmary so he could be treated. Later, while holding his son, Mr. DeBooth saw a scratch on his baby that he had not previously noticed. He asked a nurse about the cause of the scratch. The nurse said that the baby could not have scratched himself. Fearing that their son had been injured by someone on the medical center’s staff, Ms. Stone and Mr. DeBooth decided to file a new complaint with the patient relations representative on July 11.

While trying to leave the room in which Ms. Stone was recuperating from the surgical wounds of her C-Section, armed security guards stopped them. Afraid that Ms. Stone might be shot and killed, Mr. DeBooth stepped between her and the guards in order to protect her. When they asked why they could not leave the room to file their complaint, Ms. Stone and Mr. DeBooth were told by the security guards that they were not allowed to give the reason.

A social worker told Ms. Stone and Mr. DeBooth that in order for their son to be released to their care, the social worker would first have to inspect their home. This inspection could not occur until July 14 at the earliest, meaning that the baby would have to stay at the medical center at least until this date.

Under federal law, women who have C-sections are entitled to remain hospitalized for 96 hours, which would have allowed Ms. Stone to remain a patient until July 12. A patient can ask for earlier release by signing a form, which states that the patient understands that she is asking to be released before the recommended time. On July 11, Ms. Stone signed a form asking to be released from the medical center. She did so after a member of the medical center told her that by signing the form, she and Mr. DeBooth would be given a room, equipped with beds, in which they could stay with their baby over the weekend while waiting for the social worker’s inspection of their home. However, the room given to them did not have any beds. Did the medical center staff member deliberately lie to Ms. Stone?

Under the federal Patient Bill of Rights, a patient’s request for early release is not valid if the patient signed the request under duress. Based on what I have learned, I believe that Ms. Stone signed the request for release under extreme duress. This is illegal and unethical, and voids any “release form” by the hospital.

I believe that the medical center has committed major violations of Ms. Stone’s patient rights and the rights of Mr. DeBooth, the father of their son. If they were both white and middle class, I do not believe they would been mistreated. This was administrative racism. I am asking the medical center to conduct a complete investigation of this matter, and am sending a copy of this letter to the regulatory body for medical institutions, The Joint Commission and the federal Department of Health and Human Services.


BREAKING: 2 Animal Activists Indicted as Terrorists for Freeing Mink

From Green is the New Red:

tyler-lang-aetaTwo animal rights activists have been indicted on federal terrorism charges for allegedly releasing 2,000 mink and foxes from fur farms in the Midwest.

Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff were charged with two counts of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and committing “animal enterprise terrorism.”

Olliff is currently in jail in Illinois, where he was sentenced to 30 months in jail for having boltcutters in his Prius.

Lang was arrested outside of a Veggie Grill restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday. He had arrived to prepare for a fundraiser at the restaurant to benefit the Bunny Alliance, an animal rights group with which he volunteers.

When he saw FBI agents walking up to the restaurant, he said he knew something was wrong. He was on the phone with a friend, who joked that they were there to spy on the animal rights fundraiser. Before he was arrested, he told his friend “call my lawyer.”

At Lang’s bail hearing at a Los Angeles federal courthouse, the government asked for a $30,000 bond, which is $20,000 above what pre-trial services had recommended.

The prosecutor did not request that Lang be jailed awaiting trial, but said Lang was a flight risk because of his “extreme activism.”

“He has plans to travel the country for what he calls non-profit work,” the prosecutor said, “but what the government calls violent civil disobedience.”

Lang told me he had planned on beginning a tour this weekend with other volunteers, protesting airlines that transport primate for animal experimentation.

Lang may not be able to attend the protests, but other volunteers say they are undeterred.

“We know that Tyler would want us to carry on with the Fight or Flight tour,” said Amanda Schemkes, a Bunny Alliance volunteer. “It’s to further the campaign against the transport of animals to labs, as well as to build and empower grassroots activism in the face of state repression. Our work to help animals continues to be motivated by them rather than stifled by attempts to chill activism.”

The indictments come as hundreds of animal rights activists are in Los Angeles this weekend for the National Animal Rights Conference, where a prominent theme is corporate efforts to label non-violent protest activity as “terrorism.”

Releasing animals from fur farms is clearly against the law, but in the history of underground groups like the Animal Liberation Front not a single human being has been harmed; yet the FBI continues to label animal rights activism as “terrorism.”

New ag-gag laws go even further, criminalizating whistleblowers, undercover investigators and journalists who expose animal cruelty on factory farms.

As FBI agents and prosecutors prepared for Lang’s bail hearing, it was clear that even they were a bit confused about this “terrorism” case.

Outside of the courtroom, one FBI agent was overheard on a cell phone saying: “No, he is being charged with damaging property. Not damaging animals—they are against that.”

Did You Secretly Enjoy the Fireworks on July 4th?

Don’t worry, we understand. Sparkly lights in the sky are hard to beat. But one thing definitely beats that any day—liberating our political prisoners! Don’t feel bad about secretly enjoying a celebration of this oppressive imperialist state…instead, help support efforts to defend and free political prisoners trapped in their imperialist prisons!

The 2014 North American Anarchist Black Cross conference desperately needs funds to pay for the space, food for participants, and travel funds for comrades (particularly former prisoners) who wouldn’t be able to attend without assistance. Please donate by midnight on Friday, July 11 to help us raise $2000 of the $7500 we need for this year’s conference. Your donations help bring prisoner support activists from across North America together for this important annual strategizing session!

You can donate online at If you would like to send a check or money order, rather than using the link below, contact us at naabcconference[at]riseup[dot]net to find out where to send it.

Want to make donating to freeing prisoners from imperialist prisons even sweeter? Donate by midnight on July 11th and enjoy one of these gifts donated by generous supporters of the NA ABC conference and its mission:


A donation of $15: 2 stickers*

A donation of $30: 1 political prisoner support shirt** and 2 stickers

A donation of $45: 1 tshirt***, 2 stickers and a book**** or video*****

A donation of $65: 2 tshirts, 2 stickers, and a book, video or 2015 Certain Days calendar

AND the first 3 donations of $75 will get you everything that $65 gets you PLUS a one year subscription to 4Struggle Magazine!


Remember, donate by midnight on Friday, July 11th to help us meet our $2000 goal for this month. We will contact you after you donate online or email us to find out where to send your check or money order. If you would like to donate but not receive a gift, let us know that as well.

Thanks for contributing to our efforts to support, defend, and free our prisoners. This annual conference has become one of the most important events in prisoner support efforts across North America, and we can’t do it without your support!

Until all are free!

The NA ABC Organizing Crew

(for pictures of the gifts offered, visit:


*Eric McDavid and Marie (Marius) Mason

**Eric McDavid or Tinley Park 5

***For $45, choose between Eric tshirt, TP5 tshirt, or a “Prisons Are for Burning” tshirt (There are a limited number of the latter – the sooner you donate, the better! If you donate after we have run out, we will send you one after they are reprinted.)

****Book options are: ‘Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective’ (1st ed) by scott crow; ‘Government Repression, Prisoner Support’ by Sacramento Prisoner Support; or ‘Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism’ by the RNC 8

*****Video is ‘The Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation’


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