Victory statement from Noah Rockslide

Hi wonderful friends,

now that the dust has settled a bit and i have more time to write, here’s a shot rundown of how things went on tuesday. Thanks for all of the wonderful emails of support, it has been great to hear from you all and see you jumping for joy and relieved through the intertubes. Really, it has been amazing, and although I probably can’t write back to everyone in the next week I will try, but hopefully this email will have all the juicy details for you that you need.

Tuesday the 31st found tash and I back in court for our hopefully final confrontation with the danish legal system. with lots of friends and supporters issuing us in (of course the prosecutor pulled a below the belt move by having cops at the doors only letting some people in. my lawyer was pissed), we took our seats to listen to our lawyer’s defense of us. steen (tash’s lawyer) cut through the prosecutor’s evidence and weak threads like butter, and then Hanna (my lawyer) let loose with a flurry of constitutional jujitzu about how there is nowhere near enough evidence that even a crime was to be committed, let alone by us. she ended with a wonderfully political flourish, telling the judges that this is really a political case, and that a guilty verdict for us would stifle free speech and democracy in denmark. with nothing further from the prosecutor, the judges told us to be back in 45 minutes to await the verdict. we all filed out to the court house steps to await the verdict nervously, but happy that the time in court was over. the media team got to work sending out text messages and calling media to get them here, and updating websites and all that. reporters were already showing up and we were having to tell them to wait until the verdict to ask for interviews. things were tense but there was a real sense of anticipation.
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COP15: Noah Rockslide and Natacha Verco found not guilty!

Victory!An American and an Australian activist have been cleared of planning violent demos at COP15.

Danish prosecutors have suffered a serious defeat in the wake of the COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen last December after a court has cleared an Australian and an American activist of planning violent demonstrations during the summit.

The Copenhagen Municipal Court judge found that prosecution evidence was not strong enough to warrant the accusations and set the two free to the general applause of some 30 supporters.

The charges against the two, a 27-year-old American man and a 34-year-old Australian woman, included planning several violent demonstrations against, among others, the Danish confederation of industries DI, Dansk Energi, Shell, Maersk and Forum.

The two, who have previously been in custody for three weeks, have consistently denied all charges.

According to the charges the two had planned their violent demonstrations but were prevented from carrying them out when police detained them in mid-December, before the COP15 summit reached its climax.

Belgrade 6: Acquitted!!

Belgrade 6Belgrade/Serbia – Today Belgrade High Court acquitted a group of six anarchists from accusations that they caused a general danger with trewing molotov cocktails at the Embassy of Greece, because the prosecution had not been proven. “The basis for acquittal is the legal, not political. It is not proven that the accused committed the crime,” said the judge Dragomir Gerasimović. Belgrade six are free and innocent, the judge decided. Ratibor Trivunac, from Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative, said after the verdict that the state has failed to break anarchist movement.

Judge said in a brief explanation of the verdict that there is no evidence that Ratibor Trivunac, Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Mitrović, Ivan Savić, Sanja Dojkić and Ivan Vulović caused a general risk throwing three Molotov cocktails at the Greek amabsade building last August.
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Puerto Rican Prisoner of War Carlos Alberto Torres to be paroled!

CarlosPuerto Rican Political Prisoner Wins Release on Parole
May 21, 2010

The National Boricua Human Rights Network and the Human Rights Committee of Puerto Rico have the great and historic pleasure of announcing that Puerto Rican political prisoner Carlos Alberto Torres, after serving 30 years in U.S. prisons for his commitment to the independence of his nation, will be released on parole in July of this year, to reside in Puerto Rico.

This historic release is due to Carlos Alberto’s maintaining his integrity and commitment throughout three decades behind bars, and to the support of the people of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican communities in the U.S., as well as those who support human rights throughout the world. This broad support was key in winning his release, and he is looking forward to expressing his gratitude in person.

For no legitimate reason, he was made to serve almost 11 years more than his compatriots who were released in 1999, when president Clinton deemed their sentences to be disproportionately lengthy. The United States stands out as the country whose political prisoners serve among the longest sentences in the world.

Two Puerto Rican political prisoners remain in U.S. custody. Oscar López Rivera, who this month will mark his 29th year in prison, is not scheduled for release until 2023; and Avelino González Claudio, who this month will be sentenced to a term not to exceed 7 years. While planning the celebration of Carlos Alberto’s release, the National Boricua Human Rights Network and the Human Rights Committee of Puerto Rico will continue to work for the release of both remaining political prisoners.

in the U.S.: Alejandro Molina 312/296-7210
in Puerto Rico: Eduardo Villanueva 787/612-7840

Marc Hall’s charges dropped; Military grants discharge

Marc HallFrom Courage to Resist:

“Soldier jailed for rap lyrics Is discharged”
by Dahr Jamail, Truthout. April 18, 2010

Until April 17, US Army Spc. Marc Hall sat in a military brig at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, facing an imminent court-martial for challenging the US military’s stop-loss policy in a song. Saturday morning, Spc. Hall was granted a discharge by the military.

On December 17, 2009, Hall was jailed for writing a song about the personal impact of being forced to remain in the military beyond the scope of his contract by the stop-loss policy.

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Carrie Feldman RELEASED!

carrieAfter four months, Minneapolis activist released from Iowa jail

Carrie Feldman, 20, was jailed in November for refusing to testify about a 2004 break-in at the University of Iowa

By ABBY SIMONS, Star Tribune

Last update: March 18, 2010 – 4:56 PM

An animal rights activist jailed four months for refusing to testify about a break-in at a University of Iowa laboratory has been released.

A judge in Davenport, Iowa, signed an order Thursday to release Carrie Feldman after the U.S. Attorney for that region informed the court that her grand jury testimony was “no longer necessary to the public interest” and asked that she no longer be held in civil contempt of court, said her attorney, Jordan Kushner.

No further explanation was given for Feldman’s release. Friends and family members were expected to pick her up Thursday.

A call to U.S. Attorney Clifford Cronk in Davenport was not immediately returned.

Feldman, 20, of Minneapolis, was jailed in Iowa on Nov. 17 for refusing to appear before a grand jury that was looking into the November 2004 break-in. The Animal Liberation Front released video of themselves entering the lab, taking hundreds of rats and mice, smashing computers and dumping chemicals. Damages totaled $450,000.

Five years later, authorities subpoenaed Feldman and her former boyfriend, Scott DeMuth, 22, also of Minneapolis. Both were jailed for refusing to testify, and a grand jury later indicted DeMuth for animal enterprise terrorism. Feldman, who was 15 at the time of the break-in, said she knows nothing about what happened. DeMuth says he’s innocent.

Judges denied two appeals for Feldman’s release before Cronk’s office asked that she be released.

“My belief is this is the end of this particular matter for her,” said Feldman’s attorney, Bruce Nestor.

On Monday, FBI agents raided a Salt Lake City, Utah, house where some animal rights activists were purported to live. The agents were acting on a search warrant issued in the same southern district of Iowa where Feldman was held and DeMuth was charged. The warrant authorized a search for computers, photographs, cell phones and documents “relating to animal enterprise terrorism.”

Kushner said it’s unclear whether information gathered in that search led to Feldman’s release.

Dresden: Annual Neo-Nazi march routed by Anti-Fascists, scores arrested

“We have for the first time succeeded in preventing the biggest neo-Nazi march in Europe.”

Germany’s neo-Nazis gathered at the Neustadt Railway station in Dresden for the annual event in which neo-Nazis commemorate the bombing of Dresden by the Allies during World War II.

Police say approximately 5,000 neo-Nazis gathered in preparation for a “funeral march” to mark the deaths of Germans killed in the Allied bombing of the city 65 years ago. Anticipating trouble, the police presence numbered approximately 5,000. But it was the anti-Nazis who were the story Saturday. Police estimate between 10,000 to 15,000 people showed up to block the neo-Nazis. The anti-Nazis joined hands in a human chain to prevent the neo-Nazi’s from gaining access to Dresden’s city center. Spokesperson for Dresden without Nazis, Lena Roth told media

“We have for the first time succeeded in preventing the biggest neo-Nazi march in Europe.”

Dresden without Nazis is a loose alliance of many different Dreden groups. The weather Saturday was cold, but those who gathered to oppose the neo-Nazis said it difficult to stay outside, but it was worthwhile. In spite of the heavy police presence, there were scuffles, injuries and arrests.

The neo-Nazis have gathered on each anniversary of the bombing of Dresden, which took place 65 years ago, to draw attention to the “suffering of the German people.” Neo-Nazis maintain that the bombing of Dresden was a “halocaust” for the Germans. However, those who turned out to opposed the neo-Nazis said it was important to remember the Nazis had caused World War II.

Dresden city officials and residents mark the anniversary of the bombing every year. This year, thousands of Dresden residents marked the anniversary in a candle-light ceremony on Saturday night. The neo-Nazis had come to Dresden from around Germany. The pro-Nazis were violent, and police warned them they could not guarantee their safety. There were clashes between police and neo-Nazis, resulting in some injuries. Pro-Nazi protesters also lit barricades on fire.

The Neustadt Railway station is significant to the neo-Nazis because during the war, it is where the Nazis sent off trains full of thousands of Jews and other people to Auschwitz.

During the war, Allied Forces thought Dresden was “a vital command center” for the Nazis. The bombing mission took 12 hours to complete, and when done, Dresden was destroyed. An exact death toll is not known, but estimates range from between 25,000 to 100,000 deaths. The raid has remained controversial, and to this day, the death toll remains debated. Dresden has since been rebuilt.

In 2005, a large contingent of approximately 5,000 neo-Nazis managed to disrupt commemorative ceremonies in Dresden, marking the anniversary.

Ojore’s charges dropped!

Ojore LutaloYesterday, Ojore received official paperwork from the court in La Junta, Colorado, notifying him that charges would not be pursued against him for allegedly threatening an Amtrak train. Ojore was arrested at gun point on a train that was stopped in La Junta, Colorado on Tuesday January 26. He had boarded the train in California after his speaking appearance at the LA Anarchist Bookfair and was headed home to New Jersey at the time of his arrest.

Ojore is a former member of a Black Liberation Army formation and was released from prison last August after spending over two decades inside for actions on behalf of Black liberation movements.

A passenger allegedly heard Ojore make a threat against the train while he was on a private phone call. Ojore denied these accusations, and yesterday, the state finally admitted they had no actual evidence against him. Below is corporate news coverage of the charges being dropped.

DENVER — Prosecutors in southeastern Colorado said they won’t pursue charges against an ex-convict accused of making a threat against an Amtrak train because further investigation revealed the man displayed no bizarre behavior or even made a threat.
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Update on Jeff Luers

Jeff LuersDear Friends,

We wanted to give you a brief update. Jeff has now been free for the past week and is enjoying time with friends and family and actively working to put his life back together. A couple of days ago, he was able to hike in the forest for the first time in almost 10 years. He begins college classes in less than 2 weeks.

This morning Jeff and attorney Lauren Regan gave an exclusive 40- minute interview to Democracy Now! If you would like to watch the show, you can view the on-demand video at or on Jeff’s myspace or facebook page.

Thank you all again for the tremendous support you have given Jeff, you gave him the strength to make it through prison. We have also posted a couple of photos taken of Jeff since his release – you can view them on Jeff’s myspace or facebook page.

Best wishes for a happy new year to everyone!
-Friends of Jeff Free Luers

P.S. There are still many eco-prisoners that need your support – please write to them, spread the word, or host fundraisers for these prisoners. Although not an exclusive list, please check out the following pages: Daniel McGowan
Marie Mason
Briana Waters
Eric McDavid
Jonathan Paul prisoners listed here:

Berkeley 8: No charges filed, all to be released

From the Carwil James support site:

Charges were not filed today against all 8. They will be released tonight. The DA is reserving the right to file charges in the future. More info soon….