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David McKay transferred to California (confirmed)

Denver ABC recently heard back from David McKay of the Texas 2, and confirmed that he’s now being held in Herlong, California.

David was moved from Texas to California in order to participate in a 9-month drug program.  There is a small chance that completion of the program will get him a reduction of his (4 year) sentence by as much as 12 months.  If nothing else, he will be transferred (sometime around September or October 2010 we estimate) to a minimum security facility.  Thus far David has been held in medium-security prisons.

David writes that he has beef with the skinheads at the new prison because he’s participating in an integrated program (meaning inmates of ‘different races’ are cellmates) which is usually a big no-no in prisons.  The threats of violence have not materialized yet.

David hasn’t received many letters since the transfer from Beaumont Texas.  He’d probably appreciate a letter if you have a moment to write to him:

DAVID McKAY #14130-041
P.O. BOX 800
HERLONG, CA  96113

If anyone knows how to get in touch with his support crew or whoever runs the Free the Texas 2 website, let us know because the mailing / commissary information they list is inaccurate at this point in time.

David McKay transferred to Herlong California

Denver ABC has reason to believe that David McKay has been transferred.  We became aware of this today when a piece of mail we sent to him was returned, and on closer inspection the BOP currently lists David’s location as FCI Herlong CA (David was being held at USP Beaumont TX).

There has been no word of this from the Texas 2 support team, so please contact us if you are able to confirm David’s transfer, or if you receive mail from him.

According to the BOP you should be able to write to David at:

DAVID McKAY #14130-041
P.O. BOX 800
HERLONG, CA  96113

Please let us know if your mail is returned or if David writes back to you.

RNC Legal Update: Milwaukee Three Sentencing, charges against Keith Smith dismissed

On November 10th, 2009, Judge Teresa Warner stayed imposition of an unspecified amount of prison time and sentenced Karen Meissner and Christina Vana to 7 years of probation, 8 hours of community service every month for the next 2 years, and a $100 fine plus standard court fees. Among the conditions of probation were that they participate in whatever educational or vocational programming Probation sets for them. As is usual in felony cases, DNA samples were required. The issue of restitution will remain open for 90 days.
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Katyanne Kibby acquitted of charges related to “threatening” snitch Brandon Darby

A former Minneapolis woman was acquitted Tuesday of charges she threatened to kill a government informant, her lawyer said.

Katyanne Marie Kibby, 25, was acquitted by a federal jury in Austin, Texas, said public defender Jose Gonzalez-Failla.

She had been charged with retaliating against Brandon Darby, the community activist-turned-informant who helped federal prosecutors win convictions against two Texas men who planned to firebomb the Republican National Convention in St. Paul last year.

The charge was based on an e-mail sent Jan. 10. That was two days after one of the men, Bradley Crowder, reached a plea bargain with federal prosecutors in Minneapolis for his role in the plot to make Molotov cocktails and attack the GOP convention in September 2008.

Crowder, 24, and David Guy McKay, 23, were part of an Austin-based group of activists who came to the Twin Cities to take part in street demonstrations. The FBI infiltrated the group with Darby, nationally known for his community activism.

Crowder and McKay built eight Molotov cocktails but didn’t use them, a fact law enforcement officials credited to Darby. However, members of the Austin protest community claimed Darby had betrayed longtime friends and colleagues.

The single-count indictment said Kibby, who now lives in Houston, “did knowingly engage in conduct threatening bodily injury” to Darby. It says she sent an e-mail that threatened his life “for giving information to a law enforcement officer,” namely the FBI.

Her lawyer said she was charged because she wrote to Darby that “your life is in danger.”

“She was venting. She was upset,” Gonzalez-Failla said in an interview. “If she had written it better, she wouldn’t have gotten in trouble.”