Asheville: Anarchists march in support of Asheville 11

From the Mountain Express:

Chanting “cops, pigs, murderers,” and “smash the state, burn the prisons, anarchy and communism,” about 40 people gathered in Pack Square early this evening to protest police actions (including the arrest of 11 alleged vandals on May 1) and gentrification. The group marched down near the Buncombe County jail and up to Pritchard Park.

Photo by Jerry Nelson
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Chile: Anarchists arrested as comrades go on trial

SANTIAGO – At least 25 people were arrested on Tuesday before the first court appearance of 15 suspects in a series of bombings in Santiago and other cities in Chile, police said.

The protesters, the majority of them fellow anarchists, were arrested for damaging public property and disturbing the peace.

Fourteen of the suspected anarchists appearing at the hearing were arrested last weekend in operations in Santiago and Valparaiso that included searches of squatter settlements in the capital and residences.

The 15th defendant is an anarchist already serving prison time for previous offenses.

The courthouse in Santiago was surrounded early in the day by three security rings manned by about 150 police officers equipped with water cannons and tear gas.

The security perimeter was extended to a nearby Metro station, where a checkpoint was set up to check the identification of people using the facility.

The tight security for the hearing, allowing only one relative of each of the suspects to be present, as well as only one reporter from each news outlet, caused a delay of more than one hour in the start of the proceedings.

Special prosecutor Alejandro Peña, who is in charge of the case, ordered last Saturday’s operations after investigating the attacks for several months.

Physical evidence, such as traces of explosives on the skin and clothing of some of the defendants, links the suspects to the bombings, prosecutor Marcos Emilfort, who is working with Peña, said Tuesday.

Rodolfo Retamales and Pablo Morales, two former members of the leftist Grupo Lautaro that fought the 1973-1990 military dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet, are among the suspects in the case.

Retamales and Morales spent more than 12 years in prison for crimes committed after the restoration of democracy.

The press has identified the two men as the masterminds behind the series of bombings that killed one person, an anarchist who was carrying a bomb on a bicycle in Santiago last year.

The bombings targeted banks, the offices of foreign companies, embassies, churches and police stations in Santiago and other cities.

Retamales’s lawyer, Alberto Espinoza, criticized the extensive media coverage of his client, saying that it “weakens the right to a defense a lot.”

Oscar Grant: A partial list of solidarity actions

We’ll be updating this as we get word of more actions in response to the verdict in the trial of the cop that murdered Oscar Grant


  • Oakland, CA: Rebellion sweeps the streets of downtown, widespread property destruction, looting, and streetfighting with the cops
  • Los Angeles, CA: Protests outside of courthourse as verdict is presented
  • Tacoma, WA: Police car smashed, “Oscar Grant was here” spraypainted on car
  • Portland, OR: Dozens take to the streets, smash police substation and bank
  • Denver, CO: Emergency rally draws 40-50 with banners reading
    “All Cops are Murderers”
  • Bloomington, IN: 20 people march to jail in solidarity “noise demonstration”
  • Seattle, WA: March and direct action leaves police drop in center re-decorated
  • Fresno, CA: Rally by day, police monument defaced at night
  • San Diego, CA: Tempers flare at vigil for Oscar
  • Palo Alto, CA: Raging Grannies “Rage Out” against verdict
  • Richmond, VA: Noise Demonstration outside of jail
  • Santa Cruz, CA: Capitalist media reports 15 folks protesting
  • Baltimore, MD: Police vehicles attacked
  • Minneapolis, MN: Up to 100 march for justice
  • Oscar Grant: Denver stands in solidarity with Oakland

    Justice for oscarDenver, January 8, 2010: At the same time that crowds started to gather in Oakland to respond to the verdict in the trial of BART police officer Johannes Mehserle, residents of Denver rallied in opposition to the murder of Oscar Grant and to the occupation of our neighborhoods by the police.

    Denver Anarchist Black Cross put out a call for a solidarity demonstration to start at 7pm local time at the Sheriff’s Department headquarters at 13th and Cherokee in downtown. OscarAbout 35 folks showed up with 2 hours notice with banners and signs that read “All cops are murderers” and “From Oakland to Denver, we will always remember”.

    After spending half an hour at the Sheriff’s Department, the crowd moved to a busier intersection outside the U.S. Mint at Colfax and Cherokee. After another half hour, and many honks, raised fists, and cheers of support, the group marched to the corner of Broadway and Colfax, one of the busiest intersections in downtown Denver.

    oscarHonks, raised fists, cheers, and cries of support were constant. Folks that were waiting for the bus at the nearby RTD bus shelter motioned for the demonstration to come to the bus shelter. Cries of “fuck the police” echoed from the folks gathered at the bus shelter, as they swelled the ranks of the protest. For the next hour, the spirited crowd grew to over 50.

    oscarA couple of motorcycle cops made a small effort to intimidate independent journalists and photographers, but left shortly after being “schooled” by members of the crowd.

    The action laid the foundation for more solidarity actions to come, and for a renewed energy in the local anti-authoritarian movement.

    Milton, Ontario, Canada: Solidarity Demo at Prison

    On Sunday, April 18th, 40-50 Anarchists and their friends held a noise demo in solidarity with prisoners locked up at the Maplehurst Correctional Complex and Vanier Center for Women. This superprison is located 30 minutes west of Toronto. As the march began, the front sign into the prison was spray-painted with the slogans “against prison” and “against police.” We walked around the (large) perimeter of the institution with banners, yelling fierce chants, lighting fireworks and banging on drums.

    The prisoners mirrored our excitement with powerful rhythmic banging, yelling and cheering. This enthusiastic response was felt deep in our crew. We were inspired to see the immediate and tangible result of our solidarity. The cops and screws were certainly not pleased with our presence there (and we certainly are never pleased with their presence anywhere). Despite the cops’ intentions, no arrests were made. On the way out we cut through the parking lot to distribute flyers.

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    Greece: Reactions to the arrest of the 6 anarchists, and other updates

    Journalist Union headquarters in Athens occupied by anarchists, as “police evidence” are proved to be utter lies.

    On Tuesday noon 200 anarchists moved into the high-rise headquarters of the Journalists’ Union in down-town Athens and after allowing all workers to exit the building declared it occupied, dropping a banner on its front in solidarity to the 6 arrested anarchists accused by the police as members of the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle. The anarchist held the building for several hours before forming a demo and marching to Exarcheia.

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    Related items on the arrests in Greece:

    April 27: Call for Solidarity for imprisoned anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis

    It’s been more than four years since the morning of January 16th 2006, when the anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis was arrested, heavily wounded by police fire, after a robbery at a branch of the National Bank in the center of Athens.

    From the very first moment a storm of constructed information broke out, systematically supplied by the police and readily carried out by the mass media. The police constructed “the gang of thieves in black,” so that other comrades could be named as members, to which was attributed a string of robberies but also a close association to armed revolutionary groups, and then it was proclaimed that the whole of the anarchist- anti-authoritarian movement is closely connected to organized crime !! Gianni’s arrest, the slander and the manhunt unleashed against his three supposed accomplices (which were later on declared wanted for astronomic rewards) – four comrades known for their many years of political activity – on the one hand aims for their legal annihilation and on the other, promotes a holistic plan of stripping of meaning and criminalization of anarchists, anti-authoritarians and class struggle.

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    Paris: Seven arrested for ‘terrorism’ in Vincennes solidarity actions

    On Monday and Tuesday 15 and 16 February, seven people were arrested as alleged terrorists in Paris in connection with solidarity actions with prisoners accused of arson of the Vincennes detention Center in July 2008.

    Courtesy of libcom.  We cleaned up the translation a bit.  Sorry for the remaining typos. — Denver ABC

    Terrorism: The Show

    Vincennes Detention Center burns in prisoners' revolt of 2008

    Several months ago, occupations, demonstrations and actions took place in Paris and around.  Sans-papiers [undocumented] people occupied their workplaces, and wild unannounced demonstrations covered the streets with posters, informing about banks that denounce the “illegal” migrants.  Weeks of solidarity were organized for the Vincennes Detention Center detainees, who were appearing in court, accused of the prison’s total arson in July 2008.  This prison totally burnt down after an inner revolt.  It’s in this atmosphere that police came to arrest and to put pressure on comrades who took part in the solidarity work.

    On Monday, February 15th, six people have been arrested in Paris–and had their homes searched.

    One more person was arrested on Tuesday.  Several parents‘ houses were also searched on Monday.  Cops took computers, some flyers and brochures, and seemed to look for specific clothes.

    The arrested have all been taken to 36 quai des Orfèvres–the SDAT (anti-terrorist section) office.

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    Turkey: Update on concientious objector Volkan Sevinç

    To all the earth and the comrades of conscience,

    On 6th of January 2010, in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, a press release was arranged on Yuksel Street, for solidarity with conscience objector Enver Aydemir.

    The Agile Police Force, waiting in the permitted explanation to finish, took the group into a chamber and asked everybody for their IDs. The police normally would not ask for ID in such a “constitutional” and “unsevere” and the “citizen” activist has no such obligation ask to inform the police before a press release.

    And the police’s asking for all the participants of the demonstration for IDs, who are against war and violance and objecting the imprisonment of a conscience objector is for the purpose of guaranteeing arresting and following imprisonment.

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    Ankara, Turkey: 23 arrested in solidarity demo with cons. objector

    From Ainfos:

    On 6th of January 2010 in Ankara, cops violently attacked activists* from Solidarity Initiative with Conscientious Objector Enver Aydemir arresting 23 people. The activists were demanding release of the conscientious objector Aydemir who had faced torture in military jail.

    They used their right to remain silent in the police station. 22 of them were released after spending over 24 hours in jail following their questioning by the public prosecutor. However, one of them (Volkan S.) was detained and will stay in jail waiting for the first trial. (Lawyers will appeal for his release tomorrow.)

    * [Most of them anarchists, also some socialists, feminists & anti-militarists.]