Sean Swain Incommunicado


800px-Abandoned_Lonely_Phone_Booths1We’re not sure what’s going on, but Sean Swain has been blocked from receiving (and presumably sending) JPay emails. He also has not called his primary supporters, or The Final Straw for a new radio segment. We’ll probably hear from him via snail mail sooner or later, but until then, we’ve got to assume he’s cut off.

When we called the prison, they told us he was not in the hole, and did not have any restrictions on his communication. We suspect they may have transferred him back to a 3B spot, undoing the success of our recent call-in effort. They refused to tell us what security level the block he is held in is on and they got surly and authoritarian when we asked.  It seems that the officers at Sean’s newest prison, Warren CI need to learn that their jobs are a whole lot easier when they don’t provoke anarchists from across the country to call and check in on the welfare of our friend who they hold captive.

WARREN CI: 513-932-3388

You can call Warren CI and ask the same questions we asked- why does Sean not have access to communication, what security level is he currently housed in, and does the JPay kiosk in his (or any Warren Unit) actually work right now? You can also leave Sean’s Case Manager a voicemail by punching extension 2281, or try and talk to deputy warden Robert Welch, who maybe got Sean moved from 3B to 3A a few weeks ago, he’s at ext 2005. Whatever lucky anarchist happens to be on the call when when of these officers breaks and spills the beans, please drop a line to

Sean doesn’t like when they fuck with his communication access. Being a writer, getting his voice out is one of the things that help Sean feel connected to the outside world. So he’s probably feeling alone and frustrated. Also, his birthday was Sept 12th, so if you haven’t written for a while, or missed sending him birthday wishes, please consider dropping a line and letting him (and the mailroom monkeys who have to read all his incoming communication) know that he is loved and missed.


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From The Final Straw Radio

amd_dog-dayWe live in an inherently twisted society punishes those who rob banks rather than punishing those who them. This seems more than just a little bit unreasonable to me, given that the obscenely wealthy shouldn’t store all of their ill-gotten loot in concentrated places and then irrationally expect the rest of us not to have designs on divesting them of it.

Banks are the most prominent symbol of our culture’s blind adherence to the institution of property. The fact that thousands upon thousands of banks open up bright and early, six days a week, and close at the end of business with rarely ever a single robbery speaks to just how completely we are caught up in the delusion of capitalism’s legitimacy.

Some of the most famous figures in American history were bank robbers: Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger. Robin Hood is a kind of universal archetype, the model bank robber from an era before the existence of banks.

It’s both curious and appalling that we have these buildings all around us just filled with cash while many of us are barely scraping by and struggling for fundamental necessities. We routinely walk past these cash warehouses, with holes in our shoes and our stomachs grumbling.

A friend of mine, who was more often a successful bank robber than an unsuccessful one, shared with me his observation that, during bank robberies, police never want to catch bank robbers inside the bank. There’s an old movie called, “Dog Day Afternoon,” where two bank robbers are inside the bank when the police arrive, and the robbery turns into a prolonged hostage situation. Police want to avoid that, so, according to my bank robber friend, they never respond immediately. They’d rather let you get out of the bank where they can arrest you on the street, or chase you, or follow you with helicopters. So, that gives you some time to grab a substantial amount of cash.

Also, according to my friend, most bank tellers are trained to do as you instruct. So, if you hand them a note with instructions not to trigger the alarm in the drawer, not to include dye packs in the money bag, and not to put a GPS locator in with the cash, they’re supposed to comply. Banks don’t want tellers to defy bank robbers, get caught doing it, and end up getting somebody killed.

For a period of time in the late 1990s, bank robberies had one of the highest rates of unsolved crimes. Robbing banks was pretty fashionable. In fact, in the Cleveland area, there was one guy who successfully robbed several banks and in each robbery he left on foot. The guy didn’t even have a car. Authorities voiced a hunch that he was probably homeless.

Well, he was homeless when he started the crime spree, anyway.

I would suggest that in this modern era, BANK robbery is no longer bank ROBBERY. Consider: In 2008, when greedy banksters bottomed out the global economy, George W. Bush and his treasury guy, Larry Summers, who was himself an alumni of the Lehman Brothers/CitiBank locker room, decided the banks were “too big to fail,” and offered billions of dollars in bail-outs. They gave the banksters money that the government took from you in taxes. When Obama came into office, he got together with his treasury guy, Timothy Geitner, also an alumni from the same crowd of usual suspects, and they continued the billion-dollar bail-outs.

So, that means all of those banks that won’t willingly give you any loans have their vaults and registers filled up with YOUR money. So, I would suggest to you that it’s not robbery to take what’s already yours; it’s re-appropriation. That’s no crime. The real crime is letting a single bank get away with keeping it.

Think about it. To be successful, all you really need are pistols, ski masks, dufflebags, and an assertive sense of indignation. If we all did it, you know, like setting up an International Bank-Fund Re-Appropriation Day or something, the whole banking system would collapse. It would cease to exist. We would have a future without banks.

So, if you dream of such a future just as I do, I encourage you to act. After all, that dream is “too big to fail.”

This is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain from Warren Correctional Institution in Lebanon, Ohio. If you’re listening, you ARE the resistance…

Call in Successful! Sean is at 3A!


cups-s-swainLast week, we sent out an urgent request that supporters call Warren Correctional and demand that Sean be moved to a 3A level cell block. He left SOCF in mid August, he was supposed to be sent to 3A, but was instead “accidentally placed in a 3B unit. 3B is a disciplinary unit, where prison gangs ran things and young guys who were only in for short stints and had nothing to lose would pick fights and cause trouble a lot. At SOCF and OSP Sean was on higher security levels, which means 23 hour a day lock-down and not many opportunities for open conflict. A 3B unit is the place Sean would be most likely to run into hassles with other prisoners. Admins could use any conflict to justify putting him back in long term solitary on level 4 or 5.

This weekend, Sean’s 3B unit was transitioned to housing 3A prisoners, the level Sean was supposed to be in. But they didn’t leave him there, they transferred him with the 3B prisoners to another 3B unit.

So, to avoid whatever provocations and nonsense that administrators are attempting to make happen, Sean decided: “I am remaining in my cell until transferred to 3A-level housing. I’m not going to chow or to the shower or the phone or kiosk or commissary or chapel or library or recreation. 24/7 in the cell to avoid shenanigans and traps that administrators intend to use for upping my security to 3B. I’m fueled on coffee and Raman noodles.” Sean also “sent kites to relevant fuckweasels: warden’s assistant, unit management administrator, unit manager, case manager, unit sergeant, etc., letting them know I have to stay holed up in my cell indefinitely since I’m moved onto a 3B level unit around 3B prisoners. When I run out of noodles, I can start by eating my own big toe. Without coffee, I can drink my own urine. Or, I suppose, I could just drink the water from the sink.”

Sean’s refusal, combined with all the outside calls we flooded in on Friday and Monday, finally got the goods and he is now finally in level 3A housing. Unfortunately, his old neighbor at SOCF, Robert Mahone is in dire need of help. Please read about that, and lend some support!

Update on Sean and Urgent Call-In Action


jpay_icons_cards_kiosk-875d27f1We haven’t heard much from Sean since his transfer to Warren Correctional, and it wasn’t until one of us visited him yesterday that we fully understood why. His access to communication has been frustrated by a whole new set of obstacles. Read on for the details, and the simple action you can take to remedy the situation.

I visited Sean yesterday at Warren Correctional, where he was unexpectedly transferred two weeks ago. Sean’s transfer to a medium security prison was accompanied by a drop in his security level, from 4A to 3A. (Ohio uses a security scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest security. Within each security level, “A” status is a lower security level, whereas “B” status is a disciplinary level of security).

Despite the security level drop to 3A, Sean is being held in a 3B unit at Warren with no indication of when he will be moved. The 3B unit at Warren is heavily-controlled by gangs and membership is a requirement for phone access. Sean is generally a well-respected prisoner, both for his many years in prison and for his reputation as an anarchist shit-starter, but he is in uncharted territory at a new prison among young wild-asses who, unfortunately, tend to direct their anger and defiance at one another instead of at the prison itself.

Without phone access and with the JPay kiosk out of order after being destroyed so many times by prisoners who don’t use them anyway, Sean’s only method of communication is letters and he’s unable to record his radio segments or communicate with his lawyer in a timely manner. Sean has sent many “kites” (inner-prison mail communication) to the administration about his move to 3A and gotten no specific indication of when he will be moved.

Sean requests that we call the prison and talk to Deputy Warden Robert Welch, who Sean says is a reasonable guy and may be receptive to our requests. His number is 513-932-3388 ext. 2005.

It’s important, though, that when talking to the prison administration, we not say anything to turn negative attention toward other inmates. Let’s talk to the prison about their failure to transfer Sean to the unit he’s supposed to be on and not focus our complaints on the actions of other inmates—such as the gang control of the phones or the destruction of the Jpay kiosk. Let’s remember who the real enemy is.

Stuff to say to Deputy Warden Robert Welch:

-Sean is a level 3A prisoner and needs to be transferred to a 3A unit immediately.

-Sean is trying to keep is head down and not risk his new level 3A status. His placement in a level 3B unit puts him at risk of getting in trouble. He will be safer in a 3A unit.

Sean’s Transfer Cancelled at the Last Minute


Trainwreck Trevor Clark Cowardly as Always

Trainwreck Trevor Clark Cowardly as Always

In Sean’s words…

“I signed my transfer notice yesterday. I wrote everybody and gave them the Trumbull address. I got packed up today. Then the warden notified me that Central Office Anonymous Coward cancelled my transfer. Now I missed commissary and commissary won’t let me shop. I don’t even have soap.
Please let everyone know I’m not at Trumbull and please call here to get Ms. Davis to order commissary to make me up on Friday. Otherwise, I’m really fucked. I had to skip commissary to make property limits to transfer… Now no transfer and no way to get basic necessities.
Fuck my life. : )”

We called Ms Davis, and even spoke to the commissary officer, who said Sean would have access to commissary on Friday.

So, what we need now, is to get at the root of this, and so many other problems with SOCF, that Central Office Anonymous Coward, Trainwreck Trevor Clark.

“Note the trend… An anonymous coward kicked people off of my visiting list… Now an anonymous coward blocks my transfer. These powerful government officials are hiding under their desks and praying we don’t learn their names and publicly humiliate them for their nonsense…. How long before they all get together and tie Trainwreck down on an altar, burn some incense, and disembowel him, sacrificing his dumb ass to the gods of political expediency?

Wanna help ruin Trevor Clark’s career? We hope so. Check out the plan.

Updates on Sean’s situation plus Vengence for Dr Death

Hello Swainiacs!

It’s been a few weeks since we sent any info about Sean’s situation and a lot has happened. Of course Sean has documented it all with his usual literary flourishes. Also, we’ve heard an interesting story and thought of some ways to repay Dr James Kline for screwing Sean around last month. Check it out!

1. Sean was coerced into cancelling his hunger and med strike by prison doctor James Kline. http // After posting that update, we heard from friends of another prisoner who Dr Kline is doing even worse than he did Sean. More on that, and action suggestions below.

2. Sean has been transferred to SOCF in Lucasville. At this point all of his property has been returned to him and things are “normal”. Phone calls are still more than twice as expensive as they were at OSP, so donations are always appreciated.

3. If helping pay for phone calls isn’t inspiring enough reason to donate, check out this mega awesome fundraising appeal: http://seanswain.or /86423-14/

4. Federal Judge Benita Pearson decided that the ODRC can block Sean’s access to video visits indefinitely. She doesn’t like Sean’s attitude. This is the same judge who’ll be deciding the A12M civil action. We’re hoping she takes that situation a bit more seriously.

5. Chip in to some support work. Ben Turk is sorta swamped and about to leave the country for a couple weeks (he’ll be presenting on Sean’s struggles at an event for anarchists in Barcelona!). Sean is a very prolific factory of ideas and projects. If you’d like to get involved and pick up some slack, just contact Ben.

6. Here’s the scoop on Dr James Kline. Short story, he’s demonstrating his sadistic relish for patient agony by refusing to treat a guy’s hernia or prescribe anything other than ibuprofen. If you think Dr Death shouldn’t be treating the captives of the state of Ohio, please help us get him fired.

Contact ODRC Director Gary Mohr and ask him to stop employing negligent medical professionals to mistreat his captives. ODRC Central Office- 614-752-1150.

Write letters:
Gary Mohr, ODRC Director
770 West Broad Street,
Columbus, Ohio 43222


More details and other fun ways to pressure Dr Kline are online here: http://seanswain.or /fuckweasel-james-dr-death-kline-needs-to-lose-his-job/

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OSP has removed Sean Swain from general population against his will


OSP Warden Jay Forshay: 330-743-0700 ext 2006.

SCRIPT: “Hello, I’m calling in support of Sean Swain, 243-205. He was
removed from general population against his will on Friday. I do not trust
that this transfer was in the interest of his health, in fact, I believe
the opposite, that you’re isolating him so he will die without witnesses. I
demand that you return him to general population and return access to all
forms of communication other prisoners on security level 4A receive. Thank

See below or for more information, and mailing addresses.

Chief Inspector’s Office: 614-752-1687

SCRIPT (you’ll probably go straight to voicemail): “if anyone is actually
monitoring this voicemail box, please call Ben Turk and tell him who the
Chief Inspector of the ODRC even is. You might also want to contact the
Senators and Representatives on the CIIC who’re supposed to be overseeing
the ODRC, cuz they also don’t know what your office does, other than
interfere with prisoner’s constitutionally protected freedoms anyway. Oh,
also, please give Sean Swain back his video visits, you opaque,
unaccountable fascists.”

See this post for explanation:


Ohio State Penitentiary administrators removed Sean Swain from population,
according to a prisoner housed on Sean’s security level. He is now held
incommunicado, without phone or email access, and likely without writing
materials. When prison officials last removed Sean from population at
Mansfield Correctional, he was placed in a torture cell with no heat, no
bed, no shower, forced to pace 24 hours a day to stay warm. He left there
sleep-deprived and hallucinating. Less than 90 days later, two other
prisoners died on Torture Cell Row.

Sean initiated a hungerstrike on Monday, 02 February and refused blood
pressure medication beginning Tuesday, 10 February. His health is likely
already compromised, so placement in a torture cell, isolated from all
other prisoners and cut off from the outside world, could only be initiated
by prison officials for the obvious motive of eliminating Sean once and for

Sean, anticipating this possibility, explained, “The only thing to gain by
isolating me is the opportunity to continue refusing me medications after I
have agreed to start taking them again. In other words, isolating me gives
them the chance to murder me without witnesses, something they can’t do
while I’m in population.”

Prison officials would benefit greatly from the death of Sean Swain.
Currently, Sean has a lawsuit filed through his counsel, Richard Kerger.
This lawsuit threatens to expose the illegality of ODRC Director Gary
Mohr’s JPay policy, that enriches a prison profiteer corporation; it
threatens to expose the State’s recourse to torture, and a connection
between the FBI and torture engineer Trevor Clark, who was disclosed as
“agency liaison” to the FBI; it threatens to expose a not-so-secret dirty
war waged by government against dissidents and critics, particularly of an
anarchist perspective.

It very well may be that ODRC Director Gary Mohr, his corporate sponsors,
and his FBI puppeteers have decided that they are better off with Sean
Swain dead than alive.

Sean’s supporters and legal counsel await any kind of communication from
Sean, who has previously proven resourceful at smuggling communiques out of
the prison, even from the supermax.

Prior to his being “disappeared,” he was asked pointedly about prison
officials murdering him to silence him permanently. He said, “Somewhere,
some time, some government official decided nobody would care if Mohammed
Bouazizi lived or died. Then, 3 governments in the region were swept out of
power by the force of popular resistance. Somewhere, some time, some
government official decided nothing would happen if Mike Brown died. Then,
popular resistance burned down Ferguson.

“I don’t know. Maybe they can get away with killing me, maybe they can’t.
But if they think they need to kill a former gas station attendant who had
a 2.2 grade-point average in high school in order to defend their fascist
program from the truth, they’ve already lost; they’re in far deeper shit
than they realize.”

Demand Sean’s immediate release back to general population and
reinstatement of all of his communication!

OSP Warden Jay Forshay: 330-743-0700 ext 2006.
Write letters:
Warden Forshay,
Ohio State Penitentiary
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd
Youngstown, OH 44505

Chief Inspector’s Office: 614-752-1687
Chief Inspector’s Office
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43222

Preliminary Reports of a Riot at Mansfield Correctional. Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain in the Hole.

From Sean Swain

We have received preliminary reports of a riot at Mansfield Correctional Institution where Sean Swain is being held. According to the prison, fire hoses were used against those involved in the uprising. As of now, we have no details as to what conditions instigated the riot or what Sean is being charged with.

Sean is being held in segregation in the medical wing of the prison. According to prison administrators, he is being held there because the normal segregation cells are all full as a result of the riot. But we also know that the administration likes to use the suicide cells in the medical wing for disciplinary purposes (as have done with Sean in the past).

The prison claims that Sean is unhurt and that he is not in the infirmary for medical reasons. We have little reason to believe anything they say, but we hope that this is true.

We are asking everyone to put pressure on the prison administrators. The goal is to draw attention to Sean’s situation, to demonstrate that he has support and that their attacks against him will not go unnoticed.

In calling the prison, our tactic is to ask, as many times as possible, to as many different people as possible, Where is Sean Swain? Why is he being held in solitary confinement in the infirmary? When will he be released?

If they do not pick up, leave voice mails asking these questions.

Mansfield Correctional Institution

(419) 525-4455

Mr. Moral- Caseworker

ext. -4310

Maryland Christopher

Health Care Administrator

ext. -2100

Terry Tibbals- Warden

ext. -2005

Scott Basquin- Assistant Warden

ext. -2004

Also, please take a moment to write to Sean. He likely does not have access to reading materials and certainly has no access to the warmth of his comrades. Even a short note saying that you are thinking of him would have a huge effect. A photograph of something pretty or an article you enjoyed, an embossed envelope and a few sheets of writing paper would be even better.

Sean Swain #243-205


P.O. Box 788

Mansfield, OH 44901

Or choose your own creative methods of demonstrating solidarity for a comrade under attack.