Russia: Anarchist art group Voina Arrested and Beaten by the Police (Again!)


Oleg Vorotnikov, Natalia “Kozlionok” Sokol, and Leonid Nikolaev were arrested during the peaceful demonstration against violations of article 31 of russian constitution (freedom of peaceful assembly) along with many other protesters. Oleg Vorotnikov and his 2-year old son Casper were taken to the police station #28. Two policewomen took Casper to a separate office, and Oleg hasn’t seen him since. At the police station, Oleg was severely beaten. The art-group’s lawyer, Dmitriy Dinze, has managed to set Oleg free, with the help of emergency ambulance brigade. After a short while he left the emergency hospital, where the doctors have officially examined the bruises after police battery.

Dmitriy Dinze is trying to set free other activists, who are held at the police station #78 (Chekhov st. 15) but so far with no results. The cops do not let nor the lawyer neither the ambulance brigade see them. As Dinze said to Oleg “Leonid and Kozlionok are beaten up there. The cops turned on some loud music and just beat them.” One of the protesters held in this police station called Dinze and told him about the battery.

Dinze called the city police board and told them about the violations. Tho police superiors came to the police station, but after a short conversation with the policemen of #78 they just left. He tried for nearly 5 hours to get inside and to see the arrested, but the officer on duty bluntly refused to let him in.

Casper was taken to a children’s hospital. There he’s registered as an unidentified child. Dmitriy Dinze and Elena Kostileva have called the hospital to let the doctors know his name, date of birth, etc. But they demanded proof. Natalia Sokol, mother of the child, has all Casper’s papers, but she’s being held by the police and not allowed to see the lawyer. The biggest concern at the moment is that Casper will be taken to an orphanage. Oleg Vorotnikov is trying to get his son from the hospital, but without papers the doctors may as well refuse him.

Russia: Anarchist artists attacked by police

On March 3 in St. Petersburg around 5 p.m. three activists of the art group Voina – Leonid Nikolayev, Oleg Vorotnikov, and Natalya Sokol – have been attacked and severely beaten by seven plainclothes policemen. The attackers reportedly shouted that they were from the city’s criminal investigation department.

Vorotnikov and Nikolayev held a press conference earlier on March 3 in which they told journalists about the poor conditions they faced in Moscow’s pretrial detention center.

As a result Oleg Vorotnikov received bruises, Natalia Sokol got a serious hand injury, Leonid Nikolayev – a head injury. A 2-year-old Kasper also suffered.

Fragment from Oleg Vorotnikov’s story:

When we left the press conference in the Ligovsky prospect, we noticed that we were followed by a group of typical thugs. We observed that those were clearly anti-extremism officers… One police officer attacked Lenya from behind. They waved their IDs but we couldn’t examine them. They pushed baby pram away and hit Kasper against his face causing a bruise on his left chick. Two others knocked Kozlyenok down into the paddle and started kicking her. They injured her hand very seriously. I managed to free myself from the officers who were holding me and covered Kozlyenok with my body. The blows rained against my back and head. Kozlyenok’s face was already bashed. What’s more when they dragged her by hair, they pulled out one of her braids. The officers were trying to take away a camera from her. But she held it tightly. Activist Lyubka seized one of the officers and he bit her hand…

The police officers managed to confiscate a camera memory card. The artists were delivered to the trauma station.

Short Update of Recent Repressions Against Anarchists in Belarus

From via the Anarchist Black Cross Moscow

As of right now four Belarussian anarchists are under arrest, accused of having organized a series of direct actions 2009-2010.

Everything started long before this past September (2010). The years 2009-2010 were rich in radical actions claimed by Belarusian anarchists. Such as:

An illegal anti-militarist demonstration in September 2009 against a mutual Russian Belarusian war exercise, when a Joint Staff was attacked with a smoke grenade.

An attack on a Minsk casino using paint bulbs and flares in protest of the relocation of most Russian casinos to Belarus after the law banning casinos in Russia was passed.
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Russian Anti-fascist prisoner Rinat Sultanov needs your support!

Rinat Sultanov was arrested in Saint-Petersburg of Russia 3rd of November, in eve of yet another “Day of People’s Unity”, most favourite Russian state holiday of the fascists, after a siege of apartment of anti-fascists which lasted several hours. He is accused according to statute 111 of Russian criminal codex, “Grievous bodily harm, caused with an intent”, for a fight with local fascists, which took place in autumn of year 2008.

Rinat is born from the city of Labytnangi of the far-northern Siberia. Few years ago he moved to St. Petersburg, and immediately took active part to the local anti-fascist movement. He was involved in both setting up anti-fascist websites and street activities. He considers himself as an anarchist and RASH-skinhead.
[Shout out to the fighters!]

Currently Sultanov is remanded to Remand prison №4 of St. Petersburg.
Right now support group does not need material help, however it is
important to support Rinat with letters during the remand imprisonement!

You may write to

Rinat Sultanov
FBU IZ-47\4
ul. Lebedeva d. 39
195009 Saint-Petersburg Russia


Russia: Anarchist Pavel Delidon released from Prison

PavelAnarchist and animal rights activist from Russia, Pavel Delidon was released from prison 27th of September, after doing 3.5 years in prison for an attempt to gather back wages his former boss owned him.

Below a message Pavel passed to Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow:

No Pasaran!

Yesterday I was released from captivity. I did my three and half years, every single day, and was not considered to be entitled for an early release. I feel awesome, my head is going round and round, have to get used again to many things, I am behaving like a wild man who encountered civilization. It will take time under I will be again myself, get used to the new situation.

My prison term was not an easy one, I was beaten up by the screws, I was in the hole 7 time, but hopefully from SUS (Special detainment conditions – one of the disciplinary regimes inside prison – translator) I was saved by the comrades who reacted quickly when I was in trouble. Poetry and books send to me provided me strength during the whole length of my sentence. And I could maintain my vegetarianism.

My original sentence was 4.5 years, but was reduced by one year, due to efforts of anarchists and my lawyer. Our struggle is giving real results, together we are strong. Now we have to commit all our efforts to save Lyosha and Max (Alexey Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov – translator).

I had a serious struggle with screws, and wrote a good deal of poetry. I had all the time good relations with other prisoners, wish them health and liberation as soon as possible. My parents and my sister were supporting me all around the way.

Thank you for everyone, who was supporting me.

Write to me to

Pavel Delidon

(In Russian section of our site, there is also a poem he wrote to everyone who
was supporting him:

Older articles about Pasha:


Russia: Attempted murder of anarchist

An attempt on life of anarchist anti-fascist in Moscow

A 25-year old Vladimir Skopintsev is registered in Troick, one of the numerous towns of Moscow region. He is an anarchist and known as the member of groups “PolitZek” and “Change the world without taking power”. Both groups have several thousands of fans. His photos and registration address were frequently posted on fascist web-pages, along with demands of execution.

Vladimir’s father and younger brother – 21-year old Andrew- were present at home in the evening hours of September the 2nd, when an attempt on Vladimir’s live took place. What follows is Andrew Skopintsev’s take on the events:

Somewhere around 11 pm Andrew went out on the balcony to talk over the cell phone. And next moment a bullet hit the wall 30 centimeters away from his head. He heard the noise of a car taking off from the scene. Militia was immediately notified of an attempted murder. According to Andrew, the preliminary analysis showed that he was fired at from a hand-made firearm.
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Russia: Anti-fascists and environmentalists under attack

From Birds Before the Storm:

In Russia, the anti-fascists and the environmentalists work together. This warms my heart. Right now, however, they’re under attack. In fact, they’re essentially always under attack. And by under attack, I don’t just mean that they are being arrested and charged with bullshit crimes, although that happens too.

In Khimki, a suburb outside of Moscow, environmentalists set up an eco-camp to protect an old forest from being cleared by a new highway. Masked fascists stormed the camp and brutally attacked the people there. The police then showed up and arrested the activists, not their attackers. In response, a 500 strong block attacked city hall, with the banner “we will clear the forest of fascist occupation, 1941-2010”. The police have now arrested two of the more public anti-fascists and charged them with the attack. They were not arrested at the site of the attack, and yet now the courts have changed their story and claiming that they were.

The anti-fascists in Russia know better than to expect justice from the courts, but still, they are raising money to fight the charges.

The struggle against fascism and against the destruction of the natural earth is absolutely a global one. We need to realize that these people are our friends and comrades, and that an attack against them is an attack against us, quite literally.
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