Denver Runs Down the Walls

Denver RDTW 2009
On Saturday September 12th, comrades, friends, and allies ran with the Denver Anarchist Black Cross in the first Denver Running Down the Walls 5k. RDTW is an annual event held around the country to raise funds for the Anarchist Black Cross Federation Warchest, a fund used to provide support to political prisoners and prisoners of war in the United States.

Denver ABC raised $500 for the Warchest, and has a great time running in downtown Denver, including disruptively running right through the right wing Tea Party protest at the state capitol.

Thanks to everyone that participated in or supported the run!

Denver: Run Down the Walls Tomorrow (Saturday Sept. 12th)!


On Saturday, September 12th, 2009, various Anarchist Black Cross chapters and political prisoners will participate in 5k runs in cities and prisons across the country.

This event is designed to raise much-needed funds for the Anarchist Black Cross Federation Warchest and the Romaine Fitzgerald Homecoming Fund.

In Denver, the run is also intended to highlight some of the local tools of state repression. The run will begin at the Denver Sheriff Department Detention Facility at 13th and Cherokee, and will also run by the Denver office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The run will end at Civic Center Park downtown.

The goal for this year’s run is $3,000. Funds will be divided between the following:

• The Warchest Program was created in November of 1994. Through the program, The ABCF sends monthly financial support to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War (PP/POWs) who have received insufficient, little, or no financial support during their imprisonment. Funds from the Warchest are distributed through monthly stipends to the political prisoners in need. Prisoners use this money to cover the basic necessities of everyday living. Since its inception, the ABCF has raised over $56,000 through the Warchest program. For more information, check out
• Romaine Fitzgerald Homecoming Fund Currently, there is a parole campaign for political prisoner Romaine ‘Chip’ Fitzgerald. This fund will assist Chip his legal appeal effort and in re-establishing a life outside of prison. Chip has served forty years in prison and is the longest held political prisoner in the United States. For more information, please check out:

Remember that many of those arrested in the past or present are not far from us. Many of them were and are community and labor activists, queer and environmental activists- people who decided to speak out against various forms of oppression and paid the price of freedom for their actions. Anyone of these people could have at one time stood beside us in a demonstration, at a speak-out or even a organizing meeting. At any moment it could be us who finds ourselves in this situation, so it is imperative that we ensure that a strong community of support exists for these people as well as ourselves. The strength of our movement is determined by how much we support our fallen comrades.

People can participate in the following ways:

• Be a runner: We are asking people or groups who are running to
collect as many sponsors for the run as possible. Remember the money received is going to help imprisoned comrades and local groups who need help. Check out for more information.

• Sponsor a runner: This can be done through a flat donation to the
runner of your choice.

• Volunteer at the event: Help hand out water to runners and literature to passerby.

• Sponsor Running Down the Walls: Any amount helps. Contact the Denver Anarchist Black Cross if you wish to simply donate money.

• Donate directly to the Warchest: For the Warchest send funds to the Philadelphia ABC, indicating your desire for those funds to go to the Warchest. Please make checks and money orders to Tim Fasnacht. (Philadelphia ABCF P.O. Box 42129 Philadelphia, PA 19101).


Following the Running Down the Walls 5k Benefit for political prisoners, there will be a kick off party for the Denver Anarchist Black Cross at 2pm at El Centro (2260 California Street).

Food and some entertainment will be provided. Please attend and bring friends.

September 12th is also the birthday of Leonard Peltier, American Indian Movement political prisoner. Leonard recently had his parole denied, so we’ll have cards for folks to send to show their support for him.

In love and solidarity,
Denver ABC Crew

Phil Africa’s Running Down the Walls Statement

Prison Walls Will Crumble! – Sept 12th

Let the run ring loud to this system, that these folk of strong committed reflections of Justice and Freedom are not and will never be forgotten and that their release is being demanded!
Phil Africa’s Statement for RDTW 2009

On Saturday, September 12th, an event will take place in 14 various cities and prisons throughout North America – in support of political prisoners and prisoners of war. The event – known as Running Down the Walls – is a 5k run / walk / bike in support of these comrades who have been imprisoned because of their dedication to liberation and freedom.

In some locations, people will be running through parks or city streets; others will be running in prison yards and even in their cells. In all cases, they will be participating in the spirit of solidarity – the truest and purest meaning of our movements.

We will be running in solidarity for Leonard Peltier – who, on the day of the run, will be “celebrating” his 33rd birthday behind bars. We will be running in solidarity for Veronza Bowers – ordered by the courts to be released in 2005, but because of the power of the Fraternal Order of Police has been held illegally for 4 years. We will be running in solidarity for Kuwasi Balagoon, Merle Africa, Thomas Warner, Bashir Hameed, Albert ‘Nuh’ Washington, Richard Williams and all those dear and precious comrades who have died behind the prison walls. We will be running in solidarity of all those political prisoners and prisoners of war unmentioned but certainly not forgotten.

We ask that you join us on this day as an act of solidarity and Run Down the Walls!. We ask that you run for those who have fought. We ask that you sweat for those who have suffered. We ask that you care for those who have died.

Locations of Runs: Albuquerque, NM; Arcata, CA; Denver, CO; Elmore, AL; Los Angeles, CA; Marion, IL; New York, NY; Phoenix, AZ (two runs in Phoenix); Portland, OR; Shiprock, NM, Tucson, AZ (two runs in Tucson); and West Massachusetts.
(*more runs may be announced or added at the last minute. For contact information about a specific location, contact LA ABCF at

Funds raised for this event will go to:
ABCF Warchest – a program that sends monthly stipends to political prisoners who receive little or no financial aid.
Chip Fitzgerald Homecoming Fund – a program designed to assist Chip Fitzgerald – the longest held political prisoner in the US – with his parole campaign.
Ojore Lutalo Fund – Ojore Lutalo has just been released after 27 years in prison. Funds raised will go to assist him getting re-established.

Running Down the Walls – LDenver
When: Saturday, September 12, 11 am – 1 pm
Where: Denver Sheriff Department’s Pre-Arraignment Detention Facility
13th and Cherokee, Denver, CO

For more information: or