Greece: We are at WAR. Political arrests and state terrorism

One day before the memorial of the assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos on December 6th, the Greek democratic dictatorship decided to activate in a tragicomic way its repression mechanisms in order to prevent the upcoming uprising of the society. All the regime’s servants are on the alert trying to manipulate the public opinion and terrorize the parts of the society that resist.

Yesterday night (December 4th), the scums of the anti-terrorist squad raid into various apartments and social spaces in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Agrinio and Crete claiming that weaponry was found. The well-paid state media puppets set up feasts for the cop’s “success against terrorism”, producing hysteria and terror. 24 hours later, it was announced that the weaponry found have never been used in any attack.

After a full day of deliberate lack of information, in the evening of December 5th the police gave in publicity the names and the photos of the 6 persons arrested in Athens, Piraeus and Crete, asking “citizens” for more information… For the 2 of the 6 arrested persons, there were arrest warrants for the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” case.
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Victoria, British Columbia: Police Raid Camas Educational Bookstore

CamasVictoria, BC on November 5, 2010: the Victoria Police Department entered Camas Books, 2590 Quadra Street with a warrant to search and seize computer equipment and documents. Four volunteers were detained while officers searched the premise, seizing 2 computers, a Camas Educational Society annual report, and Shaw and Telus account bills.

The Camas Educational Society is a not-for-profit registered society that functions collectively to operate the volunteer run Camas Books and Info. Camas Books first opened its doors in September 2007, with the intention of providing a voice for social justice perspectives, and helping to foster a spirit of solidarity with other such struggles taking place globally. The Camas Collective has a mandate to keep the store and space as accessible and inclusive as possible in order to provide free access to internet and print information that follows our mission statement, akin to a library.
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The camas collective has received no information from police about any
incident that the search and seizure may be pertaining to, or what
lead police to the book store.

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Chile: Police raid social center; Anarchists arrested

DABC note: This story actually describes events that took place preceding the repressive measures outlined in the previous article we posted about Chile. The arrests described in this story were of the suspects now facing trial for allegedly bombing capitalist and state targets.

Early in the morning of Saturday, August 14, in Santiago, agents of the Chilean state raided the self-organized social center Jonny Cariqueo and the squatted social center and library Sacco and Vanzetti, shutting down the latter. Several homes were also raided, and 14 comrades taken into custody, with charges of illicit association and placing bombs.

The raid is the work of the new State’s Attorney Alejandro Peña, who claims to be going after a terrorist anarchist organization, which he has largely invented with the complicity of various judges. Under his watch, international solidarity has become “terrorist financing” and anarchist libraries have become safe houses or centers of power.

For some time now, the Chilean state has presented the anarchists as public enemy number one. These arrests and all the fear-mongering carried out by the media, as always complicit with Capital, is meant to distract people from the plight of the 33 miners and their families, and from the Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike in struggle for their lands and freedom.

The State/Capital wants to cover up its inability to catch anyone for the over 100 bombs that have been placed throughout Santiago against targets of the powerful, as part of the ongoing social war in Chile.

The day before, on August 13, agents of the State disarmed a bomb set to go off at an elite restaurant in Santiago. The communique claiming responsibility for the bomb stated that members of the institutions of the powerful should no longer feel safe, as they carry out massive violence and repression against all those who struggle.

The social center Jonny Cariqueo calls for solidarity and says it will struggle to remain open and mobilize and agitate in the struggle against State and Capital, and in particular against the Anti-Terror Law.

Excerpted, translated, and paraphrased by porlos from an article on hommodolars