New Poster + Day of Solidarity & Fundraising for the Mt. Hope Infinity

mount hope infinityJust in time for the July 16-17 fundraising weekend, this is a new poster about the Mt. Hope Infinity. The Mt. Hope Infinity are visible queers from around the Midwest who are being persecuted by the Mt. Hope megachurch and Alliance Defense Fund. Print in color, or in black-and-white: We won’t hold it against you, just get them up everywhere.

“Solidarity fundraising day July 16 starts the solidarity fund raising week end for the Mount Hope Infinity

There are three events happening around the US:

Tulsa Oklahoma
July 16th, 9pm
The Eclipse: 1336 E. 6th St

San Fransisco California
July 16th, 8pm
Underground SF: 424 haight street

Gainesville Florida
July 17th, 8pm
Civic Media Center: 433 South Main Street

But it’s not too late to throw another:

It can be anything from a punk show, a party, to a cake walk, a garage sale, to a date auction, a kissing booth, to tabling a another show with patches for sale. Anything you can do that day to raise some green for our radical queer friends is needed.


FAQ: If I wanna help but I can’t do that day is that ok?

Yeah. If you need to do something the day before or the day after, or the week before or the week after, that’s fine. We’re just trying to catalyze our supporters to bring in some much needed funds, the exact date is less important.

Got other questions? send them to

Thanks in advance!”

In case it wasn’t clear, the Mt. Hope Infinity are responsible for neither the poster nor this post, we’re just an autonomous support crew.

Mt Hope Infinity: Where Are We Now?

The Bash Back Infinity’s lawyer just had to drop their case! They are in need of a new lawyer! Please contact

Sometime after the original subpoenas, as well as a letter threatening to confiscate all electronics from the defendants, the ADF announced that they would be willing to negotiate.

Their offer was that each person named would pay $1,000 each to Mt. Hope Church. As well as submit official apologies, and sworn statements never to demonstrate at a place of worship again.

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Guelph queers speak out against police violence

An interview with Fierce and Fabulous folks

by shailagh keaney, Toronto Media Co-op

Below is an interview with three people who were targeted by University of Guelph campus police last month. Each have charges arising from the incident. See Court solidarity for queers in Guelph to learn about their solidarity call-out for April 19.
Answers to the questions below were compiled by a third party.

Can you tell me about what happened that night at the UofG campus?

Justin Timberdick:
I was arrested Friday, March, 6th, 2010 outside of the annual drag show organized by Guelph Queer Equality (G.Q.E) I’m being charged with assault a peace officer and breach of probation. What happened was simple. We were targeted by the campus police because we are queer/trans kids, the result of that ended in the pigs using excessive force against us. Excessive force being (for me at least) being chased down and tackled into a thorn bush, having my head slammed against a cop cruiser multiple times while my hands were handcuffed behind my back. The cuffs were so tight that they cut my wrists open as well as caused bruising. The pigs have been using fear, intimidation and violence against queer and trans. folk as a tactic for forever. I don’t think that this sort of targeted attack is anything new, and it could have been much worse i’m very sure of that, but i am personally not willing to wait for further violent homophobic/transphobic attacks to happen before we, as queers and trannies, fucking step it up and take action against these queer and trans. hating pigs.

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The Bigotry is On Our Doorstep! Support the Mt. Hope Infinity

Queer activists need your help to defend against the Alliance Defense Fund.

On November 9th, 2008 activists from the international queer liberation group, Bash Back! protested the stance and actions of the notoriously anti-queer mega-church, Mount Hope at their headquarters compound in Lansing, Michigan. While some of the group danced, chanted and held signs out side of the building, a small group proceeded into the church to conduct a demonstration by hanging a banner that read “It’s OK to be GAY!”, and handing out support leaflets targeted toward the queer youth. As the activists had been careful to remain legal, the police made no charges. So in May of 2009 a right-wing legal group, the Alliance Defense Fund filed a federal law suit on behalf of Mt. Hope Church under the Freedom of Access to Clinical Entrances Act, naming 13 individuals, as well as Bash Back! as a whole, Bash Back! Lansing, and 20 “John” and “Jane Doe”s (yet to be identified). The suit seeks an injunction that could seriously hinder future activism that resists the institutionalization of religious fundamentalism. As well as an unknown sum of money in supposed “damages” and trial costs. Thankfully, we can count on our community and allies to step up. Tracie Dominic Palmer, an activist attorney with the National Lawyers Guild has been wonderful in supporting the group and has been diligently attempting to negotiate as well as building a defense, pro-bono! But as everyone knows, this is far from free. In the end, even in victory, it will have cost her as well as everyone involved in the defense a great deal emotionally and monetarily. Bottom line: We need your help.

The ADF and Mt. Hope are working double time now to oppress queer people and crush all those that oppose them. To be clear, the main objective of their efforts is to plant fear and hesitation in confronting bigotry. This is why they also subpoenaed 20 “John” and “Jane does” (which we have chosen to call Jesse Does to remove the gendering of anyone) in addition to the 13 named defendants. Allowing them to pick anyone they want, whenever they want, and claim affiliation with Bash Back! This is why the defense is called the “Mt. Hope Infinity”. Again, it is extremely important to understand that the injunction seeks to set legal precedence that would seriously restrict future activism of this nature. Imagine it being legally impossible to protest anti-choice organizations or “ex-gay” conferences. In fact, as attorney Tracie Palmer has stressed, we may very well be making new law regarding these types of demonstrations. This is a serious concern, not just for the individuals involved, but for all liberation activism.

~With the queerest love and rage.
Bash Back! Infinity

* It is important to note that since the action, some of the websites have been altered. For example, you now have to input personal information and complete a phone interview to find out details regarding the Dunami sexual “support group”.

Check out for more information.

How can you help?

GET THE WORD OUT! Pass out a flier, get this website out to everyone you can (facebook! myspace! listserves!),  plan to support the Mt. Hope Infinity in person at court dates and fundraisers.

DONATE!: Suprise! the radical christian right has lots and lots of money, and we don’t. So, please donate anything you can. OR HOST A FUNDRAISER!!! a party, date auction, or garage sale! Anything is helpful.

You can send checks to:

PO box 27201
Lansing, MI 48909-7201

(if you’re uncomfortable with sending a check without a name on it, email us and we’ll give you one!

And you can donate online:

Guelph: Updates On The Fierce & Fabulous Three!

Update from Fierce & Fabulous Krew on the 3 queer/trans folk arrested outside a drag show for ‘assault on a peace officer’.  Statement of solidarity here.

Two of the  3 queer/trans folk who were charged with assault police have made their first appearance in court.

One person had court on March 15th, the courts had no information on the matter and was confused as to why all three of the co-accused did not all have court on the same day. Her court was adjourned until April 19th.

Today on March, 22nd another one of the persons charged made his first court appearance. He received a screening form and the disclosure. The crown is proceeding summarily and is asking for 1. Probation, 2. firearms prohibition, 3.DNA Databank Order and 4. Jail Time. His next court date is also April, 19th, 2010.

The other person who has yet to make her appearance in court is also scheduled to be in court on April, 19th.

Send e-mails of support to

Guelph: Three Queer/Trans folk arrested outside drag show

Three members of the Fierce and Fabulous collective based out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada were arrested on Friday, March, 6th, 2010 with charges of allegedly assaulting a peace officer (campus cop) outside of a drag show at the University of Guelph on Friday night. They were held over night at the Guelph police station. All were released with conditions. Two have curfews of 11:00 pm and one has a curfew of 9:00 pm. All three of the kidnapped queer/trans folk have conditions to not associate with each other. One of the folks arrested who is trans. identified is also charged with a breech of probation. The specifics of the arrests are not being talked about due to legal reasons.

The folks arrested were brutally fucked up by the pigs. One person was slammed into the ground, had their head smashed onto the cruiser multiple times, and was kept in tight handcuffs to the point of having cuts and bruising on their wrists. These violent actions will NOT be tolerated, nor will the choices of the university security (The Brass Taps) who called them. The cops hope to serve their role by instilling fear into us and repressing us. Together we need to stay strong and make sure that not only their repression backfires, but that we also gather strength from these experiences.

Although Fierce and Fabulous can’t say a whole lot about the context of the arrests, the real reasons for these arrests and the police violence are very clearly not because of the alleged charges of “assaulting a peace officer.” It wasn’t coincidence that the arrests happened outside of a drag show or that they were harassed by a private security company beforehand. These arrests are yet another ridiculously obvious attack on queers/transfolk. The war against us all becomes even more apparent, and makes seeing through the state’s and the university’s “queer positive” (but only if yer assimilationist, and straight) bullshit facade even more transparent.

Their next court dates are March 15th, March 22nd and April 19th. At the Guelph Ontario Court Of “Justice”, 36 Wyndham St. South. 9:30 a.m Come out and support them, or send e-mails of support to

Up The Queers, Up The Trannies!

In Love And Even More Rage,

The Fierce and Fabulous Krew!

Honduras: Gay Revolutionary Assassinated by Nationalists

from Bash Back!:

25 year-old activist Walter Trochez was murdered Monday in Tegucigalpa. He was a gay rights advocate and a member of the National Front of Resistance Against the Coup in Honduras.

Trochez, who had publicly reported the abuses of Roberto Micheletti’s de facto regime was shot in Tegucigalpa’s downtown. A few days before his death, he had been brutally beaten by officers of the dictatorship while they were interrogating him to extract information about the leaders of the peaceful resistance.

The activist had recently published an article exposing the de facto regime for its human rights violations. The article, titled “Increase in hate crimes and homophobia towards LGTB as a result of the civic-religious-military coup in Honduras”, was about how what is currently going on in Honduras is a step backwards for the most inclusive processes that have been taking place in Latin America in the recent years.

“It is worth stating that the explicit support of the church in Honduras to the military coup of June 28, 2009 prevented holding a referendum organized by the legitimate constitutional government, while it put dictator Roberto Micheletti in power”, reads the article. It also explains that homophobic hate crimes have increased since the coup,  promoted by the Honduran church, with the complicity of the oppressing groups.

“Once again we say it is NOT ACCEPTABLE that in these past 4 months, during such a short period, 9 transexual and gay friends were violently killed, 6 in San Pedro Sula and 3 in Tegucigalpa”, said the activist in his article, following several press releases of the gay, lesbian, transexual and bisexual community.  The young activist finished his article saying “As a revolutionary, I will always defend my people, even if it takes my life”.
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2009 Locked Out Resource List for Queer Prisoners

Locked Out is a source for news and information regarding the plight of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIVpositive prisoners, former prisoners, and the criminal justice issues affecting the queer community.

They just released the 2009 LockedOut resource list for queer prisoners.

Gay Club Massacre in Israel

Last Saturday a gunman opened fired in Tel Aviv gay club, killing 2 and wounding 11. Here is some sharp reflection on its meaning from our comrades at Bash Back!:


August 10, 2009, 1:44 pm
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Last Saturday a nightmare came true: we where hunted down.
A faceless man went into a room full of youngsters and opened fire.

Now 2 of them are dead and many wounded, some outed on a hospital bed.

When the news of the murder came, it was all too easy for me to picture the scene – I used to spend most of my waking hours in this secluded basement flat in central Tel Aviv, the offices of the Israeli GLBT association, Haaguda, working on Pride and AIDS awareness events.

We felt very safe there. Confidant. We had the of City Tel Aviv on our side, hanging rainbow flags on demand. We had the police doing our bidding instead of detaining and forbidding.

Ok, we had to swallow a few LGBT – phobic jokes from officers, bureaucrats, and commercial sponsors. But we thought it was a small price to pay for ten’s of thousands marching in the streets of Tel Aviv, safe and proud, landing courage to countless kids across the country.

The price we paid now isn’t small. It is immeasurable. The life of 2. The health of 15 , a collective trauma.

I do not feel safe now In Tel Aviv. Our strong hold. Our ghetto. I feel grief stricken and furious and betrayed.

I want to know who was this man in a ski mask dealing death in whose name. Was it a homophobic zealot? A fascist? A crazed family member or even a lover? How can I spot his kind and seek shelter when I recognize danger?

Maybe I should simply watch out for man with machine guns.

But this if far from simple In Israel, where most young men are drafted at 18, many issued a gun. Reserves soldiers – the entire able boded male population – often take their gun home too. There are guns on the bus, guns in Cafes, guns in restaurants, guns on the trains and the beach. Security guards and police have pistols. Settlers carry fire arms where ever they go.

In fact, there are probably only 3 segments of the population in Israel that are less likely to have access to guns: Work migrants, Palestinians, and ultra religious Jews.

Yesterday the Israeli police accused the LGBTQ communities of prematurely calling the murders a hate crime. Of inciting hate against other minority populations.

I agree with the police- it is too easy to point the finger at the extreme religious parties. Or at immigrants. Better look for the real villains: Better accuse the policemen who on Sunday called the supporters of the evacuated families in east Jerusalem, filthy fagots – When Many of them arrived directly from a memorial demo protesting the murders in Tel Aviv. Better investigate law enforcers calling conscientious objectors stupid dykes while smashing their heads on the pavement. Better be ware of the police arresting and bashing queer activists in Central Tel Aviv on the very same day as the murders, after they have tried to protect refugees and their children from being deported.

Better point the finger at the soldiers who kill peace loving men and youth in none violent demos in Palestine, and round up others in the dead of night.

I accuse them of creating a society of hatred and brute force where no minority is safe.

But it is also too easy to blame the police. The police is only a symptom, a tool of the government and the state. The same government who did nothing when calls for our blood where heard from its benches. The same state that it’s president, Shimeon Peres, objected in 2007 to the Pride parade in Jerusalem in – where 3 people where stabbed only 2 years earlier.

Many of us in the Jewish LGBTQ community in Israel believed we would be safe if we will “be like everyone else” be mothers, solders, consumers. Be poster boys and girls for “the only democracy in the middle east”. Be a tourist attraction.

We were told that we could be safe if we distance ourselves from any hint of otherness. Because “the other” draws fire.

We are not safe. We are being murdered. And in order to protect our self we should be nothing like everyone else. We should demand they put away the guns they use to shoot us. We should denounce violence and repression of other minorities. We should honor the murdered by remembering – Homophobia is Racism. Racism is Homophobia.

Bash Back! Being Sued by the Alliance Defense Fund, the Time to Fundraise is Now!

In the fall of 2008, the Lansing, Michigan chapter of national queer and trans anarchist group Bash Back! descended upon anti-queer mega church Mount Hope in two strategically placed groups of disruptionists. The first of these groups diverted the attention of security, pink and black blocked up and waving sings which read such things as “Dykes of the Damned” and “Satanic Trannys 666”. Inside, others waited patiently in their best Sunday drag until at once they rose, interrupting the service with cries of “Jesus was a homo!”, a banner drop from the balcony that said “It’s Okay to Be Gay! Bash Back!”, queer kiss ins, over a thousand strewn fliers with queer positive content aimed to console potentially queer youth of the church, and pulled fire alarms. Afterwards, a communique was written proclaiming “So long as bigots kill us in the streets this pack of wolves will continue to BASH BACK!”

Cross country chapters and cells of Bash Back! have since emerged at a rapid and steady pace. Several churches have been attacked, spray painted and glued shut, transphobes have been beat down, the officer responsible for the brutal beating of trans womyn Duanna Johnson who was shot and killed in the process of suing the Memphis Police Department has been sent caskets and death threats, corporate pride events have been stormed, a queer and trans squat has been opened in response to the disproportionate rate of queer and trans homelessness, dance parties have spilled out of convergences transforming the trains of Chicago into queer fucking, crowd surfing and graffiti writing modes of public transportation, which then spilled into the streets along with a couple trashcans and newsstands leading to four arrests and several unarrests. And to top it off they state that they “know you call us terrorists because our very existence terrorizes you. This makes us proud but you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Yet as the queerest hours of the night are lit by the fuschia flames of insurrection and liberation, and as the candle lit vigils of the soon to be past erupt into wild infernos which reach urgently into the sky, we must not forget that there are also sirens wailing in the not so distant background.

Bash Back! has received the attention of endless right wing wingnuts, the Ku Klux Klan, disapproving assimilationsist gays, the FBI, Bill O Reily and the Alliance Defense Fund, who are a right wing rights group that is currently in the process of suing over 20 subpeonaed, alleged Bash Back! members in connection to the action at Mount Hope Church. Bash Back!’s response? “Bash Back! and radical transfolk/queers cannot and will not be intimidated. Some of us face life and death on a daily basis. This lawsuit ain’t shit.”

Even so, with resistance comes repression. And while there is such an overwhelming, immediate need to bring the entire atrocity known as the prison industrial complex to it’s heartless fucking knees, their is also an urgency in keeping gender variant populations free and out of the transphobic, gender binary segregated cages of the state. So let’s get fucking organized! Solidarity means attack. It also means fundraise! Legal expenses are unreal, but networks of support and creativity can warm hearts and give queers in kourt a fighting chance. Organize a benefit show! Play one! Distro! Have a bake sale! A secret cafe! Donate online by searching Bash Back Legal Defense Fund at

Let us join the wolf pack, have each other’s backs. Sing our howling warcries to the moon, and continue to make clear that queer and trans oppression is part of a system of oppression, and that no part of that system will be spared the fierceness of our fury!