Update on Sean and Urgent Call-In Action

From seanswain.org:

jpay_icons_cards_kiosk-875d27f1We haven’t heard much from Sean since his transfer to Warren Correctional, and it wasn’t until one of us visited him yesterday that we fully understood why. His access to communication has been frustrated by a whole new set of obstacles. Read on for the details, and the simple action you can take to remedy the situation.

I visited Sean yesterday at Warren Correctional, where he was unexpectedly transferred two weeks ago. Sean’s transfer to a medium security prison was accompanied by a drop in his security level, from 4A to 3A. (Ohio uses a security scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest security. Within each security level, “A” status is a lower security level, whereas “B” status is a disciplinary level of security).

Despite the security level drop to 3A, Sean is being held in a 3B unit at Warren with no indication of when he will be moved. The 3B unit at Warren is heavily-controlled by gangs and membership is a requirement for phone access. Sean is generally a well-respected prisoner, both for his many years in prison and for his reputation as an anarchist shit-starter, but he is in uncharted territory at a new prison among young wild-asses who, unfortunately, tend to direct their anger and defiance at one another instead of at the prison itself.

Without phone access and with the JPay kiosk out of order after being destroyed so many times by prisoners who don’t use them anyway, Sean’s only method of communication is letters and he’s unable to record his radio segments or communicate with his lawyer in a timely manner. Sean has sent many “kites” (inner-prison mail communication) to the administration about his move to 3A and gotten no specific indication of when he will be moved.

Sean requests that we call the prison and talk to Deputy Warden Robert Welch, who Sean says is a reasonable guy and may be receptive to our requests. His number is 513-932-3388 ext. 2005.

It’s important, though, that when talking to the prison administration, we not say anything to turn negative attention toward other inmates. Let’s talk to the prison about their failure to transfer Sean to the unit he’s supposed to be on and not focus our complaints on the actions of other inmates—such as the gang control of the phones or the destruction of the Jpay kiosk. Let’s remember who the real enemy is.

Stuff to say to Deputy Warden Robert Welch:

-Sean is a level 3A prisoner and needs to be transferred to a 3A unit immediately.

-Sean is trying to keep is head down and not risk his new level 3A status. His placement in a level 3B unit puts him at risk of getting in trouble. He will be safer in a 3A unit.

Prison Ecology Project

From Support Marius Mason:

Some of Marius’ friends and supporters are working on this great project:

The Human Rights Defense Center’s Prison Ecology Project is creating tools to dismantle toxic prisons; focused on the intersection of environment degradation and mass incarceration.

Chile: Anarchist prisoner Sergio Alvarez transferred to new wing

From Insurrection News:


Insurrection News received and transmits (edited for clarity):

Anarchist comrade Sergio Alvarez was transferred to the 33rd. wing of ‘Santiago 1’ prison, after staying for more than a week in a temporary wing.

In that wing, he can not have contact with other anarchist prisoners, who are kept separated in different wings of the same prison.

Anarchist comrade Sergio Alvarez was arrested on Wednesday, July 15 in the context of clashes between police and encapuchados (hooded ones) outside the University of Chile in Santiago. He was formalized for possession of an incendiary device, disorder and aggression against the police.

Sergio´s posture is not about “young student victim of a frame-up”, but he has positioned himself as an anarchic/anti authoritarian individual in confrontation with Power.

You can get more info and leave messages of solidarity for Sergio via this email:  laguerracontinua@riseup.net

Solidarity with all comrades in prison!

Tomorrow: A Day of Resistance and Celebration!

There are several events going on tomorrow worth checking out.  Here are the details!

War on Drugs Rally

Friday June 17th 11:00am-1:00pm
Skyline Park, Between 16th and 17th Ave on Arapahoe St.

June 17, 2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of the War on Drugs which has had a devastating effect on people, families and communities, particularly minority and poor communities. Drug policy reform advocates all across the county will mark the auspicious date with a day of action to raise awareness about the failure of drug prohibition and call for an exit strategy on the failed war on drugs.
CCJRC is helping to coordinate a rally in Denver which is part of a national day of action being organized in 15 states. Speakers include: Pam Clifton (CCJRC), Art Way (Drug Policy Alliance–Colorado), Mike Krause (Independence Institute), Dr. Vincent Harding (Iliff School of Theology), Jessie Ulibarri (ACLU-Colorado) Mason Tvert (SAFER) and others.

Liberty on the Rocks Debate

Friday, June 17, 2011
700 Kalamath St., Denver
Cocktail Reception/Free Appetizers
5:30 – 9:00

Liberty on the Rocks will also be hosting an evening educational forum which will be moderated by Mike Krause. Panelists include: Jessica Peck Corry (Attorney), District Attorney Carol Chambers (18th Judicial District) and David Williams (Gadsen Society).

Aurora Human Rights Center Grand Opening

Friday June 17th, 4pm-8pm
1400 Dayton St., Aurora

RAP’s office at 1400 Dayton St. is part of the newly formed Aurora Human Rights Center (AHRC). We’re very excited to be a part of this collaboration in original Aurora, which also includes Centro Humanitario,
Denver Foundation’s Strengthening Neighborhoods Program, Somali Community Center, and Lowry Family Center.

We are welcoming and inviting our local community to attend AHRC’s Grand Opening Celebration on Friday, June 17th from 4-8 pm at 1400 Dayton St. in Aurora. It is a FREE open house multicultural event with food, fun, and entertainment, including a bouncy house for the kids and Somali music and
dancers. We’d love to see you there!

Please RSVP with Nicole nicole@rap-dpt.org  303-893-3500

Rhode Island Imprisoned Mothers Lose Shackles During Birth

The Rhode Island State Legislature passed a law this week prohibiting pregnant inmates form being shackled or handcuffed during childbirth, and mandates that only the least restrictive restraints be used during the second and third trimester. The Rebecca Project has been working to push such legislation through other states; according to the organization, 11 states (Colorado being one of them) currently have rules on the book that prohibits the handcuffing and shackling of pregnant inmates. Check out Birth Behind Bars to learn how to support birth education and support for pregnant inmates.

Santiago, Chile – A communique from anarchist prisoner MĂłnica Caballero on the situation in the extermination centres

17 Dec 2010 – Even before the bodies of the prisoners of San Miguel have gone cold the show by the guardians of order to hide what happened has already begun.

More prisons seems to be the most feasible solution for those who profit by imprisonment. How many lives have the prisons taken away, how many dead stain the uniform of the guards?

The deaths of the 81 prisoners add themselves to a long list of crimes that have gone unpunished, which the State is solely responsible for. Inside many prisons, many have decided to face the torturers and take action. Here, in the women’s detention centre, every day the number of women who join the Hunger Strike of thousands of prisoners is increasing in all the territory dominated by the Chilean State. Many have also stitched their mouths and are isolated in the punishment sections.

If anyone who dares to put the laws of the powerful in question is a criminal, then I assume that denomination.

As I finish writing these words, they are searching the former Penitenciario. The news reports that there are 1,500 prisoners on hunger strike, the revolt must be punished. The fire made its presence both inside the Extermination Centre and outside, by their families.

You don’t embellish cages, you destroy them!

For the end of this and any other society.

No more Anti-terror Laws.

MĂłnika Caballero, Anarchist Prisoner, Special High Security Section

Female Extermination Centre, Santiago, Chile