Chicago: 5 arrested during rebellion in response to shooting death of unarmed community member

From Capitalist Media:

Accused of joining a violent mob that formed after a Chicago police officer shot and killed a suspected robber on Saturday, five men appeared in bond court yesterday.

The suspects, ages 19 to 31, all face misdemeanor charges of mob action. Four of the five are also accused of other crimes.

The crowd gathered midday Saturday in the Back of the Yards neighborhood shortly after a “very violent encounter” led one officer to shoot and kill Jamaal Moore, 23, of the 5600 block of South Shields Avenue authorities said.

Police said two officers confronted Moore, who they believe participated in an armed hold-up of a truck driver earlier Saturday. Moore, who police say appeared to be holding something in his hand, engaged in a tussle with one officer.

When Moore charged at the other officer, she feared for her life and shot him, Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Saturday. Officers didn’t find a gun with Moore. He was carrying a flashlight.

The Chicagoist is reporting that 9 folks were arrested. Story here.

Seattle: Cops kill another person

From The Arctic Circle Collective:

At 4:15 PM today, a Seattle cop shot to death a man whose identity has not yet been released.

According to mainstream media, the cop claims he confronted a man who was sitting and whittling with a knife on the corner of Howell and Boren. The cop claims the man stood up and refused to drop the knife; the cop then fired three to five shots, killing the man. The only witness quoted other than the killer cop says the victim had no knife.
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Six New Orleans Police Charged in Post-Katrina Killings, Activists Say Deeper Change is Needed

Jordan Flaherty came out with this excellent article on six police officers who are being accused of the murder of civilians during the days following Hurricane Katrina.  The story is a gripping one in which the officers go to painstaking lengths to cover up the killings.  Denver ABC is also excited to announce that Jordan will also be coming to Denver in November as part of the Community and Resistance Tour.  We’ll be letting you know all the details as the tour develops.  In the meantime, read his piece documenting the case as well as how what happened post-Katrina is just exposing what New Orleans residents have known for a long time- that the NOPD has been corrupt for years and it is just now that it’s being exposed.

Six New Orleans Police Charged in Post-Katrina Killings, But Activists Say Deeper Change is Needed

by Jordan Flaherty

This week, federal officials charged six current and former New Orleans police officers in connection with the killing of civilians in the days after Hurricane Katrina. The six are not only accused of murder but also of conspiring to hide their crime through secret meetings, planting evidence, inventing witnesses, false arrests, and perjury. Four of the officers may face the death penalty.

While the details of their charges are shocking, much of the media has missed the real story: corruption and violence are endemic to the NOPD, and wider systemic change is needed not just in police personnel, but in the city’s overall criminal justice system. Continue reading

Oscar Grant: Mehserle found “guilty” of “manslaughter”, the multitude responds…

A quick note from Denver ABC: There was a solidarity rally here in Denver that drew about 30-40 folks that just ended. We will post a full reportback tomorrow with pictures.
Corporate News Coverage from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Word of the Johannes Mehserle involuntary manslaughter verdict utterly transformed downtown Oakland in a matter of hours from a quiet enclave of office workers into a crush of more than 1,000 angry protesters, some of whom briefly skirmished with police.

As night fell, sporatic conflicts were quelled quickly. Mayor Ron Dellums and others called for nonviolence, and throughout the afternoon most of the rage from those who thought the verdict was too light was confined to loudspeakers and animated conversations on the asphalt.

Tony Coleman, a community organizer with New Years Movement 4 Justice for Oscar Grant – the black man shot on Jan. 1, 2009, by then-BART Police Officer Mehserle, who is white – was one of first speakers at the podium as hundreds gathered at 14th Street and Broadway.

“I’m angry as hell, but he was found guilty of something,” he said into a microphone. “It ain’t over yet.”

Rocks and bottles

The confrontations were quick: At about 5:30 p.m., protesters surrounded police officers at 13th and Broadway and at 12th and Broadway, pelting officers with rocks and bottles and pulling down police barricades. Police quelled the disturbances quickly.

A large, angry mob then formed and blocked a bus near 12th and Broadway. When a police car rolled in to move the protesters out of the way, the car was surrounded, and as it backed up it apparently ran over a woman’s leg by mistake. The woman, who in her 20s and reportedly deaf, fell to the ground and lay in the crosswalk surrounded by a crowd. She was later able to stand up.
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Oscar Grant: Jury deliberations to start over on Wednesday

Oscar GrantDeliberations in the trial of a former Bay Area Rapid Transit officer accused of murder in the shooting of an unarmed man on an Oakland train platform will have to start anew Wednesday because of juror absences.

The jury’s deliberations were postponed Tuesday after a juror called in sick. Another juror has a previously scheduled vacation, so the court will seat an alternate when court proceedings resume Wednesday.

The new juror sat through the trial but has not participated in deliberations, so they will have to start over, according to a Los Angeles Superior Court spokeswoman.

In a racially charged case, the jury will decide whether Johannes Mehserle, who is white, intentionally fired his weapon at Oscar J. Grant III, an unarmed black man who was lying face-down on an Oakland train station platform.

Prosecutors have shown jurors videos taken by witnesses that show Mehserle standing over Grant, aiming his handgun and firing a single round into Grant’s back. But the defense contends that the shooting was a tragic accident in which Mehserle mistakenly drew his handgun instead of an electric Taser gun on his belt.

Legal experts say prosecutors face a high legal hurdle in convincing jurors to convict an officer of murder in an on-duty police shooting.

To obtain a murder conviction, prosecutors must prove that Mehserle intended to kill Grant or acted with a conscious disregard for life. Second-degree murder carries a sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

7 year old Aiyana Jones Killed by Police

*From Fire to the Prisons

This is a call out to everyone nationally to make our voice heard.

On Sunday May 16th Police shot and killed 7 year old Aiyana Jones while serving a search warrant at a house in Detroit, MI. When reading the numerous articles it becomes pretty clear that the police are far more concerned with clearing their name by saying that they went into the home an had a scuffle with the girl’s grandmother and a shot accidentally went off. Then they say that they found the suspect in a murder case almost as if it justifies the tragic killing of this little girl.

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