Nurturing Liberation: A Round-Up of Newly Released Radical Parenting Zines

The radical parenting zine community is a thriving one and a few of our favorites are just now being released- check them out!!


1. Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind #4

DLYFB is a zine geared towards radical non-parent allies, but even as a parent I find tons of helpful tips in here to help make our movements more age-inclusive.  I liked especially that it had so much on the intersection between the prison industrial complex and families.  Here is a breakdown of just some of what this issue has in it.

Rad Dad #19

Well, this just came out and isn’t available online, so haven’t been able to actually read it- BUT! ¬†Rad Dad is always great and this issue’s theme is “heavy topics,” so it’s definitely going to be a good one.










Cuntastic #3- The Radical Parenting Issue

This zine hails from just over the pass in Grand Junction, CO! ¬†The zine is freaking awesome, as is the blog that accompanies it. ¬†This particular issue focuses on Radical Parenting, which is great. ¬†It has a cool look inside the day to day living of the radical co-op house there and all their lil babies. ¬†It also has a great essay from one of my favorite radical parents Rahula Janowski, a radical parenting book list, an essay by another favorite of mine Vikki Law, who happens to be the author of the excellent book Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggle of Incarcerated Women, and co-editor of the previously mentioned Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind zine! ¬†It also features¬†Cesareana,¬†¬†an art collection around the theme of mama survivors. ¬†Just overall great, great work.

Towards a Family-Friendly Radical Movement: Intergenerational Liberation for All

DABC Note: For readers that are new or not familiar with DABC, many of us are parents, and all of us as a collective are actively engaged in work toward building an intergenerational movement. We believe that support and defense of every aspect of our social movements is what ABCs used to be involved in, and should to some extent, still be involved in this work. We work hard to support our imprisoned comrades, but we also believe in working hard to support our comrades on the outside, no matter how old or young.

‚ÄúMaking children is the most anti-revolutionary thing you can do. We should not subsidize other people‚Äôs lifestyles. If you breeders want childcare, then organize it amongst yourselves.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Anonymous comment on


There’s more where that came from.

While many revolutionary and radical communities embrace families, intolerance of parents and children is a stance that still has a foothold in many circles. Scorn towards mothers, children and families is hardly a revolutionary mentality. In fact, this position is a direct holdover from capitalist, authoritarian ideology. Unfortunately, instead of challenging this rhetoric as reactionary, anarchists and other radicals often accept it in our midst. 1

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