Israel’s Tolerance of Anarchists Against the Wall Shrinking

Still hesitantly, but gradually, the tolerance of Israeli state for the activity of the anarchists against the wall shrinks. We feel it in the increased repressions in the various locations of joint demonstrations with Palestinians. Lately the not so secret services summon members for warning sessions. The latest warning is the case of Jonathan Pollak tried and convicted today. A scandalous verdict of guilty for illegal assembly for refusal to disperse a critical mass riding of bicycles we did two years ago. Following two media articles about Jonathan and a media article about Matan Cohen.

Jewish activist faces jail for West Bank resistance.

Jonathan Pollak could be jailed for up to six months

It is not every day that a leading Palestinian activist issues an emphatic statement of support for a Jewish Israeli – “this friend, whose friendship I am proud to share” – facing prison.

But then Jonathan Pollak, who could be jailed for between three and six months when the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court decides on his prosecution for illegal assembly today, is an unusual figure even in the long history of Israeli dissent.

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Thursday 9/9- Smash Israeli Apartheid: Anarchists Against the Wall Comes to Denver

September 9
27 Social Centre
2727 W 27th Ave, Unit D
Suggested Donation: $5-$15

Anarchists Against the Wall is a direct action group that fights against Israeli apartheid and oppression in all its forms, most recently also the atrocities in Gaza. For five years the group has waged a constant struggle against Israel’s Wall. The work on the ground in the West Bank, alongside the Palestinian popular movement is breaking new ground in the joint struggle for Palestinian liberation. In December 2008, Anarchists Against the Wall and the Bil’in Village Committee were jointly awarded the prestigious Carl von Ossietzky Medal—an award given annually by the Berlin-based International League of Human Rights, named after German Nobel Peace Prize winner Carl von Ossietzky who died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Yoav Barak, a member of AAtW will speak about the struggle.  Come to learn more about the group, their work and help support them financially.  They are constantly facing legal costs, right now $1500, from the Israeli state for their work so let’s help them out as much as we can.

Israel Convicts Grassroots Activist to Two Years’ Imprisonment

On 30 June grassroots activist Adeeb Abu Rahmah was sentenced by Israel to two years imprisonment.  He has already spent 11 months behind bars.  A founding member of the Bilin Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, Abu Rahmah was arrested at a nonviolent demonstration on 10 July 2009 and later indicted by the military prosecution on grounds of “incitement,” “activity against public order,” and “being present in a closed military zone.”

He has maintained his commitment to non-violent resistance and denies all the charges.  Read more about his case and Israel’s repressive efforts to criminalize the grassroots popular resistance to the Israeli occupation at