Oscar Grant: Lying cop reinstated

DomeniciFrom Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner:

Last week an officer who blatantly lied under oath was given her job back.. We’re talking about Marysol Domenici who was one of the first officers to on the scene at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland, January 1 2009 when an unarmed Oscar Grant was shot in the back by convicted former BART cop Johannes Mehserle.

Domenici was fired after an independent investigating law firm Meyers Nave concluded she had lied about what took place the night of Grant’s murder. Domenici who had been on 15 months paid leave at the time of her firing, appealed via arbitration with the ruling she be immediately reinstated with back pay. The arbitrator, William Riker insisted that the prior investigation was flawed and that he saw no evidence that Domenici was untruthful.

Rulings like these have given people more and more reason to have little confidence in the justice system. What has taken place over the past two years around the killing of a Oscar Grant is something all of us involved with social justice issues will have to study for years to come. How can one be so meticulous in following every ‘proper’ step to seek justice only to see it thwarted at every turn?

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Police files reveal Federal interest in Oscar Grant protests, “Anarchists”

From capitalist news via Anarchistnews.org:

Documents recently obtained by The Informant reveal the significant involvement of state and federal law enforcement in monitoring the various Oscar Grant protests in Oakland over the past two years.

According to internal Oakland Police Department documents about the July 8th protests that followed Johannes Mehserle’s involuntary manslaughter conviction, agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency, United States Secret Service, and the California Department of Justice were assigned to monitor crowd activities.
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Oakland: Over 100 arrested following Mehserle Sentencing

From Occupy California:

OAKLAND, California – As of 9pm, around 153 people have been arrested around East 18th St and 6th Ave in Oakland following the sentencing of Johannes Mehserle. The former BART cop was given 2 years for involuntary manslaughter – minus time served – for the murder of Oscar Grant. Mehserle may be released in as little of 7 months. The judge presiding over the trial decided not to apply a firearms enhancement charge, which would have added 14 years to the sentence. The police immediately declared the organized march unlawful and began trapping the crowd for mass arrest. At least one National Lawyers Guild legal observer has been arrested. During the march, protesters smashed shop and car windows, and one man was arrested for allegedly unholstering an officer’s gun and pointing it at him.

According to several observers, police did not issue a dispersal warning (and allow protesters to leave), but in fact corralled protesters and even some observers and then serially arrested them. One witness that had followed the crowd through out the course of the evening explained that as the marchers left downtown Oakland, they began to head towards the Fruitvale BART station where Oscar Grant was murdered. Repeatedly, police blocked the marchers off, riling the crowd. At one point, as the crowd passed Laney Community College, the police cut them off in an attempt to summarily arrest the entirety of the crowd. In response the bulk of the crowd tore down a temporary fence and scrambled through a construction site to circumvent an assured arrest. It was only later, after a string of antagonizing by police, did some marchers get arrested.

Update: Some, if not most, of those arrested last night are being released today. According to what the police at the jail were saying, the number of people arrested may be closer to 250 or even 300.

We have also gotten word that many of our comrades from Advance the Struggle have been arrested tonight, and we would like to express our solidarity with them, and with all who have been arrested.

Call Out for Solidarity With Oscar Grant Protest Arrestees

free the oakland 100Greetings from California, Comrades!

As many have heard, a relentless anti-police movement has grown from the tragedy of Oscar Grant’s murder on January 1, 2009 by former officer Johannes Mehserle.* Recently, Mehserle was convicted of the deplorable charge of involuntary manslaughter, a weak charge which carries a sentence of probation to four years in prison.

When the news of Mehserle’s verdict reached the people of the bay area on July 8, the streets heated up in a style reminiscent of the anti-police riots a year and a half ago. Downtown Oakland swelled immediately after the release of the verdict. For hours after the verdict was released, people milled about, yelling at police, and listening to angry speeches. As the sun went down, the police moved in to end the spontaneous demonstration, threatening arrest of anyone who stayed on the streets. The sky was littered with helicopters and planes. Every police force in the region had gathered in downtown. Despite these threats, in the hours that followed, blocks and blocks of Oakland were wrecked, bank windows smashed, stores looted, and trash cans set on fire by people outraged by the state and society’s sickening disregard for Oscar Grant’s life, and by extension, those who are always the victims of police violence in the state’s constant war against people of color, women, and the poor.
 The night of July 8th, and long after the riots had ended, the Oakland Police Department as well as other Bay Area police departments, snatched at least 78 people from the streets.
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Police Accused of Using Illegal Tactics at Oakland Protest

On the day that the jury announced that Oscar Grant’s killer, Officer Johannes Mehserle, would get off with involuntary manslaughter for the obviously intentional murder of the young father people took to the streets in outrage.  In the time leading up to the verdict all the media and local government could focus on was the “potential for violence,” ignoring of course that this is all about justice against one of the most violent forces around- the police.  Of course, the city of Oakland was neverconcerned about people being hurt, but about the continued protection of their power and maintenance of the status quo.

So it comes as no surprise that there are widespread accounts of excessive force by the police against protesters that night.   National Lawyers Guild members rattled off a list of abuses, including: violently attacking people who were nonviolent; arresting many demonstrators who did nothing wrong; holding people in jail who were arrested for minor offenses; deliberately provoking protesters; failing to protect small businesses; and violating a court ordered crowd control policy, as well as state and federal laws.

It’s clear by the behavior of the police that the intent here was to silence dissent and make an example out of those unwilling to accept a world in which the police get a slap on the wrist when they murder us.

Oscar Grant: A partial list of solidarity actions

We’ll be updating this as we get word of more actions in response to the verdict in the trial of the cop that murdered Oscar Grant


  • Oakland, CA: Rebellion sweeps the streets of downtown, widespread property destruction, looting, and streetfighting with the cops
  • Los Angeles, CA: Protests outside of courthourse as verdict is presented
  • Tacoma, WA: Police car smashed, “Oscar Grant was here” spraypainted on car
  • Portland, OR: Dozens take to the streets, smash police substation and bank
  • Denver, CO: Emergency rally draws 40-50 with banners reading
    “All Cops are Murderers”
  • Bloomington, IN: 20 people march to jail in solidarity “noise demonstration”
  • Seattle, WA: March and direct action leaves police drop in center re-decorated
  • Fresno, CA: Rally by day, police monument defaced at night
  • San Diego, CA: Tempers flare at vigil for Oscar
  • Palo Alto, CA: Raging Grannies “Rage Out” against verdict
  • Richmond, VA: Noise Demonstration outside of jail
  • Santa Cruz, CA: Capitalist media reports 15 folks protesting
  • Baltimore, MD: Police vehicles attacked
  • Minneapolis, MN: Up to 100 march for justice
  • Oscar Grant: Denver stands in solidarity with Oakland

    Justice for oscarDenver, January 8, 2010: At the same time that crowds started to gather in Oakland to respond to the verdict in the trial of BART police officer Johannes Mehserle, residents of Denver rallied in opposition to the murder of Oscar Grant and to the occupation of our neighborhoods by the police.

    Denver Anarchist Black Cross put out a call for a solidarity demonstration to start at 7pm local time at the Sheriff’s Department headquarters at 13th and Cherokee in downtown. OscarAbout 35 folks showed up with 2 hours notice with banners and signs that read “All cops are murderers” and “From Oakland to Denver, we will always remember”.

    After spending half an hour at the Sheriff’s Department, the crowd moved to a busier intersection outside the U.S. Mint at Colfax and Cherokee. After another half hour, and many honks, raised fists, and cheers of support, the group marched to the corner of Broadway and Colfax, one of the busiest intersections in downtown Denver.

    oscarHonks, raised fists, cheers, and cries of support were constant. Folks that were waiting for the bus at the nearby RTD bus shelter motioned for the demonstration to come to the bus shelter. Cries of “fuck the police” echoed from the folks gathered at the bus shelter, as they swelled the ranks of the protest. For the next hour, the spirited crowd grew to over 50.

    oscarA couple of motorcycle cops made a small effort to intimidate independent journalists and photographers, but left shortly after being “schooled” by members of the crowd.

    The action laid the foundation for more solidarity actions to come, and for a renewed energy in the local anti-authoritarian movement.

    Oscar Grant, Oakland: Dozens of arrests, 12 facing major felonies for “2nd Oscar Grant Rebellion”

    Although this capitalist news article claims 78 people were arrested, most other news agencies are claiming at least 83 arrests. We are posting the contents of this article because it’s the only one we’ve found with a detailed breakdown of the arrestees and their charges. Solidarity to the warriors of the 2nd Oscar Grant Rebellion!

    OAKLAND — A total of 78 people were arrested Thursday night in downtown Oakland during protests that followed the Johannes Mehserle verdict, a spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said Friday.
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    Oscar Grant: Solidarity demo in Portland gets rowdy, at least 3 arrested

    Portland for OscarFrom Portland Indymedia:

    Oakland BART police officer Johannes Mehserle fired a single shot in Oscar Grant’s back and proceeded to handcuff him as he lay down in his own blood. What made this case so important is the overwhelming amount of evidence that was take by bystanders at the time. Although the police made every effort to confiscate any footage that would incriminate them and sweep yet another brutal case under the carpet, footage spread all over the internet and made the mainstream media. Riots ensued in the following days in Oakland and the police were unable to control the situation, forcing the Mayor and District Attorney to arrest and charge Mehserle.

    Today Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and not 2nd degree murder, or 1st degree murder as many would have desired. Portlanders mobilised at short notice to speak out against the police and the fresh verdict, marching to Martin Luther King Boulevard from the park shouting, “ACAB – All coppers are bastards” amongst other terms. The police were all over the scene, monitoring beforehand from afar as people gathered for the event. A number of windows were smashed at a Bank of America on Martin Luther King Blvd. and at Portland Community College – Cascades Campus. At all times the police urged the protesters to move on to the sidewalk or they would be arrested whilst two bike cops led the plethora of police cars.
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    Oscar Grant: Oakland Responds

    Oakland responds Please note that at least 50 people, maybe many more, were arrested during the rebellion last night. From a capitalist news source:

    A group of people angry with the BART verdict clashed with police in riot gear in downtown Oakland late Thursday, throwing rocks and bottles at officers, starting small fires in the street and breaking into downtown businesses. Police were making numerous arrests.

    Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts said at a news conference that about 8 p.m., a group of people dressed completely in black and wearing black face masks moved south on Broadway, taking an aggressive posture. Batts described the group as “anarchists.”

    Gettin rowdy“It was clear that they were taking an aggressive posture…. We started taking a number of rocks and bottles,” Batts said. “We then made a dispersal order” about 8:30 p.m.

    Most protesters left, but those dressed in black did not.

    A group of protesters shattered windows along Broadway, breaking into a Foot Locker and taking bags of athletic gear and shoes and throwing some into the street. Fresh graffiti was spray-painted on walls along Broadway; one outside Telly’s Coffee read: “You can’t shoot us all.”
    Sure looks like a bunch of white anarchists, huh?
    People broke windows at a Rite-Aid drugstore and entered Far East National Bank. Small fires were started in trash cans.

    A California Highway Patrol car window was smashed.

    Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums urged the crowd to “end it on a note that is dignified and respectful.”