Occupy Oakland: 300 arrests, several injuries as demonstrators attempt takeover of abandoned community center then besiege Oakland City Hall

From Capitalist Media:

OAKLAND — Police arrested about 300 people Saturday as Occupy Oakland protesters were thwarted trying to take over a vacant convention center and a YMCA but later broke into City Hall, where they burned a flag taken from inside.

Police used tear gas and “flash” grenades in the afternoon against 2,000 protesters who tried to tear down fences around the vacant Henry Kaiser Convention Center, where they hoped to establish a new camp. Police said some demonstrators started throwing objects at officers. There were at least 19 arrests in the afternoon.

After 6 p.m. (9 p.m. ET), police in riot gear declared a group of protesters gathered near the YMCA under mass arrest for failing to disperse, according to local media reports and livestreams. Police said about 100 demonstrators were arrested at the YMCA.

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London: 50,000 march against tuition increases, occupy Tory party headquarters and fight police in the streets

Millbank protestFrom Occupy California:

LONDON, England – Around 50,000 students marched through London today protesting the tuition increases, a protest organized by the National Union of Students. Thousands of students have since broken off from the main march and raided Millbank Tower, where the Conservative Party is headquartered. Students broke the windows on the main floor, and hundreds filled the lobby of the building. Police beat back the students, but as of this writing, students are still in the courtyard of the building. So far, 5 police have been reportedly injured; a total of 10 police and students have been taken to the hospital. Protesters have thrown bottles and other items, some on fire, at the police line. A bonfire has been lit in the courtyard. Picket signs have been lit on fire. Demonstrators have thrown fire extinguishers and other items at the police from the roof of the Millbank Tower.

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France: The state and the bosses only understand one language

France.The following is a communiqué that appeared on Paris Indymedia, written by comrades who briefly occupied the Opera in Bastille, Paris on Saturday. Since the appearance of this communique, mainstream media reports rising violent resistance across France on Tuesday, as once again up to three million people took to the streets and riots occurred from Lyon to the Paris suburbs. As the Guardian reports, the strikes have “appeared to be pushing France closer to crisis today as fuel shortages were felt across the country and violence erupted on the sidelines of protests by children.” According to media, if fuel is not made available to cargo trucks in the next few days (due to blockades and strikes), the economy could become paralyzed when factories and workplaces run out of supplies.

Translated from French:

Monday, October 18th, 2010

During the last days numerous initiatives have begun to flourish everywhere: secondary schools, train stations, refineries and highways have been blockaded, there have been occupations of public buildings, workplaces, commercial centers, directed cuts of electricity, and ransacking of electoral institutions and town halls…

In each city, these actions are intensifying the power struggle and demonstrate that many are no longer satisfied with the forms of actions and words of order imposed by the union leaderships. In the Paris region, amongst the blockades of train stations and secondary schools, the strikes in the primary schools, the workers pickets in front of the factories, people create inter-professional meetings and collectives of struggle are founded to destroy categorical isolation and separation. Their starting point: self-organization to meet the need to take ownership over our struggles without the mediation of those who claim to speak for workers. Many of us do not organize ourselves according to the traditional forms of strikes on work sites, yet provided, we still find a desire to contribute to the general movement in economic blockade. Thus, we find this movement as also an opportunity to go beyond the single issue of pensions, the question of work, in order to develop and build together a critique of exploitation.
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UNO Occupiers to Fight Charges, Support Needed

We still need as many people as possible to call the Chancellor’s office at 504-280-5536 and demand that they drop the charges against the 2 students who were arrested at the protest last week. It is only through letting the administration know that people care that they will stop their baseless accusations that have already been proven to be lies by video and photo evidence.

The corrupt and incompetent UNO administration is trying to cover their own butts by blaming students to keep the spotlight off of them and to protect their friends in the UNO PD who beat students viciously with batons last week. Please spread this request for support calls far and wide.

Media Round-Up:

While the media generally reported the statements of the police as fact and the statements of students, when reported at all, were treated as an afterthought or hearsay, we figured people may want to see how far their actions reverberated across our state on Wednesday. Be proud, those in power definitely heard us, all the way from our campus tucked away at the lakefront. Organize with your friends and make more actions like this happen, and those in power will know that we are serious, we are angry, and we demand a response.

We have also posted more posts on our website Occupy LA, as well as added links to our resources page and a section to our site called “Why Occupy?” Check it out: http://occupyla.wordpress.com

New Orleans: Two Arrests At Budget Cuts Occupation at UNO


Several students were reportedly apprehended by the University of New Orleans campus police after storming the office of the chancellor and getting into an altercation with authorities. The school has seen its budget slashed, faculty laid off and services cut as state legislators look to close a massive hole. Approximately 150 to 200 students protested the massive budget cuts to the university, chanting and demanding changes at the school.

Call University of New Orleans PD at 504-280-6666 and demand they release the 2 arrested students from today immediately. They were maced and beaten, and then arrested, for peacefully protesting! There were a million witnesses to this event that said they did nothing wrong. One has asthma and was severely hurt by the mace. CALL NOW!! CALL OVER AND OVER!! Demand they drop the charges!
Several protesting UNO students arrested after storming chancellor’s office
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Italy: 4 occupations searched, 3 people arrested and others to house arrest

Spain solidarity demo with Italian arresteesFrom Turin, Italy via Informa-Azione.info
Waiting for news, we communicate that, around 6am of the morning, the digos (political police, ndt) has searched many occupations (Asilo, Barocchio, Mezcal, Askatasuna) and houses, arresting three people, notifing some house arrests (it seems they’re 4 people) and to others, the requirement to sign in at the local police station. The repressive operation it’s a revenge for the riots occurred on the first eviction of L’Ostile, the restricted measures are emaned by PM Rinaudo. There’s a public assembly today afternoon at Mezcal Squat to organize future iniziatives.

For live updates listen to [also in streaming] Radio Blackout, 105.250FM in Turin.

Attestation of Asilo Squat:

At six of the mourning digos and forces of police came in front of Asilo Squat: “It’s for a notification” they said to the occupant, that came after police intent to brake down the front door. In fact is not a simple notification, it’s a search with arrest of one of the occupant, and we actually don’t know why they arrest him, with what charges and without knowing if and when he will be released.

Police and digos have braked down many doors with hammers and metal bars, insulted and jostled the occupants, guilty of reluctance to open the door to the police.

Same searches are happening in Barocchio and Mezcal Squat, other two occupated places in Grugliasco and Collegno, and in private houses.

The hypothesis is that all the matter is about riots occurred at half december in Turin, followed the eviction of the occupated place L’Ostile.

While we write, the police is going out from Asilo, and in the meantime they’re searching in Barocchio and Mezcal Squat.

Statement spread by http://www.tuttosquat.net:

Turin, 12nd may 2010

This morning, at first light, the digos of Turin police headquarters have searched the occupated houses Asilo, Barocchio and Mezcal, the social centre Askatasuna and private houses. The scene is about the eviction of the occupated space L’Ostile in Corso Vercelli, happened the 10th december 2009.

The restrictive measures beats 16 friends: 3 arrested people, one lives at Asilo. 4 with the house arrest, of whom a boy and a girl living at Asilo Squat. 9 with the requirement to sign in at the local police station daily.


This evening, 12nd of may, at 7:00pm we discuss about it at Mezcal Squat

Tucson: 15 arrested after occupation of Arizona state building

Students rally in ArizonaBreaking: On Tuesday, May 11 Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed HB2281, a bill that legally prohibits ethnic studies programs from Arizona public schools, equating such classes with sedition and removing state funding from districts that offer them.

On the morning of May 12th state superintendent Tom Horne, who for years has advocated eliminating ethnic studies, tried to hold a meeting with Tucson Unified School District officials to discuss the district’s curriculum. Rumors began circulating around 10:00 a.m. among Jr. high and high school students that Horne was in Tucson to immediately “pull the plug” on their classes.

In response, more than 700 spontaneously walked-out of their classes, with participants from Rincon, Cholla, Tucson and Pueblo high schools. Students then marched to TUSD headquarters and proceeded to surround the building and blockade the entrances to prevent Horne from entering. Shortly thereafter, school district officials canceled their meeting, claiming that Horne, who is running for state Attorney General, had turned it into “a political event”.

After learning that the meeting was canceled, about 200 among those gathered left TUSD and marched through downtown Tucson to the Arizona state building, where Horne was scheduled to hold a press conference at 2pm. More than a hundred entered and occupied the building lobby, and fifteen were ultimately arrested for refusing to leave.

In addition to HB2281, student demonstrators spoke out against SB1070 and SB1097, a bill that would force school districts to check the legal status of all students and eliminate public funding for those undocumented. A statement was circulated at the rally encouraging others around the country to engage in protests and direct action on Friday, May 14 in solidarity with students in Arizona.

SWAT team raids Toledo foreclosure defense league, 7 arrested

STONY RIDGE, OHIO — At about 6:30 Friday morning a special response team from the Wood County Sheriff’s Department took battering rams to the doors and windows of Keith Sadler’s foreclosed home and arrested the seven activists inside. (video of pre-dawn raid!! http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6739863)

Since Sunday afternoon, Sadler and six others had been locked in the home despite an order of eviction after members of the toledo foreclosure defense league barricaded themselves in sunday.

Protestors had been sitting outside the home calling for a moratorium on all foreclosures but in a classic nuremburg defense Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn says he had a job to do.

The Toledo Foreclosure League disagrees.

“The Sheriff responded in heavy force with guns drawn, riot gear, as if the peaceful people inside were going to do anything. They cut the power already, in a very dangerous and irresponsible way–we got it turned back on–it’s been a very heavy-handed response by the police,” said Lance Crandall.

The seven activists were arraigned Friday afternoon on misdemeanor charges of trespassing and obstruction with strict orders not to return to the property.

“I’m proud of these kids, I really am. I think they’ve taken a stand for what they believe in. The middle class is being destroyed. These banks have been bailed out numerous times and they haven’t given us any breaks,” said John Kutsch, father of one of the arrested people.

Toledo Foreclosure defense league says that despite these arrests, they will continue to advocate for housing rights.

Updates from TFDL on their ustream site are expected within the next few days

San Fran: Abandoned school occupied on May Day; 11 arrests

Poorly-written article by the SF Examiner via Reoccupied:

After a few hundred Black Bloc anarchists marched around different parts of the city to commemorate May Day, a.k.a. International Workers’ Day, some of them broke into an abandoned school near the intersection of 16th and Mission streets and occupied it.

“This school is sitting empty, they’re not using it while we have so many homeless people on the streets. Why doesn’t the city let the homeless stay here?” said one anarchists, who refused to give his name.

San Francisco police, who’d been tracking the march from the beginning, responded by closing off Mission Street between 15th and 16th streets, then clearing the sidewalks of both bystanders and anarchists.

The anarchists locked the gates behind them. They’d come with various items that clearly showed this was not a spur-of-the-moment action but instead had some amount of planning behind it.

After a standoff and negotiations between them and the police that lasted about two hours, the anarchists either voluntarily removed themselves from the property or were arrested and forcibly removed.

A police commander at the scene said 11 people were arrested.

Occupation, blockades, and arrests as students and workers across the country strike on March 4th

CUNYAs budgets for public and higher education continue to dwindle, students and workers are raising the stakes in their responses nationwide. Yesterday, March 4th, was called as a national day of action. Student and workers participated in strikes at schools across the country, occupied and shut down campuses and highways, held street parties and rioted, in a decentralized wave of resistance from coast to coast.

Some brief highlights:

  • UC Santa Cruz was shut down as hundreds of students and workers blockaded the entrances to the campus. Several students were injured as cars attempted to ram through the blockades.
  • At UC Davis, students shut down the nearby freeway and were attacked by police with pepper balls and rubber bullets. One student was arrested.
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee police arrested at least 15 people protesting tuition hikes after protesters tried to enter an administrative building to deliver petitions to the school chancellor. When police turned them away, some protesters threw punches and ice chunks, university spokesman Tom Luljak said.
  • In Oakland, protesters clambered onto Interstate 880 near downtown Oakland just before 5 p.m., forcing the closure of the freeway in both directions for more than an hour and causing traffic to back up for miles. Police arrested more than 150 people who blocked the freeway after breaking off from a peaceful rally at Oakland City Hall, said Officer Sam Morgan, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.
  • In New York, SUNY Purchase was occupied.
  • At CUNY Hunter in NYC, students broke out the windows of the financial aid office and destroyed security checkpoints at the entrances of the building. Reports indicate that up to 4 students may have been arrested during the actions.