Denver O22 Reportback: Taking back the streets to remember Marvin Booker

Cop carIn communities across North America October 22nd has become a day to commemorate victims of police repression and violence. For many communities, October 22, 2010 took on a more urgent meaning in the wake of severe police repression and violence that has plagued cities large and small. In Denver, this year’s October 22nd event saw a rise in hostility towards the cops and an increased militancy from years’ past.

Throughout 2010, police in the metro area have repeatedly made headlines with horrific acts of violence directed at community members. Ranging from allegations of sexual assault, rapes of children, murders, and beatings, news stories have painted a picture of a department that is clearly running amok and waging war on the residents of Colorado. Offending officers are rarely held accountable and department leadership deftly sweeps incidents under the rug to stave off an increasingly angry public.

One of the most violent and high profile incidents occurred in July. Denver Sheriff’s Deputies serving as guards at the new Denver Justice Center murdered 56 year old Marvin Booker, a homeless preacher being held as a prisoner at the jail. Marvin had asked for access to his shoes before he would comply with orders to return to his cell. In response, five deputies tackled him, placed him in repeated choke and pain compliance holds, tasered him, and beat him. Marvin died shortly after the attack. While the local coroner deemed the death a homicide, the DA announced in late September that no charges would be filed against any of the officers involved.
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Seattle: Cop cars burned to protest police brutality

Cop cars burned to protest ‘police brutality,’ flier claims


The arsonist who torched several Seattle police vehicles early today left behind fliers saying the fires were set to protest “police brutality,” according to a law enforcement bulletin issued Thursday morning.

The fliers specifically mentioned a recent case involving a King County sheriff’s deputy who is accused of beating a 15-year-old girl inside a SeaTac holding cell last year, according to the bulletin.

Seattle police have no involvement in that case. A law enforcement source read the bulletin to

The fires were reported just before 5 a.m. at the city’s Charles Street maintenance center. Three Seattle police cars and a mobile command center were set ablaze.

Seattle police, who are investigating the fires, declined to comment on reports of the fliers. No arrests have yet been made.

Seattle police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said police planned a internal meeting during which the case would be discussed.

“We may have more information later today,” he said.

The fliers reportedly reference sheriff’s Deputy Paul Schene, who is charged with misdemeanor assault for beating a teenage suspect inside a holding cell after she kicked her shoe at him. Schene has been fired from the Sheriff’s Office.

Surveillance video recorded what happened in the holding cell.
The fliers specifically mentioned a recent case involving a King County sheriff’s deputy