Delbert Africa Solidarity Week

Move 9 Parole:

Some time during the month of June 2015 our brother Delbert Africa will be making an appearance before the PA Parole Board. This will be Delbert’s first appearance since being denied in June of 2013. Delbert like other Move members were denied parole by the board based upon these reasons as states in his parole denial sheet:

Your minimization/denial of the nature and circumstances of the offenses committed.

Your refusal to accept responsibility for the offenses committed.

Our brother Delbert and the rest of our family in prison are innocent they need not accept responsibility and show remorse for something they did not do and this system and it’s officials know our family is innocent. At this point our family has nothing to explain to the Parole Board. The Parole Board is in a position now where they have explaining to do.

Why is it that Leslie Grey a former police officer who has VERY STRONG TIES to law enforcement communities in Pennsylvania be allowed to make a decision and vote on Delbert being granted parole? This is a blatant conflict of interest, this is the same woman who in December of 2014 voted on giving our brother Michael Africa a five year parole hit.

Parole Board members Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden are appointees of Edward Rendell. Rendell being the former Governor of Pennsylvania, the former Mayor of Philadelphia, and the former District Attorney of Philadelphia whose office prosecuted the Move 9 in 1980 for the murder of police officer James Ramp.

Yet another clear conflict of interest that the Parole Board will not acknowledge yet they want Move people to accept guilt for something they did not do. Your help is needed now, we have to keep the pressure on the Parole Board for the release of Delbert.

From June 1st – 5th we are asking people to flood the phone lines of the PA Parole Board for Delbert Africa Solidarity Week. People can call the Parole Board (717) 772-4343.

Call and inquire into why:

(1) Leslie Grey a former police officer who is new to the parole board and obviously has a clear bias against the Move Organization, allowed to vote over whether Delbert receives parole or not.

(2) Michael Green and Jeffrey Imboden, who were both appointed to the Parole Board by the same man who prosecuted Move in 1980, Edward Rendell.

Delbert has the recommendation of the prison for parole and also has a home plan and employment set up for him upon his release from prison so this is now in our hands. So again, this entire week let’s keep the pressure on the Parole Board. Again you can reach the Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and demand parole for Delbert (Orr) Africa Am -4985.

Ona Move

The Justice And Accountability Campaign

For More Info People can go to
Facebook/Justice for the move 9

Mother’s Day: Remembering the MOVE firebombing of 1985

On Mother’s Day 1985, Phildelphia police firebombed a row house on Osage Avenue, killing 6 adults and 5 children, completely destroying 61 houses, and making 250 residents refugees in their own city.

The intended goal of the police action was to remove the MOVE Organization, an anti-capitalist and deep ecology based movement mostly comprised of veterans of black liberation movements. MOVE had been a thorn in the side of city officials and the local ruling class for a decade. In 1978, a raid that resulted in the death of a police officer and the arrest and life imprisonment of 9 MOVE members, failed to destroy MOVE. By 1985, the city had made a decision that they would not fail again at liquidating the organization.

This Mother’s Day, remember those who were murdered by the Philadelphia Police in 1985, and drop a letter of love and support to the imprisoned members of MOVE who could only watch the news from their prison cells to learn of the fates of their loved ones.

More on the MOVE 9

Update on Phil Africa

According to MOVE member Ramona Africa, Phil has been visited by MOVE members at the hospital, and is doing okay. He was initially hospitalized after stomach pain and cramps that led to him passing out at the prison. All of your phone calls were super helpful and appreciated.

More from Ramona:

ONA MOVE, Everybody. A frequently asked question concerning this situation with Phil has been about what him to be hospitalized in the first place. I answered this question for some of you as it came up but since it continues to come up I figured I email all of you at once. Phill had stomach cramps for a few days (Thurs. and Fri.) last week. He could not keep anything on his stomach. Approximately 2:00 am Saturday morning, Phil got up to use the bathroom, he passed out. Fortunately. our brother, Delbert is his cell mate and heard him hit the floor. Delbert alerted the guards and they alerted the medical staff and Phil was taken out to the hospital. Phil is now alert and mobile. He’s out of the intensive care unit and hospital staff is doing a number of test on him. They expect him to be returned to the prison, maybe Saturday. Again, our sincere thanks for all the support and loyalty that you all showed us during this time. Take good care.

Mumia Update from the MOVE Organization and ICFFMAJ

As most of you already know, Mumia was transferred to SCI-Mahanoy in upstate PA. more than a month ago, directly after Phila. prosecutor Seth Williams announced that he wasn’t pursuing the death penalty in Mumia’s case.  This meant that Mumia’s sentence went from death to life in prison without parole.

Since arriving at SCI-Mahanoy, Mumia has been in the hole, on AC (administrative custody) status, solitary confinement, even though there is no valid reason for him to be in the hole.  The conditions are torturous
and much worse than the conditions on death row.  These conditions have been condemned by the United Nations as torturous.

Since arriving at Mahanoy, Superintendent John Kerestes and his staff have gone from one thing to the next to vent their fury and racism on Mumia.  First they claimed to be waiting on paperwork that Mumia’s sentence is a life sentence and not death, but Mahanoy has no death chamber, so Mumia would
never be sent there if he still had a death sentence.
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The white ruling class strategy since the end of the ruthless reign of Frank Rizzo, as former chief of police and then mayor of  Philadelphia, is to replace white faces with black faces and to support and prop up such black faces to carry out the bidding of that
power elite without regard to the continued oppression of the black working class of the city of Philadelphia. This phenomenon in Africa politics is called `Neo- Colonialism,’ that is replacing white faces with black faces to keep the masses of blacks in their place and to maximize profits for the multi national business community.

In Phildelphia, enter its first black Mayor, first black Police Chief and now the first black District Attorney.
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What’s Time or Money Got To Do With It?

by Phil Africa, MOVE 9

You may have heard about our family going to the D.A. last year to have murder charges filed against city officials and police involved in the murders of eleven of our family members on May 13th 1985. The D.A.’s office refused to carry out the filing of murder charges against its bosses and murderous racist buddies. A situation very familiar to all of us poor folks and people of color who have ever tried to have officials held responsible for crimes committed against us through out history. Nothing has changed from the older days of slavery til’ today. The double standard of how the poor and of color are mistreated compared to Monies & Official people still stands more than ever!

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Tribute to a Fallen Warrior: Merle Africa

From:  Sis. Iresha Picot via Sis. Marpessa

A Tribute to a Fallen Warrior: Merle Africa

Merle Austin Africa was the embodiment of strength, endurance and a welcoming spirit. A radiant smile was a partner of her commitment. A Black Woman, a MOVE member. A rebel, revolutionary. Bright, beautiful, genuine. The perfect sister.
It was thirteen years ago today—March 13th, that Merle passed away at the prison for women in Northwestern Pennsylvania in Cambridge Springs. She had been in prison for twenty straight years, doing a sentence of 30-100 years for essentially not renouncing the teachings of John African and turning on MOVE.

Merle maintained her innocence along with her family/co-defendants who 33 years in prison. Merle was a human being who was the soul of the family; her laughter was infectious. She must never be forgotten and in that spirit. I wish to reach out to all who embrace our sisters for their enduring spirit and centuries long dedication to the resistance of racism, misogamy and all forms of White Supremacy.

Too many of our unsung heroes go unnoticed or under-appreciated. We do not want Merle in that category. Merle was robbed of twenty years of her life. John Africa said if you rob someone of their life—impose on their contentment, you have in fact killed that person. She was murdered by the state.

Our concerted efforts to educate must be relentless as we strive to get justice and redress for all of these loses. And we must continue to link Merle’s persecution as a political prisoner and Black Women to all of our Political Prisoners and Women being oppressed. Over all objectives is our quest for eventual freedom for all and our God given right o determine for ourselves.

Merle died on March 13th, thirteen years ago. Those thirteen years and the date of her death are significant and eerie by itself. Those numbers bear a real, historical relation to MOVE and a chronology that started when MOVE members were arrested March 13th, 1981; our home bombed and eleven members murdered May 13th, 1985 and of course, her death, March 13th 1998.

If this bleak account is disturbing—as it should be—let us unify our effort wherever we can in honoring Merle and keeping her spirit alive as we re-double our efforts to fight for the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of war and human beings.
Free All Political Prisoners

Chuck Africa & Iresha Picot

(Also check out Sis. Merle’s page at

Angola 3 News Interviews Ramona Africa

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On MOVE’s Murder Complaints Against Philly Cops


As most of you no doubt know by now, we had a hearing in court today,
July 8th, on the murder complaints that we filed against officials
involved in the May 1985 bombing and murder of innocent MOVE family members.

The issue is very simple and very clear. Officials deliberately
dropped a C4 bomb on our home and the bomb ignited a fire which
officials deliberately refused to put out. When we attempted to get
out of the blazing inferno, cops deliberately shot at us to try to
prevent any of us from surviving. As a result of this, eleven
innocent MOVE men, women, children and numerous animals were
literally burned alive and found to have bullet fragments in their
bodies from police gunfire. Not one single official in these past
twenty-five years was ever charged with murdering our family. I’m
the only one to be charged with anything and imprisoned. Continue reading

Chuck Africa Attacked in Prison, Urgent Phone Campaign Under Way!

Chuck Africa was recently moved to another prison and then attacked by another inmate while in the hole.  Supporters suspect it was in response to complaints filed against police officers who killed MOVE family members back in the 1985 bombing and the upcoming parole hearings for all imprisoned MOVE members.

He was moved from SCI-Graterford, where he was with fellow MOVE member Mike Africa, to SCI-Retreat, a Pennsylvania prison where there is no other MOVE person. Officials at SCI-Retreat put Chuck in the hole and shortly thereafter was attacked by an inmate.

There are serious concerns that this attack was planned, similar to the attempted assassination of Leonard Peltier.

MOVE is asking that people call the prison and let them know that people are watching the situation and that he needs to be protected.  A key player in this set up is a guard named L.T. Dukes, so his name should be mentioned as well as Chuck’s full name and number- Charles Sims Africa #AM 4975.

Call SCI-Retreat (570 735-8754) and speak to the Superintendent, James McGrady

Read on for sample script-

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