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Mother’s Day: Remembering the MOVE firebombing of 1985

On Mother’s Day 1985, Phildelphia police firebombed a row house on Osage Avenue, killing 6 adults and 5 children, completely destroying 61 houses, and making 250 residents refugees in their own city.

The intended goal of the police action was to remove the MOVE Organization, an anti-capitalist and deep ecology based movement mostly comprised of veterans of black liberation movements. MOVE had been a thorn in the side of city officials and the local ruling class for a decade. In 1978, a raid that resulted in the death of a police officer and the arrest and life imprisonment of 9 MOVE members, failed to destroy MOVE. By 1985, the city had made a decision that they would not fail again at liquidating the organization.

This Mother’s Day, remember those who were murdered by the Philadelphia Police in 1985, and drop a letter of love and support to the imprisoned members of MOVE who could only watch the news from their prison cells to learn of the fates of their loved ones.

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Today: 25th anniversary of the police firebombing of MOVE

Today, May 12th, marks the 25th anniversary of the firebombing by police that targeted and killed over a dozen people involved with the MOVE organization in Philadelphia. MOVE is a revoluitionary anti-capitalist organization, mainly comprised of black revolutionaries.

11 people, including children, were killed and nearly an entire city block was burned after police dropped a bomb from a helicopter onto the row house that MOVE members were residing in.