Mexico: Statement from Mario Lopez

from materialanarquista, transl slackbastard:

Hello dear comrades, as you already will know (inside and outside of Mexico) I find myself hospitalized due to injuries to my shin, leg, and right arm. At the moment I’m “ok” given the situation, I am concerned about my health and am also concerned about several things which I’ll expand upon in a few points.

First the fact of writing now and not later.

Well, this is easy because physically I have the ability to do so and because in the future when they charge or sentence me the control will be greater and communication will be more difficult.


Well, I have three fairly serious burns, the first on the right leg, the second is a hole from once side of my arm to the other, and the last is on the right shin. Bad if one day I go back to practicing Muay Thai. In the hospital the nurses and doctors are behaving great, including nicknaming me “bombiux” and I have hope in saving my leg.


Here the problem is that another person is now implicated because we made the error of carrying in the backpack which remained at the scene her ID and because of that they identified her and linked her with a video of the area. Yesterday (June 28) they told me that she was detained, or rather with their words: “now we’ve got your girlfriend” … they said she made a statement against me and well, the same story. First, they wanted (and want) me to claim the attack on a bank in Tlalpan: “I do not accept this,” then they would say it was my comrade (now that she was identified) who did it: “I do not accept this,” and finally they wanted me to name more people who did it and obviously I did not accept this. Regarding my comrade they came to corroborate her physical information and all of this in front of a state lawyer.
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New Anarchist Vegan Prisoners Support Group Formed in Mexico: “Until the End”

– This prisoner support group supporting anti-civilization (animal and earth liberation) of Mexico was formed due to the urgent need to support our comrades who have fallen into the dungeons of the enemy.

– With the expansion that has taken place in the fight for animal and earth liberation in Mexico, the state has implemented forms of repression against anarchists and eco cells, and against the anarchist movement in general in a battle to the death. During the last few years in Mexico, individuals have fallen into the dungeons of different individual Mexican states; it is now time, as Anarchists, to set aside fear and deal directly with the threat against freedom.

So far there are two prisoners in Mexico, eco-anarchists who are locked up; their sentences in prison promise to be “exemplary” for those who are breaking with the reality imposed on the rest of us. Their names are Abraham Lopez Magdaleno Martinez and Adrian Gonzales; this group seeks to aid them both in and out of prison, to avoid any pitfalls that those who fight victoriously for revolution might have to face someday.
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Mexican Political Prisoner Gloria Arenas Released

Photos by Comite Verdad, Justicia, y Libertad Jacobo y Gloria


Gloria Arenas Agís

Gloria Arenas Agís was released from prison around 7:30PM on October 28, ten years after Mexican federal agents abducted, tortured, and then—after several days of being held incommunicado—arrested her and her husband Jacobo Silva Nogales on charges ranging from terrorism and homicide to rebellion.

Arenas and Silva are the co-founders of the ERPI (the Insurgent People’s Revolutionary Army), a guerrilla movement based in Mexico’s impoverished Guerrero State, with roots going back to the Lucio Cabañas guerrilla up-rising of 1967-1974.

Mexico State prison officials released Arenas without advanced notice or asking her to sign a single document.

“I did not know that I was going to be released,” Arenas told a reporter from La Jornada upon leaving the Mexico State prison in Chiconautla, “all of a sudden they just told me, get your things and leave.”

Minutes later she was standing outside the prison, alone, with two plastic bags. Elizabeth Silva, Jacobo Silva’s sister, arrived first and took Arenas to her house where she was met by scores of supporters.
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