Berenson Asks to Remain Free on Parole in Peru

From the Washington Post

“LIMA, Peru — U.S. activist Lori Berenson asked a Peruvian court Monday not to revoke her parole and send her back to prison to finish a 20-year sentence for aiding leftist rebels, saying she regrets her actions and is not a danger to society.

Speaking at a hearing in the capital, Lima, Berenson said she wants to dedicate herself to raising her young son, born while she was behind bars.

“I reaffirm everything said in the Aug. 18 hearing: That I believe I am not a danger to society, that I acknowledge my responsibility in the crime I committed and that I feel repentant about it,” Berenson told the judges.

Berenson was first granted parole May 27 after serving three-quarters of her sentence, then was sent back to prison Aug. 18 on a technicality. The same judge who first freed Berenson reinstated her parole in November.

However prosecutors are still fighting the decision.

Prosecutor Julio Galindo said Berenson was improperly allowed to apply for time off due to work or study, a benefit that should not be available to those convicted of terrorism.

“In our judgment … the prisoner Lori Berenson should not be free at this time,” Galindo said Monday.”

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Peru: Lori Berenson Paroled!

LoriLori and Salvador are Granted Parole!

On May 25, 2010 a Peruvian judge, after carefully studying Lori’s application for what in Peru is termed “conditional liberty” (parole), determined that Lori has earned her freedom. Lori and her son Salvador will be leaving prison in a few days and moving to an apartment in Lima.

Parole requires individuals to live within the city in which they were incarcerated (Lima, in Lori’s case) – we do not know if there are exceptions for foreigners or whether Lori will be permitted to travel to the US while on parole. Parole in Peru is based on good behavior, work and study. In September 2009 Lori officially filed her application under a Peruvian law which established eligibility after serving 75% of her 20-sentence, less time off for work and study.
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