THIS WEDS: “A Wall is Just A Wall..:” A Night of Poetry and Prison Abolition

Wednesday, February 2 · 6:30pm – 8:00pm

6th Avenue United Church of Christ

3250 East 6th Avenue

Denver ABC’s monthly political prisoner writing night is being subverted in February.

Its the same time and place: 6:30 at 6th ave UCC on the 1st Wednesday of the month…

And its still child friendly and comes along with a free delicious dinner…

This month though we are celebrating creative writing as a tool towards prison abolition. Poetry is a weapon of ours, whether that be keeping people on the inside sane or keeping us on the outside angry.

To honor the legacy of poetry and revolution, we will use this letter writing night as a space for sharing soulful words. It can be poetry that you wrote, verses written by political prisoners, or stanzas by poets on the front lines of social struggle. Anything that personally inspires your abolitionist spirit is welcome!


Letter Writing Night This Wednesday!


Wednesday, January 5th at 6:30pm
6th ave United Church of Christ (6th ave and Adams st)
Free dinner and kid friendly

This month’s letter writing night will focus on learning about and writing letters of support to the resistance movement that has recently ignited across Georgia prisons.

December witnessed a six day general strike by prisoners in over 6 Georgia state prisons to reclaim basic human rights like a living wage, decent living conditions, and an end to cruel and unusual punishment.

All though the strike has ended, prison organizers have vowed to continue the struggle. Let’s make sure the we in Denver are here for them on the outside every step of the way!

So join us on Wednesday, January 5th for a free community dinner, a presentation about the Georgia strike and its historical significance, and a space to write letters to Georgia prisoner organizers.

TONIGHT: Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night, GI Resisters

Support GI ResistanceDenver ABC’s Monthly Political Prisoner Letterwriting Night: GI Resisters

Wednesday, November 3 · 6:30pm – 8:30pm
6th Ave UCC
6th and Adams

Join Denver ABC for our monthly letter writing night to political prisoners and prisoners of war held captive in the United States.

This month we’ll be writing letters to GI resisters being held captive by the state for refusing to serve in the wars and occupations of the rich.

As always, we will provide everything that is needed including paper, envelopes, pens, and prisoner addresses. We also provide dinner! This is a kids friendly event, so all you have to bring is yourself, your family, and your friends for a night of sending love and solidarity to folks just like us who have been imprisoned for their actions against the state and capital.

Support our imprisoned comrades, warriors, and friends! They are inside for us, we’re out here for them!

This Wednesday: Monthly Letter Writing Night

Women's liberationJoin Denver ABC for our monthly political prisoner letterwriting night. This month we will focus on women identified prisoners that are being caged for their contributions to liberation struggles and their personal actions against patriarchy.

Come write letters to amazing and strong women who have robbed banks, carried out armed actions against the state and capitalists, successfully defended themselves against their abusers, and have devoted their lives to women’s liberation.

As always, DABC provides everything you need: envelopes, paper, pens, stamps, addresses, and EVEN DINNER!

This is a kid’s friendly event, so bring the whole family… and your friends!

Political Prisoner Correspondence and the FBI

From Sacramento Prisoner Support:

Recently we began receiving documents in response to a FOIA request we filed with the FBI about Eric McDavid. The documents have uncovered a few alarming pieces of information, but one in particular we felt it necessary to share with the public as soon as possible. For years people have been speculating that writing political prisoners would result in a person being “put on a list.”

Unfortunately, it seems that those speculations were not unfounded.

We have received perhaps hundreds of pages documenting Eric’s correspondence with other people. These letters are not just kept on file – the Sacramento County Main Jail forwarded all of these letters to the Sacramento FBI field office, which then forwarded them to local field offices around the country (and to law enforcement internationally) to warn the FBI in other cities of a “possible environmental/animal rights extremist” or “a possible anarchist extremist” in their community. Originally, the FBI’s communications included a statement that “Sacramento is forwarding this communication for information purposes only.” But later, they began including a much longer statement which read, in part: “this information has been determined to be of such a nature that some follow-up as to the possibility of criminal activity is warranted…” These statements were included no matter what was the content of the letter – often the documents include the statement that the letter was “benign in nature.”

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Wednesday: DABC’s monthly letter writing night: PP/POW Fathers

Wednesday June 2, 6:30pm
DABC monthly letter writing night
6th Ave UCC, 6th and Adams in Denver

This letter writing night is focused on all the prisoners in our listing that are fathers. We will be writing letters and cards to them and sending the love and solidarity they very much need. It is difficult to be in prison anytime, but especially hard when you are separated from your children.

We’ll be serving a free delicious dinner! This is a kid friendly event with kid’s activites.

As always the event is free and everything will be supplied for you. Simply show up with your friends to come together over food, learn about specific cases and have a chance to write to political prisoners and prisoners of war in the United States. The letter writing nights happen the first Wednesday of each month.

Help us spread the word and we hope to see you there!

Denver Anarchist Black Cross

Wednesday April 7th: Indigenous Resistance Prisoners letter writing night

Oka, 1990'sWed. April 7th, 6:30pm
ABC Monthly Letter Writing Night
April: Indigenous Resistance Prisoners
6th Ave UCC, 6th and Adams, Denver

In February, Denver ABC began hosting themed letter writing nights, beginning with prisoners of ICE and immigrant political prisoners. In March we wrote to Earth and Animal Liberation Prisoners.

In April, we will remember and honor over 500 years of anti-colonialist struggle in the Americas by writing and supporting prisoners of U.S. based indigenous self determination struggles.

Last year, Leonard Peltier, an organizer and warrior of the American Indian Movement was denied parole yet again. He sits in prison still, some 35 years after two FBI agents were killed in what was proven in previous trials of other AIM members as legitimate self defense.

Housed in the same prison as Leonard, is another indigenous comrade, Oso Blanco (White Bear) who is serving 80 years for robbing dozens of banks to funnel the money to another indigenous resistance movement, the Zapatistas. His actions show quite clearly that the long legacy of indigenous resistance is alive in cross-border actions of solidarity.

John Graham, another former AIM member sits in jail in South Dakota after being extradicted from Canada, in much the same manner as Leonard Peltier, while Luis V. Rodriguez, an Apache community organizer sits in prison in California after being framed for the murder of two police officers.

In April, we will remember this five century long legacy of resistance by supporting those that have paid the price for resisting, and yet still resist.

Please join us.

Envelopes, prisoner addresses and information, postage, childcare, educational information, and a FREE SPAGHETTI DINNER will all be provided! Just bring your self and your friends!

More information:
Facebook Event

Feb 3rd: Letter Writing Night for ICE Detainees and Immigrant Rights Political Prisoners

Resist the War on Immigrants
Letter Writing Night for ICE Detainees and Immigrant Rights Political
Wednesday February 6th, 6:30pm-8:00pm
6th Ave. United Church of Christ (6th and Adams)
Co-sponsored by El Comite en Defensor del Pueblo and the Denver Anarchist
Black Cross

Denver ABC is excited to host its first themed monthly letter writing
night side by side with El Comite en Defensor del Pueblo. We are living
in a moment of an increasing militarized border, an expanding deportation
apparatus of immigrant detention centers and police forces, and a large
public segment of fomenting xenophobes. Yet immigrant people, indigenous
people who have had the “immigrant” label imposed on them, and their
allies are becoming better organized and more militant every day. We are
excited to host a night of letter writing to those imprisoned by either
being caught within the US’s war on immigration and those fighting back.

Envelopes, prisoner addresses and information, postage, childcare,
educational information, and a FREE SPAGHETTI DINNER will all be provided!


Resiste La Guerra Contra Inmigrantes Presos Políticos
Noche de Escribir Correos Para el ICE Detenidos y Los Inmigrantes Presos Políticos
Miércoles 3 de febrero, 6:30 pm-8: 00pm
6 ª avenida. Iglesia Unida de Cristo (6 ª y Adams)
Co-patrocinado por El Comite en Defensor del Pueblo y la Cruz Negra Anarquista de Denver

ABC de Denver está muy emocionado de ser anfitrión de su primer grupo temático de escritura de la carta mensual de “side by side” con El Comite en Defensor del Pueblo. Estamos viviendo, en un momento de una frontera militarizada en aumento, la expansión de la deportación aparatos de los centros de detención de inmigrantes y las fuerzas de policía, y un gran segmento de público de fomentar xenófobos. Sin embargo, las personas inmigrantes, indígenas, personas que han tenido los “inmigrantes” etiqueta que se les impone, y sus aliados son cada vez mejor organizada y más militante de todos los días. Estamos poder ser los anfitriones de una noche de la escritura de cartas a las personas encarceladas por cualquier causa que fueron capturados en la guerra de los Estados Unidos sobre la inmigración y los que luchan de nuevo.

Sobres, direcciones de prisioneros y de información, correos, guarderías, de información educativa, y una cena de espagueti GRATIS para todos!