Jesse James released from prison!


Hey folks,

Jesse was given the option of serving the rest of his sentence by doing a work program, so he’s currently OUT OF JAIL! This means working full days, 5 days a week, for the sherrif, but he’s not in jail. So, don’t send any letters for Jesse to Elmwood. Thanks for all your support. If you’re itching to write to a prisoner, stop by the Denver Anarchist Black Cross for some ideas and addresses. And, most importantly, keep your eye out for the tensions where you live, search for ways to breathe together, don’t let the sparks of revolt flicker out even if the wind is strong…

Jesse James: 31 days and counting

Hello friends,

A bunch of us went to Jesse’s court date today. Though we were hoping that Jesse would come home with us today, that did not happen. For violating his probation in Santa Clara County, Jesse has to stay in jail for 31 more days. (That is not literally what he was sentenced to, but that is how much he will have to serve. The legal math is really confusing and a bit absurd, and if you want to talk about it more, send me a message and I’ll try to explain it to you.)

Though we were all disappointed about not getting to be with Jesse, 31 days isn’t so bad, particularly since the probation department seemed determined to give him a year in prison. Jesse’s lawyer thought that was ridiculous and the judge didn’t really think it was fair either, so this is what we’ve got. Jesse will be transferred to the minimum security part of the jail, where he will have to do work and have a lot of crappy interactions with people that he hasn’t met yet, but he will get to spend more time outside and have contact visits instead of through plexiglass.

Jesse’s lawyer, Dan Mayfield, has been really awesome. He thought this was going to be a much simpler case and was a little surprised that the probation department would try so hard to send our friend to prison. Dan fought really hard for Jesse and worked on his case for free. The only compensation he’s had is the two lattes we bought him. I am going to send Dan a Thank You card, and I hope other people will do the same.

Dan’s address:

Carpenter & Mayfield
730 N. First St.
San Jose, CA. 95112

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting Jesse through all of this.

Stay strong and keep fighting!

Note: We (DABC) believe Jesse’s address remains the same, since they’ve been moved within the same jail.  That address is:

Santa Clara County Dept. of Correction
Elmwood Complex
Jesse James Forrey/10008725/DWH239
701 South Abel St.
Milpitas, CA 95035

Jesse James court on Wednesday and letters!

Dear Friends,

Open court begins at 10:30am on Wednesday, March 24th. This is where we will find out whether Jesse will be released or the amount of time they will have to serve. Court is in the basement, department 24 in the hall of justice located at: 200 w. Hedding in San Jose.

If you have not done so yet, here is another reminder to write a letter for Jesse…info below and again, please get a letter in by tues. march 23rd (to who including lawyer info also below).

there is a closed door meeting on wednesday march 24th morning and then open court after.  it is very important to come to court to support jesse if you can…jesse is in an adversarial and hostile environment and it will be uplifting for him to look see the faces of friends, and hopefully we all can be reunited by the end of the day.

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Friday! Call-in for Jesse to receive vegan meals!


Jesse has requested to receive a vegan diet at the Elmwood facility.  They are giving him a vegetarian diet and telling Jesse that they do not provide vegan options.   A couple days have passed since Jesse has put in his request, so on Friday March 5th friends should call the Elmwood administration number at (408) 957-5300 and politely request that Jesse receive meals that contain no meat or dairy (no animal products). Folks can ask to talk to the head of Elmwood, Captain Wong and put forth this request. Remember to be polite since Jesse is obviously in a vulnerable position.

It is important that Elmwood be flooded with calls so they take this
seriously.  Please spread the word and encourage folks to call (408)
and to ask to speak to Captain Wong on Friday March 5th with the request that Jesse receive meals that contain no meat or dairy products.



Jesse James visitation info

Jesse’s support page has info for those who want to visit Jesse in Milpitas, California.

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Jesse James: more information (Jesse needs character references & donations)

As promised, some more information from Jesse Jamessupport crew:


Hey everyone,

A bunch of us went to Jesse’s court appearance this morning on the charge of violating probation in California. We got to see Jesse and he looked to be in good spirits, though was not allowed to communicate to us. Very little happened during his court appearance, his lawyer asked for a continuance and it was granted. So what will happen next is that on March 24 the lawyers and judge will meet in a closed courtroom to discuss the case and decide on a deal, and then he will appear in court the next day. Right at the end, the judge requested that the lawyers approach the bench and most of the talking happened then. Here is what we found out from his lawyer:

  • The Santa Clara Country probation department is taking this situation really seriously, more seriously than Jesse’s lawyer had anticipated. To them, it is simple: you are on probation for a felony, you commit another felony, you should go to prison (they recommended for 15 months).
  • The judge doesn’t necessarily agree. He asked if this was really a prison case. He is willing to give Jesse good points for having paid all of his restitution in both cases, returning to California to turn himself in, and will probably greatly appreciate a well-laid out legal argument, which is what Jesse’s lawyer intends to provide.
  • At the closed discussion, the judge will want a full report: documentation of everything Jesse has done to make amends, fines paid, any evidence of contact with probation and character references. Jesse’s lawyer will request “probation to terminate upon release” which means that he will ask that Jesse be released and that his probation sentence be considered served already by the time that Jesse is spending in jail right now.
  • Jesse’s lawyer wants to hire a former probation officer to help prepare what is basically an alternative probation recommendation. This would entail him meeting with Jesse and his lawyer and helping put everything together and phrase everything in a way that is most likely to be amiable to the judge and probation department.
  • THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART: Though Jesse’s lawyer is working for free, this probation guy is probably going to cost $500. We need to get the money to his lawyer ASAP so that they have enough time to put together the report. I am pretty sure we can do this in no time. If we all pitch in $10 each, we probably can make it happen.
  • Now is a good time to write character reference letters if you haven’t already. We are going to get a bunch all together and fax them to his lawyer. You can email them to us.
  • If you have any questions, email us at supportjesse (at) riseup dot net

Jesse James imprisoned once again

Jesse James has been taken into the hands of the state again, for a duration of somewhere between a month and a year. Info below from Jesse’s support.

February 26th:

Hi folks,

We will post a more detailed update soon, but for now are rushed with some unexpected personal changes of plan. As for Jesse, there was a court date on Thursday the 25th, which friends attended. The main information to know is that for the probation violation, the probation officer is recommending 15 months prison time, but the judge doesn’t think that’s appropriate. Jesse’s next court date is on March 24th, but it is in closed court. If all goes well, he could be released on March 25th.

Another important note:

Though Jesse’s lawyer is working for free, this probation guy is probably going to cost $500. We need to get the money to his lawyer ASAP so that they have enough time to put together the report. I am pretty sure we can do this in no time.

The paypal link on the righthand side of the page still works if you want to donate.

And of course, any and everyone with good intentions can write Jesse at:

Santa Clara County Dept. of Correction
Elmwood Complex
Jesse James Forrey/10008725/DWH239
701 South Abel St.
Milpitas, CA 95035

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Jesse James: Still an Outlaw

UPDATE: After all the bullshit, Jesse is finally being released from jail, right now!

Jesse is still in the hands of Ramsey County, Minnesota. He is being held because of a warrant that was issued in California on November 5th, and only made it into the Ramsey County system sometime between Thanksgiving and November 30th. We assume this warrant is for an alleged probation violation in California. The situation is very uncertain and unclear, a rude shock from the expectation of a reunion, a reminder of the arbitrary power these people hold over us. We all thought Jesse would be released Monday morning, and only discovered he was being held while we were waiting for him outside the jail, when the other prisoners were set free and we saw no sign of Jesse.

On Monday, Jesse was moved from the Ramsey County Workhouse to the “Law Enforcement Center”, the jail in downtown St. Paul. This place has less amenities and the prisoners only get about 7 hours out of their cells each day. There is no recreation and no library, just a meager offering of tattered romance novels and bibles, or whatever they have in their wing. We’re not sure if the jail accepts books, but feel encouraged to send letters and zines or articles (without staples!).

The address is:
Jesse James Forrey
425 Grove St.
St. Paul, MN 55101

After the false certainty we held, now we are in limbo. A lawyer tells us that California has 30 days to file their written demand of extradition, and 90 days to extradite. If they don’t follow through with either of these time limits, Jesse will be released. The warrant is a “no bail” warrant, as warrants for probation violations often are. We’re looking for a way to expedite this process, but as of yet we don’t know how long this will take. We can visit Jesse, more than once a week now, although we have to be on a list of up to 5 people who can visit him. Also, Jesse has not yet recieved vegan food at the LEC, so please call and request that they serve him vegan food. They may hang up on you, or tell you he just has to talk to the nurse, but so far he hasn’t been allowed to speak to a nurse. The number is (651) 266-9352.

In the meantime, we stave off the winter, try to navigate our way through these choppy legal waters, struggle to grasp our power. Sometimes we find solace, maybe inspiration, in the occupations by students and would-be insurgents, the exploits of the like-minded in distant places. Sometimes we find it in those closest to us. In this situation where politics contain us, we search for the right words to get lovers and sons out of cages. We’re walking the thin line between playing their game and denouncing it, knowing it was rigged from the start.

Yours in struggle,

Friends of Jesse James

RNC Legal Update: Milwaukee Three Sentencing, charges against Keith Smith dismissed

On November 10th, 2009, Judge Teresa Warner stayed imposition of an unspecified amount of prison time and sentenced Karen Meissner and Christina Vana to 7 years of probation, 8 hours of community service every month for the next 2 years, and a $100 fine plus standard court fees. Among the conditions of probation were that they participate in whatever educational or vocational programming Probation sets for them. As is usual in felony cases, DNA samples were required. The issue of restitution will remain open for 90 days.
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September RNC verdicts: community service for Vets for Peace; Forrey gets 120 days

Two decisions related to RNC protests came down simultaneously in Ramsey County Court Thursday afternoon. Eight demonstrators from the August 31, 2008 Vets for Peace march were found guilty of misdemeanor trespassing, but were sentenced to merely a $100 fine or 20 hours community service. They had argued their claim of right to enter the secured area around the Xcel Energy Center under international law and the Minnesota and United States Constitutions. Meanwhile, two floors above, Jesse James Forrey was sentenced to 120 days in jail after being found guilty weeks ago of felony damage to property. He’ll likely serve 75 with good behavior. The expected sentence was much higher.

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