Prisoner Additions

We have added two new entries to our prisoner listing, both anarchists currently serving jail time in the United States.

Amelia Nicol
Jeremy Hawthorne

We will be updating our listing to also include arrestees from the recent NATO summit, the Cleveland 5, and other prisoners of recent state repression.

In continued solidarity!


Solidarity with Richmond anarchist, Jeremy Hawthorne

From Anarchist News:

“Jeremy’s said he needs about $30 a week to pay for decent non-carnivorous food, stamps, sanitary supplies, and so on. Assuming a release date sometime in August, he’ll need somewhere near $500 all up from now til his release.

I’m assuming like roughly $100 will go to the ChipIn, Paypal, and jail percentages. We can minimize the amount of money wasted (and given to the state!) by donating it all at once.

So, put up some cash for our friend!”

Help make Jeremy’s time easier in jail by donating money so he can have phone privileges to call his family (collect!), write letters (paper & stamps cost dollars), and eat something vegetarian (mostly Cheetos & Ramen minus the flav packet).

I know he and all of his loved ones will really appreciate it.
“Jeremy had his sentencing hearing today. The judge found it appropriate to comment on Jeremy’s political views as an anarchist, telling him that this ‘society is governed by laws’ and that he should rethink his affiliations. The prosecutor, Chris Toepp, felt it was necessary to defame Jeremy’s character, insisting ‘he shows no remorse’ for a crime he maintains he is innocent of. He also demanded Jeremy go straight to jail, despite the fact that Jeremy’s father testified that he was very closely involved with his family, and being Easter Weekend, he would like Jeremy to spend it with the family. The Commonwealth of VA got their wishes mostly, denying Jeremy’s request of work release, and only suspending 6 months of the jury’s recommended 12 months in jail. We did not even get to say goodbye to our friend before he was taken to be processed, for a nonviolent crime he did not commit.

About 20-25 people showed up to support Jeremy, including his mother and father. Many were Jeremy’s close friends, others were comrades in the struggle. Most of us are both.

So what is left to us now? We organize. Jeremy’s close friend Pablo will be setting up a commissary fund for Jeremy to be able to purchase the supplies he needs while he is serving time. Ellen and Janissa will be gathering the paperwork and rules regarding visitation and letter writing, and will be making small business cards to be made available to anyone who would like to send Jeremy literature, zines, or whatever else may be allowed. This blog will make sure to give timely updates on any developments, and allow anyone who wants to show Jeremy support to get the information they need to do so.

Until then, take care of each other, and don’t give up the fight. Jeremy hasn’t.”

Richmond, VA: Anarchist Jeremy Hawthorne felony trial February 1st

From Richmond ABC:

Jeremy Hawthorne, arrested September 5th, 2011 while on a Copwatch patrol, is going on trial before a jury for allegedly slashing 7 tires on Virginia Commonwealth University vehicles, including two police cars. The charge is Destruction of State Property > $1,000, a Class 6 Felony.

The case is clearly politically motivated; as a part of Richmond Copwatch, Jeremy is one of several who have been targeted by Richmond police in past months for their work against police brutality and poor jail conditions in the city. The notoriously heavy-handed RPD and its officers, ever the subject of much controversy, have bristled and taken a particularly antagonistic attitude with activists, protestors, and copwatchers, reacting in a consistently aggressive, violent, and reckless manner. Accountability, on the other hand, has been elusive.

The “evidence” used to indict Jeremy is insubstantial, and many details surrounding testimonies evidence gathering, and the circumstances leading to Jeremy’s arrest, are questionable at best.
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Support Richmond Copwatcher and Anarchist, Jeremy Hawthorne!

From September 2nd, Richmond Anarchist Jeremy Hawthorne was arrested at the end of a night of Copwatching by the VCU and Richmond Police. He has since been charged with Felony Destruction of State Property worth more than 1,000 for allegedly cutting the tires on VCU cop cars and other vehicles. Here is an update on his case. More information about that night and arrest can be found online at

To update on Jeremy’s predicament with the VCU Police:

After the arraignment on the morning of Tuesday, September 6th (to which several people from the city showed up in solidarity), Jeremy was released on a $5000 noncommittal bond, and a court case was set for September 27th, at 11 AM. We encourage anyone and everyone who takes umbrage with not only VCU Police, but all police everywhere, to show up to this and any subsequent court cases Jeremy might have to endure. These charges are publicly about a few car tires, but privately there is a deeper trend of police oppression at work. We believe that this trend must be brought to light, and must be talked about openly among all communities in this city, not just those with an anarchist message.

Jeremy is currently exploring other avenues of legal help, and has a couple good leads, but unfortunately a good lawyer for a serious charge is almost never cheap. Jeremy has requested any form of support that interested or sympathetic parties might be willing to donate, be it spreading the word about the case in your home town, sending a kind word or relavent literature to the Wingnut, and of course monetary donations towards legal fees would be greatly appreciated as well (we have a convenient Paypal button on the website… if you tell us exactly where you want your donation to be used, we will make sure it is allocated accordingly.)