Minnesota Stands United Against White Supremacy

From Unicorn Riot:


In August of 2015, a group by the name of “Minnesota 10,000 for Southern Heritage”, received a permit to rally at the capitol in support of the confederate flag.

A facebook event to counter-protest the permitted confederate flag rally, named Unity Against White Supremacy & the Confederate Flag, and organized by the IWW GDC (Industrial Workers of the World | General Defense Committee), drew the RSVP of over 400 people.

On the early morning of Saturday, September 5th, 2015, the counter-protest marched to the capitol from a location close to the site of Marcus Golden’s death by the bullets of St. Paul police officers.

Before the march took off to the capitol, a speaker announced that the confederate flag rally had been cancelled and that the action was victorious in not allowing space for racists.

While reaching the Christopher Columbus statue on capitol grounds, the crowd chanted of “tear it down”, referring to the statue, which is a representation of white supremacy to many of the participants.

Speakers ranging from Black Lives Matter organizers to Native Lives Matter to IWW and others spoke about the importance of collectively combating racism while a confederate flag was torn apart and burned.

Rhode Island: Judge orders new trial for Alex Svoboda

Alex in courtBy Katie Mulvaney – Providence Journal Staff Writer, Friday, May 7, 2010

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Superior Court Judge Joseph F. Rodgers Jr. Friday ordered a new trial for the woman accused of assaulting North Providence police officers during a protest in August 2007.

Rodgers ordered a new trial for Alexandra Svoboda on three counts of simple assault on the officers. Rodgers said he did not feel convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Svoboda had assaulted the officers by striking them with drumsticks during the protest, despite a jury’s finding last week that she was guilty on all three counts.

Rodgers did, however, let stand the jury’s verdict that 25-year-old Svoboda had resisted arrest while picketing Jacky’s Galaxie on Mineral Spring Avenue that hot August day.

Then the union secretary of the Industrial Workers of the World, Svoboda and others were protesting because the restaurant had purchased rice and takeout containers from a New York supply company accused of mistreating its employees.

As the marchers walked up Mineral Spring toward the restaurant, the police directed them to the side of the road because they were obstructing traffic. A scuffle resulted. Authorities say Svoboda struck officers with a set of drumsticks; her leg was broken during the struggle.

Svoboda’s friends and family, many of whom sat through the six-day trial, greeted the verdict with hugs and tears. She declined to discuss the case, but said, “I’m just happy that my friends and family are here with me to celebrate.”

Terrence Livingston, who prosecuted the case for the state attorney general’s office, said he would discuss with the North Providence police whether to appeal the ruling.

“Certainly we’re disappointed, but that’s the judge’s right,” he said.

Livingston is handling the case for the state to avoid a possible conflict of interest, because the attorney general’s office reviewed allegations of excessive force by the North Providence police. Officers were cleared of wrongdoing in 2007, said Michael J. Healey, spokesman for the attorney general office.

Rodgers, who is handling cases in his retirement, ordered Svoboda to pay a $100 fine for resisting arrest.

All the counts against Svoboda, who is studying Spanish at the Community College of Rhode Island, are misdemeanors.