Italy: 2 anarchists arrested as suspects in shooting of Nuclear company CEO

Turin, 14 Sept. (AKI) – Police on Friday in northwest Italy arrested two suspected anarchists over the shooting of Italian nuclear company Ansaldo’s chief Roberto Adinolfi in Genoa in May.

Italy’s paramilitary Carabinieri police and anti-terrorism officers in the Piedmont capital Turin arrested 35-year-old Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito, 46 at their apartment in the city.

Police said Cospito’s girlfriend was also under investigation for the 7 May kneecapping of Adinolfi by two masked gunmen aboard a motorbike as he left his home in a leafy suburb of Genoa to go to work.

“They acted alone,” said Genoa’s prosecutor Michele Di Lecce, who said the pair were arrested after investigators listening in on phone conversations feared they could flee the country.

“They face charges of grievous bodily harm, carrying illegal weapons and the theft of the motorcycle used to carry out the attack.”

Gai and Cospito were arrested based on evidence from surveillance cameras , from wiretaps and from analysis of a hand-written leaflet claiming responsibility for the attack.

Italy’s interior minister Annamaria Cancellieri praised police for “a high-level success following a complex investigation” and premier Mario Monti also congratulated police in a statement.

The previously unknown ‘Olga’ cell of the Greek-linked Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claimed Adinolfi’s shooting in a leaflet mailed to Italian daily Corriere della Sera in an envelope bearing a Genoa postmark.

The leafllet urged further attacks and called Adolfini a “grey assassin”, blaming him and and the former conservative Italian government for trying to reintroduce nuclear power in Italy.

It railed against Ansaldo and a long list of Italian state companies, as well as the European and global nuclear industry.”

Adolfini was hospitalised and had to undergo surgery to his leg after the attack.

The FAI claimed responsibility for a package bomb found outside the Greek embassy and defused in December 2010. Nobody was injured in the incident, but two parcel bombs at the Chilean and Swiss embassies in the Italian capital on that same month seriously injured two people who opened them.

Italy: Genoa 10 found guilty of “devastation and looting”

From Italy Calling:

The Italian High Court confirmed on Friday 13th July the sentences for the 10 activists on trial for crimes of “devastation and looting” during the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. While some of the sentences have been slightly reduced, all 10 activists have been declared guilty of devastation and looting crimes against private property.

Five of the defendants have been granted right to appeal against other related charges, and their cases will be re-examined by the judges. The other five have seen all appeals rejected and are going to be imprisoned within the next few days; the first, Alberto Funaro, a historical editor of the activist radio Radio Onda Rossa, entered Rebibbia prison in Rome the day after the sentence, but is likely to be transferred soon.

Once again the media and the “political world” have almost universally reacted positively to the sentences, commenting in particular on the clemency of the judges who have decided to reduce some of the sentences by a few months. According to some, justice has finally been done and there has been equal punishment for the police forces guilty of violence and brutality, and for the “violent” protesters.

Funny though: the police forces who stormed into the Diaz school battering sleeping people are still on the loose, with a slight possibility of losing their jobs, their bosses have been acquitted of all charges and promoted; in the meantime, ten people who did nothing but damage cars and shop windows and never harmed anyone are going to spend in some cases 14 years of their lives in jail. As usual, the Italian justice system clearly shows who it serves.

Elena Giuliani, Carlo’s sister, commented on the sentence: “It wasn’t enough that they judged his murder a lawful murder. After 11 years, they still had to take more lives. And they were not the lives of those who killed, tortured, battered, or the lives of those who ordered the beatings and covered them up. Once again, they took the lives of our comrades”.

In detail, here are the sentences:

Alberto Funaro, 10 years (already in jail)
Ines Morasca, 6 years and 6 months
Marina Cugnaschi, 12 years and 3 months (already in jail)
Vincenzo Vecchi, 13 years
Francesco Puglisi, 14 years

The following are out on bail and waiting for appeals on related charges:

Carlo Arculeo, 8 years
Carlo Cuccomarino, 8 years
Luca Finotti, 10 years and 9 months
Dario Ursino, 7 years
Antonino Valguarnera, 8 years

Watch for more detailed info and addresses to write to them.

Italy: New wave of repression


A second wave of arrests among radical circles has hit Italy again this morning. The operation, that was led by the police and secret service departments, has concluded with 22 banning orders and a total of 78 people under investigation in Florence, 5 under home arrest.

All of them are believed to be connected with the local social centre Spazio Liberato 400 colpi (Liberated Space 400 Blows), which played a huge part in the student protests of last autumn. The charges are in some instances similar to the ones made against the Bologna arrestees last month, of subversive and criminal association, but some are more specific: damage to private or public property, illegal occupation of public buildings, violence against police officers, disruption to public services. These all refer to the direct actions and protests that student groups carried out all over Italy between November and December 2010 in particular, when huge groups of protesters occupied train and bus stations, monuments and other public places.
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Italy: Wave of raids and arrests targeting anarchists

From Italy Calling:

On April 6 more than 300 officers were employed in an “anti-terrorism” operation named ‘Outlaw Operation’ that specially targeted anarcho-insurrectionalist activists. The operation was carried out in 16 different cities including Bologna, where police arrested 5 activists close to the squatted social centre Fuoriluogo and shut down the place. Another person was arrested in the nearby town of Ferrara and released straight after interrogation. 7 other people are under banning orders which restrict their movements and are also being investigated (just for your information, these measures are normally adopted when there is serious circumstantial evidence of guilt AND at least one of the following: risk of escape, risk of acquisition or of the genuineness of the evidence and risk of the offence being repeated).

The operation was part of an enquiry started in 2009 linked in part to anarchist publications and in part to recent attacks against detention centres and corporations like IBM and ENI (multinational oil and gas company). The network was believed to stay in touch through the anarchist zine Invece which when found in houses would be proof of belonging to the network according to the police (by the way, in mainstream media the zine has been described as a “clandestine” magazine
). The police also seized other publications and materials considered “incriminating”.

The 5 arrested are being held in Bologna for now. To send them messages of support: Martino Trevisan / Robert Ferro / Nicusor Roman / Stefania Carolei / Anna Maria Pistolesi c/o Casa Circondariale, Via del Gomito 2, 40127 Bologna

Article put together using different sources in Italian and English by Italy Calling.

Italy: Top policemen get up to five years for violent attack on G8 protesters

Protester after brutal attack by Italian police, Genoa 2001Some of Italy‘s most senior police officers have been given jail sentences of up to five years for what the prosecution called a “terrible” attack on demonstrators at the 2001 G8 meeting in Genoa and an attempted cover-up.

Victims of the attack, who included several Britons, expressed delight at the ruling, which overturned many of the conclusions reached by the judges at the original trial in 2008. Mark Covell, aged 42, from Reading, who was beaten into a coma, said: “This is beyond my wildest expectations. The Italian judiciary has recognised the truth of what happened. Human rights have finally been respected here. Italians will now recognise their cops do not have immunity. But it has taken nine years, and I was at the end of my tether.”

It is highly unlikely that any of the officers will go behind bars. The case has taken so long that most of the offences of which they were accused have been “timed out” by statutes of limitations.
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Italy: 4 occupations searched, 3 people arrested and others to house arrest

Spain solidarity demo with Italian arresteesFrom Turin, Italy via
Waiting for news, we communicate that, around 6am of the morning, the digos (political police, ndt) has searched many occupations (Asilo, Barocchio, Mezcal, Askatasuna) and houses, arresting three people, notifing some house arrests (it seems they’re 4 people) and to others, the requirement to sign in at the local police station. The repressive operation it’s a revenge for the riots occurred on the first eviction of L’Ostile, the restricted measures are emaned by PM Rinaudo. There’s a public assembly today afternoon at Mezcal Squat to organize future iniziatives.

For live updates listen to [also in streaming] Radio Blackout, 105.250FM in Turin.

Attestation of Asilo Squat:

At six of the mourning digos and forces of police came in front of Asilo Squat: “It’s for a notification” they said to the occupant, that came after police intent to brake down the front door. In fact is not a simple notification, it’s a search with arrest of one of the occupant, and we actually don’t know why they arrest him, with what charges and without knowing if and when he will be released.

Police and digos have braked down many doors with hammers and metal bars, insulted and jostled the occupants, guilty of reluctance to open the door to the police.

Same searches are happening in Barocchio and Mezcal Squat, other two occupated places in Grugliasco and Collegno, and in private houses.

The hypothesis is that all the matter is about riots occurred at half december in Turin, followed the eviction of the occupated place L’Ostile.

While we write, the police is going out from Asilo, and in the meantime they’re searching in Barocchio and Mezcal Squat.

Statement spread by

Turin, 12nd may 2010

This morning, at first light, the digos of Turin police headquarters have searched the occupated houses Asilo, Barocchio and Mezcal, the social centre Askatasuna and private houses. The scene is about the eviction of the occupated space L’Ostile in Corso Vercelli, happened the 10th december 2009.

The restrictive measures beats 16 friends: 3 arrested people, one lives at Asilo. 4 with the house arrest, of whom a boy and a girl living at Asilo Squat. 9 with the requirement to sign in at the local police station daily.


This evening, 12nd of may, at 7:00pm we discuss about it at Mezcal Squat

Italy: News of the comrades arrested in Turin

courtesy of Angry News

translated from non fides
mercredi 24 février 2010

Some news from Italy, with above all the address of the comrades who are imprisoned and apparently held in isolation.

You can write to them in French, English or Italian, that helps to show that they are not alone and surely makes one feel better when one is in prison:

  • Luca Ghezzi, Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino
  • Andrea Ventrella, Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino
  • Fabio Milan, Via Pianezza 300, 10151 Torino

Yesterday about 60 people gathered in front of the CIE (centre of identification and expulsion) in Turin. News from inside, the resistance against expulsions, the resistance against being locked up in the CIE continue to be circulated. In any case, inside like outside the struggles continue.

Here below is a summary of some newspaper articles each with titles one worse than the other. (for example: “anarchists accused of over 60 actions”, “2 years of raids and violence, operation agaqinst the anarchists”, “behind the revolts of the immigrants…”

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Italy: Police round up anarchists in dozens of raids

February 23:

This morning the Digos of Turin, with arrest warrants on orders of the PM Padalino, carried out dozens of raids in the city and in other parts of northern Italy.

Six comrades were arrested, three are in prison, three under house arrest,and dozens more had their houses broken into at dawn by police who took away computers, telephones, leaflets, and boxes of printed paper.

The accusation upon which this huge police operation is based is, as usual, an associative crime,which allows arrests and preventive measures against comrades accused of nothing other than their antiracist activity!

antiracists without borders
from informa-azione