Kostas Sakkas to be released!

From the Greek Streets:

Kostas Sakkas is an anarchist who was arrested in December 2010, one of the earliest in a wave of arrests targeting the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”. Both Sakkas and the CCF refuse he was ever a member, and Sakkas has separately taken the responsibility for his political activity as an anarchist. Held since, Sakkas’ initial pre-trial detention maximum expired eighteen months later, in the summer of 2012 -yet it was extended by another year, to June this year (ie. last month). At that time, a court of appeals in Athens ordered the extension of Sakkas’ detention by another six months, now solidly stepping outside the boundaries that the legal apparatus had set for its own self. On June 4, Kostas Sakkas went on a hunger strike.

Minutes ago, the court of appeals decided the release of Kostas Sakkas on a 30,000 euro bail.

UPDATE, 12.15 The bail conditions are as follows:

– Kostas is forbidden to exit the country.

– Once a week, he will have to sign off at his local police station.

– He must reside at his registered address.

– He is forbidden to travel outside the Attica prefecture (Greater Athens).

– He is not allowed to be in contact with any of the fellow accused for the CCF case.

– He must pay a 30.000 euro bail.

Greece: Updates on Anarchists arrested on April 30

From http://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/2013/05/04/athens-update-about-the-nea-fi…

Information about the arrest of five anarchists on Tuesday noon, April 30th, the criminal proceedings against them, and the hunger/thirst strike of comrade Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis.

On Tuesday, April 30th, at around 4pm, anarchists Yannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis were arrested on Dekeleias avenue in the district of Nea Filadelfeia, as they were coming out of a cafeteria.

At the same time, a large police force stormed the café and caught the anarchist fugitives Argyris Ntalios —who tried to break out of the kettle— and Fivos Harisis-Poulos. Both comrades had arrest warrants pending against them since mid-February 2013 (after the double robbery in Velventos–Kozani and the incarceration of anarchists Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Dimitris Politis, Nikos Romanos and Yannis Michailidis).

Anarchist Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis was also arrested inside the same cafeteria in Nea Filadelfeia.

All five were transferred to the anti-terrorism service on the 12th floor of the Athens police headquarters. The two comrades that were caught out on the street, as well as the two that were wanted by the authorities encountered the violence of statist dogs in the anti-terrorist office. The fifth comrade was forced to stand for twelve hours handcuffed tightly behind his back —what officially is considered torture— and when he was taken into a cell (the white cells of the 12th floor), he remained handcuffed for several hours.

The same evening, the Greek security force put out a report that accused all of them of resisting arrest and giving false testimony —because the five anarchists refused to give fingerprints, profiles or DNA samples, which were ultimately taken by force. In addition, Naxakis, Sarafoudis and Hadjivasiliadis were charged with harbouring fugitives.

On Wednesday noon, May 1st, the arrestees were all transferred to Evelpidon courts, where the media crows were lurking, and were met with the comrades’ hostility. The comrades stood before prosecutor and interrogator without any formal indictment and (for some) without being allowed to meet with a defense lawyer in advance that would also be present in the hearing, what perhaps occurred for the first time in the history of similar cases. The judges applied their usual tactic to postpone the preliminary hearing for two days regardless of the arrestees’ wishes. Ntalios, Harisis, Naxakis and Sarafoudis refused to make any statement. On the other hand, Hadjivasiliadis demanded that he be heard immediately with the presence of a defense lawyer. His demand was dismissed, so the comrade stated that he has denied food and water already from the moment of his arrest, and he goes on hunger/thirst strike for as long as he be locked up in the white cells of the antiterrorism torturers. Lastly, he held the judges responsible for his prolonged custody on the 12th floor of the Athens police headquarters, where the cops were attempting only to ‘manufacture’ an accusatory brief against the three anarchists for whom no warrants were outstanding in order to ask for their pretrial incarceration.

On Wednesday evening, preventive detention warrants were executed against the two ex-fugitives, and Fivos Harisis and Argyris Ntalios were transferred to Koridallos prison.

On Thursday, May 2nd, Ntalios, Harisis, Naxakis and Sarafoudis were charged in past robbery cases on the basis of ‘findings’ from DNA samples that were forcibly taken by them. Additionally, an appellate judge who handles such cases issued preventive detention warrants against Yannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis. An indictment was presented to all five arrested in Nea Filadelfeia, including the accusation of ‘membership into a criminal organization with a view to committing robbery,’ in accordance with the Greek antiterrorist law, without exhibiting any direct evidence of premeditation or even intent, other than some orange juices served on the cafeteria table…

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the cops staged a psychological war on Hadjivasiliadis to make him stop the strike. They brought water bottles inside the cell, repeatedly ‘offered’ him food and water, and threatened him that he would stay there for many more days. Hadjivasiliadis and his lawyer insisted on his right to medical examination. A doctor came in at night, and assured that there was no immediate danger to him at this stage but his condition could deteriorate any moment. The doctor also told the human-guards to let the transom window of the cell’s door open, to help the striker breath more efficiently.

On Friday morning, May 3rd, the five anarchists were brought to Evelpidon courts once again, where only a few comrades and relatives were gathered in solidarity. Four of the accused insisted upon their refusal to make any statement. Then Ntalios and Harisis read a text in solidarity to striker Hadjivasiliadis, declaring that he is being held without any substantial evidence whatsoever against him. The judges had no basis to press criminal organization charges against the arrestees and set bail conditions instead for all five of them.

Nevertheless, Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis was the only one to be released, and thus stopped his three-day hunger and thirst strike.

Argyris Ntalios and Fivos Harisis were taken back to Koridallos. The Solidarity Fund for imprisoned and persecuted fighters (Greece) released their prison address:

Fivos Harisis-Poulos – Argyris Ntalios
Dikastiki Filaki Koridallou, A Pteryga, 18110 Koridallos, Athens, Greece

In the meantime, Yannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis were still held as suspects in bank robbery case, awaiting further proceeding in the city of Larissa. According to mainstream media, these two anarchists were brought before an interrogator on Saturday, May 4th. They are said to be remanded and moved to Koridallos prison.

More updates as they come.

Greece: Athens Indymedia and 98 FM under repression: statement by the Indymedia Athens collective

From Occupied London

Repression shall not pass!

Three of the mediums of counter-information of the antagonist movement (athens.indymedia.org, 98FM and Radio Entasi/Tension) received the repression of the state on the afternoon of Thursday 11thof April.

Their internet connection was shut down, following pressure by the attorney general.

During a period in which the entire society struggles even to breath due to the financial, political and social repression, the smaller or larger local nodes of resistance, the smaller or larger worker struggles are refreshing and hopeful; they are those that carry along the ignite of the revolution, which inspire and seed the subversive, radical ideas for us to tear down, once and for all, the world of exploitation…

At this exact moment, and because the real terrorists are terrorised by social resistance, authority attempts to impose the communicative darkness of the established media.

The gagging and the repression of the mediums of counter-information shall not pass in the back pages of their dirty papers and their stations.

Our response shall overcome the ridiculous celebrations of the fasistois and those in power. The mediums of counter-information are our own mediums, they are the voice of our own struggles that show us the way for the world that we want.

We call all people in struggle to a gathering on Friday, April 12th at 1pm, at the central square of the Polytechnic campus (Polytechneioupoli) of Zografou.

Bus access:

608 from Akadimias

242 from Katehaki station

from the administrative collective of Athens.Indymedia.org

Global call for solidarity for the imprisoned comrades from 12 Feb. 2012 Social Revolt in Greece

From Void Network, via Anarchist News:

On Sunday, February 12, day of vote of Memorantum 2 of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP) that outlines the economic and financial policies that the Greek Government and the Bank of Greece will implement during 2012‒2015 in the Parliament House of Greece, held in Athens one of the biggest protests in years. The clashes that broke out lasted until the early morning hours the next day and reminded that much of December 2008.

At the same time of voting of the measures in the Parliament, a crowd of 300.000 people that gathered was not put off by the chemicals and the suffocating atmosphere that was created by the police. The great majority of the people remained in the area and continued the fights around Syntagma / Parliament sq. and the surrounding streets for several hours. The media, as usual, reported extensively only the riots and disasters that took place, not making the slightest reference to the size of the protest or the violent methods of police repression.

Also, in all major cities of Greece similar reactions took place from people who attacked the political offices of those Parliament Members who voted these same hours the agreement of capitalists.

In Athens, police arrested 79 protesters and at the end of the day imprisoned 4 people, with unfounded categories and using as only excuse their participation in social struggles the last years. Immediately after the verdict of pre-trial imprisonment the police published in mainstream media four photographs of the arrested ones trying to search for informers who might know something about the actions of the demonstrators. Since then this act appeared that was the beginning of a new regular logic of police sharing photos in public with mainstream media as the same public pre-trial humiliation and violation of personality took place in the case of HIV positive prostitutes and drug users, characterized by the police as individuals indirectly dangerous to the public health of the society.

The propaganda that the state tries to built through all this story is that anyone that participates in a demonstration can find him/her self arrested and accused as “potential terrorist” without any real proof than his/her participation in the march
Now more than ever we express our solidarity with Evangelos K. and all the imprisoned ones from February 12, 2012 social revolt and we shout the old Greek slogan :
We ask for the immediate release of demonstrators in custody from 12 February 2012

Void Network

Extensive police operation in Thessaloniki against anarchist spaces; at least 34 detentions so far

From the Greek Streets:

This morning (July 2nd) saw an extremely extensive police operation in the city of Thessaloniki, targeting the local anarchist scene. As of 13:00 GMT+2, the information we’ve got is the following:

  • Police stormed the anarchist occupation Nadir at approximately 6.30 AM, detaining people inside.
  • They then also stormed the anarchist residential squat Orfanotrofeio, also detaining people there.
  • Meanwhile, police were raiding anarchist’s houses, detaining at least 6 people in their homes.

Media report that the extended operation follows a police case file concerning events of recent months in the city (what events, it is unspecified…)

At 13:15, alterthes was reporting “34 detentions, of which 25 will be converted into arrests” – i.e. those 25 people will face charges.

More info as it comes.

Greek Anarchist Shot By Police Acquitted, Due for Release

From the Greek Streets: Anarchist Simos Seisidis acquitted by court and due to be released tomorrow (May 29)

Earlier today, anarchist Simos Seisidis was acquitted in court and will be finally be released tomorrow (May 29th, 2012). Simos was shot in the leg by police on May 3, 2010 and had his leg amputated soon thereafter. He has been targeted by authorities for more than 15 years.

Full background on his case at the Simos Seisidis tag and Act for Freedom.

CCF – victory of the hunger strikers

English original

May 1, 2012 by actforfreedom | 0 comments
Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!



“A battle has been won but the war does not end here…”

After 23 days of hunger strike, we come out as winners against the corruption, defeatism and captivity that dominate in the world of prisoners.

We wrote: “We made a decision… we fight till the end…” We stood consistent to this choice of ours even when we saw our brothers Gerasimos and Panagiotis leave and be hospitalized in a bad condition at Tzanio hospital. Because from all that is written, we love what is written with blood and sealed with actions.All the rest is hollow babbles and a waste of time.

These 23 days we did not regret the hunger strike even for a moment. We knew the risk. We know everyone dies… but there are deaths that weigh differently, because we ourselves decide the way we will die, just as we choose the way we live. And we decided to come out of this battle as winners.

Gerasimos and Panagiotis won their final transfer from Domokos prisons. Gerasimos got transferred to Koridallos prisons and Panagiotis because he is considered a long term convict (he is sentenced to 37 years) and could not come to a prison such as Koridallos (a prison mainly for people who are waiting to be judged), won a transfer to a prison of his “choice” and will be transferred to Trikala prisons where three other members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire are also being held.

This victory puts in its own way another pledge in our aim for political coexistence of the members of the CCF within the walls and abolishes the isolation they try to impose on us.In this confrontation opposite the system, time and fatigue, we put our bodies as a barricade and as a pawn of our decency. That’s why we did not plead, neither did we beg for solidarity in the places we avoided to hang out during our course as anarchists of praxis.

We stayed clear of leftist parties, from press conferences with a humane background, from reformist circles. Choosing thus a conscious loneliness we counted friends and enemies, comrades and indifferent, actions and silences… We do not have spare words for the small time politicians and the meaningless.

On the contrary the word “thankyou” is very poor for the comrades from the whole of greece who ran, gave out flyers, put up posters, set up PA systems, organized gatherings, occupied a tv station, they came with a demo by the prisons, carried out counter-information actions from radio stations…

Finally we send our warmest hug to all those vandals, the hooded ones, the provocateurs, the night time arsonists and bombers in Greece, the anarchist nihilists in Spain, our brothers in Bolivia, England and to all the cells of the Informal Anarchist Federation and of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire…

Nothing would be the same, without all of you…

May we meet soon comrades. Although we won, we have nothing more to do than start the next battle.


And anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos

Greece: Three imprisoned anarchists end their hunger strike, seven continue, as motions are rejected; solidarity demonstration, April 27, outside the Korydallos prison in Athens

Previous updates: Contrainfo, Act for Freedom.

(Greek original)

Update on the three comrades, Sakas, Mitrousias and Karagiannidis

Yesterday, April 26, comrade Costas Sakkas returned from the Attica hospital where he was hospitalised and today, April 27, comrade Giorgos Karagiannidis also returned to the Korydallos prison. After yesterday’s fascist rejection of their just demands from the court of appeals, the three comrades decided to suspend the hunger strike they had been conducting since April 6.

The comrades are well, they have began their recovery and remain strong.

No comrade hostage in the hands of the state. 

Everyone to the solidarity demonstration today, April 27 at 6pm at the Korydallos prison.


Greece: Anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis released from prison

From ABC Θεσσαλονίκης:

Anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis was arrested, heavily wounded by cop bullets, on January 16th, 2006, after the National Bank robbery on Solonos Street, in the centre of Athens.

A storm of misinformation was systematically supplied by the police and readily carried out by the mass media, as his arrest was followed by a delirious state propaganda about the alleged existence of a so-called “robbers’ in black gang”; in the days while he was still being hospitalized in the intensive care unit, the infamous “terror”-prosecutor Diotis attempted to interrogate him; his friends and relatives were targeted; and in the prosecution case against him, the anti-terrorist provision as well as charges for a number of additional robberies were included.

Dimitrakis defended the particular bank robbery in which he was arrested as his political choice, as a choice based on his opposition to the blackmail of work as well as to the role of banks. In addition, from the first moment and during the entire time of his captivity he was actively present in revolts and struggles within prisons and through his writings kept a vivid contact with developments on the outside. The prosecuting mechanisms also accused and proclaimed wanted for the case three more anarchists, Simos and Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis, actually reaching the point of placing a bounty on their heads in October 2009. Simos Seisidis has been acquitted both in the trial for the outrageous case of “robbers’ in black gang” and the trial for attempted murder (!) against the same cop who shot him in the leg. Nevertheless, Simos is still under pretrial detention in the “hospital” of Koridallos prisons, waiting to stand one last trial, while Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis are fugitives to this day.

The outcome of Dimitrakis’ trial in the first degree, in July 2007, was an exterminating sentence of 35 years. During his appeal court, in December 2010, his sentence was reduced to 12.5 years. Finally, after being incarcerated six whole years, the comrade was released from prison on parole.



Greece: Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis released on bail

From the Greek Streets reports:

Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis is an anarchist who was arrested on February 11, 2011. Dimitris was in pre-trial detention since that date, charged with “weapon possession with intention to supply”. He was arrested possessing a weapon at a random police check and the original charge of gun possession (a misdemeanour) were converted into the above, in accordance with the anti-terrorist law. With his case remaining open for ten months with no substantial evidence whatsoever against him, the application for his release was finally signed on Monday and he is finally free.