Jerry’s Mailing Address

If folks want to drop anarchist Grand Jury resister Jerry (Gerald) Koch a line of solidarity, love, and support, the BOP lists his address as:

Gerald Koch
MDC Brooklyn
PO Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

New York: Anarchist Gerald Koch imprisoned for refusal to cooperate with Grand Jury

From Jerry Resists:

Jerry was taken into custody of US marshals today at 4:18 PM. Throughout his hearing, he did not answer any questions; he remained silent the entire time.

About sixty people showed in support of Jerry. The court room was packed, and he knew as he was taken by the marshals that we support and love him. The crowd yelled out their support for him as he was escorted out of the room.

Jerry asked that we release this statement to his supporters after his incarceration:

By the time you read this, I will be in the custody of the United States government for continuing my refusal to cooperate with a federal grand jury. This is the right thing to do.

I continue to believe that the government is using this federal grand jury in an abusive manner to force me to divulge information about my political associations and social networks.

If we mean what we say when we talk about radical politics, then we do not participate in witch hunts, inquisitions, or the assembly of black lists. As an individual, I will not lend legitimacy to government brutality and intimidation; I will not be used. As an anarchist, I will summon the courage to be stronger than the forces of the State’s all-too-real repression; I will not break.

Your show of truly powerful support has done nothing but strengthen my resolve in refusing to cooperate. We must not let ourselves be isolated by the government’s heavy-handed tactics. We must not give the state that last inch it tries to break in every one of us.

With Love, with Dignity, in Solidarity

Jerry Koch

If you haven’t already, please sign up for a recurring donation so that we can ensure that Jerry has immediate access to his commissary and will be able to be in touch with his loved ones. You can sign up and make donations at Jerry’s support site at

New York City: Gerald Koch’s contempt hearing tomorrow (Tuesday May 21st)

From Jerry Resists:

Jerry’s contempt hearing is tomorrow, May 21st at 3:45 PM on the 20th floor of 500 Pearl Street.

We expect that he will be taken into custody by U.S. marshals tomorrow.

Because the hearing is public, we will be able to be in the courtroom with Jerry. Bring a photo ID if you will be going into the court house. No electronics are allowed and will be checked with security.

We suggest folks arrive 45 minutes to an hour early: security takes a while, and we want to show Jerry–and the feds–that we support him, and all grand jury resisters.

Bring banners or flyers. Spread this widely.

Resist state repression! Support Jerry! Support all political prisoners!

Announcing Support Site for Anarchist Grand Jury Resister! Solidarity with Steve!

supportFrom Anarchist News:

In late July of 2012 our friend Steve received a phone call from a man identifying himself as a FBI agent. He was told that a subpoena had been issued for him to appear before a federal Grand Jury investigating the vandalism of the Kenzo Nakamura Court of Appeals*. This phone call happened in conjunction with three other people being served subpoenas in Olympia and Portland, as well as house raids in Portland. Although Steve is a well known anarchist in the Northwest, who has been subjected to state harassment before, up until this moment he has not been served or indicated as a suspect of the ongoing investigation against anarchists.

However, his life has been severely impacted by the course of events. Hehas made the choice to leave his former life behind in order to reject the Grand Jury on his own terms. This means that Steve has gone without face-to-face contact with his family, friends, and loved ones for many months.

On that note, the investigation and subsequent repression is still very much alive even though former prisoners, Maddy, Matt and Kteeo are now free. The potential for criminal indictments is always a lingering and realistic possibility. Also, the effects of imprisonment and future threats of going back to prison are not something that ends once one has left the prison walls behind.

While Steve has been doing his best to adjust to life in a new place, it has not been an easy transition. He has already been physical and verbally harassed by the state forces in his new location, and without status and ability to use the local language, employment is very hard to come by. At the same time, he has been doing his best to keep his spirits high and is gracious for all the support and solidarity he has received from people thus far, and the new friends he has made. The fact remains that life inside capitalist society is expensive, and as of this point he has no income whatsoever. He is in a really rough spot right now, being thousands of miles away from his home and not knowing when he will be able to return. Please consider donating to Steve so he can take care of his rent, bills, transportation costs, and everything else this life forces us to pay for. As little or much as you can, anything helps.

*It is important to note that Steve stands in solidarity and complicity with all those accused of damaging the Kenzo Nakamura Court House.

Please donate whatever you can at:


NYC: Anarchist Gerald Koch refuses to cooperate with Grand Jury

gerlad kochFrom the New York Times:

A Brooklyn man has said that he will refuse to testify before a federal grand jury that is believed to be looking into the explosion of a homemade bomb in Times Square in 2008, setting the stage for a confrontation that could send him to jail for contempt of court.

Gerald Koch has said that he was not implicated in the 2008 bombing, but would risk contempt of court charges to protest what he called “government intimidation.”

A lawyer for the man, Gerald Koch, said that he had been subpoenaed as a witness and granted immunity, but that he was not a suspect in the bombing, which took place outside an armed forces recruitment center in the middle of the night and caused no injuries. Mr. Koch said in a written statement late last week that in 2009 he had been called before a previous grand jury investigating the case, but did not testify because he knew nothing about what happened.

“I will once again refuse to testify to the federal grand jury in ethical resistance to participation in a fruitless exercise of fear-mongering and government intimidation,” Mr. Koch wrote.
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Word on the street: Maddy Pfeiffer ordered released!

From the Stranger:

In last week’s paper, we wrote about Matthew Duran and Katherine Olejnik, two of several grand-jury refusers who were subpoenaed, hauled before a grand jury and a federal prosecutor (without a defense attorney in the room), asked to testify about other people’s political opinions and social affiliations, refused to answer on the grounds that the questions were McCarthyesque, then thrown into prison for an indefinite period of time. (That’s a simplification. More about the details at the link above, plus here and here and here.)

The two spent about half a year in the joint (losing employment and housing arrangements in the process), including a good chunk of time in solitary, then were released, leaving one behind.

That one, Maddie Pfeiffer, has been released today by Judge Richard A. Jones, according to a one-sentence email from Pfeiffer’s attorney I received a few minutes ago.

At this point, we still don’t know the whys and wherefores—and the office of US Attorney Jenny Durkan and Warden Jack Fox of the SeaTac Federal Detention Facility have still refused to answer the four pertinent questions:

1. Who decided these people should be hauled in front of a grand jury (since they weren’t even in Seattle when the vandalism crimes were committed)?

2. What was the argument to do so?

3. Who decided the three (plus a fourth, Leah-Lynn Plante, who was released several months ago) should be placed in solitary confinement, the most punitive thing that our legal system can legally inflict on a person, short of execution?

4. What was the reason for placing them in solitary? (For example: Did they break a rule? Were they fighting with other inmates? Were they a demonstrable threat to themselves or others? Were they being punished for their political beliefs? Or were they subjected to a condition the UN has described as “torture” just for kicks?)

Despite repeated requests over a period of months from attorneys, journalists (or at least this one), and the prisoners themselves, nobody in charge of those institutions has seen fit to explain how and why those things happened to four people who were not even charged with, much less convicted of, a crime.

Radio Interview with Grand Jury Resister Kerry Cunneen

From the Committee Against Political Repression:

Grand Jury resister Kerry Cunneen gave an interview to Finn’s Revolution radio show. Here is a rough transcript of the interview:

Question: What is anarchism and how did anarchists find themselves at May Day in Seattle?

Kerry: Anarchism is a political philosophy centered on the idea that a society without domination is better suited to foster the wellbeing of its members. Anarchists are necessarily anti-capitalists because capitalism hinges on exploitation and economic division in society. We also oppose the concentration of power that we refer to as the state. These various bodies of law, force, and control seek to contain the possibilities for society and compel us all to perpetuate capitalism. There are many other forms of social domination that anarchists will fight to abolish, such as racism and patriarchy, that are also deeply entwined with capitalism.

As for May Day, it is, among other things, an anarchist holiday. It is a day that commemorates the militant labor struggle for the eight hour work day and the anarchists who were killed or imprisoned by the state for participating in this struggle. In Chicago, where the labor struggle was particularly militant, the police opened fire on a picket, killing and wounding picketers. The next day a demonstration was called and a bomb was thrown at the police line, killing an officer and wounding others. The state tried eight anarchists for the murder, and regardless of whether they were at the demonstration or not, all eight were sentenced to death or life in prison. We take May Day as a chance to remember these militant struggles and to inspire us to keep fighting against the state that wants us submissive or dead. Every year there are demonstrations and other events in cities all over. In the Pacific Northwest, Seattle was calling out to anarchists to come together and have a really massive anti-capitalist march. Many anarchists answered the call and showed up in Seattle that day.
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Northwest Grand Jury: Maddy Pfeiffer sentenced to prison for refusal to cooperate

From the Committee Against Political Repression:

Maddy Pfeiffer was steadfast in their refusal to cooperate with the federal witch-hunt against Pacific Northwest anarchists. They found guilt of civil contempt and will be sent to prison on December 26th for being unwilling to give any information about the people they know or the politics they hold. It is possible that Pfeiffer will be held until March of 2014.

In an earlier statement, Pfeiffer wrote:

“The state is trying to use broken windows as a reason to ruin people’s lives. This is absurd, and I will oppose it to the fullest. This life-ruining system which they call “justice” is organized to defend property and capitalism. This system is against everything I believe in.”

Currently a federal grand jury in Seattle is purportedly investigating the May Day protests, but it is widely decried as a witch hunt due to its focus only on the anarchist movement. Maddy will be joining KteeO Olejnik and Matt Duran who are in prison for their own dedication to their principles and refusal to provide information to an investigative body that they view as invalid. Both Oljnik and Duran remain strong in their resolve and appreciate the outpouring of support they have received from around the world.

Hundreds of supporters called and emailed District Judge Richard A Jones yesterday demanding an end to the grand jury investigation targeting people based on their political beliefs and the release of all those being held in contempt.

Reportback from Denver’s N16 Grand Jury Resistance Solidarity Action

It was a cold grey night at Civic Center Park when the comrades of grand jury resisters gathered at the ampitheatre. Numbers came in a slow trickle as letters to the resisters and other anarchist political prisoners were written and music was played off a city power outlet. Once most of our people had arrived anti-police, anti-legal system, prisoner solidarity and anarchist messages were chalked all over the park, along with the addresses of these and other prisoners.

Once we numbered around 25, we made our way toward the 16th Street Mall, carrying black flags, bucket drums, pots, pans and a boombike blaring hip hop. On the way, and through the night, statements of grand jury resisters and other words of support were shared via megaphone to the spectators downtown this Friday night. Noise was made, mall scenery was banged on, and nearly a thousand leaflets were passed out to fellow snitch-haters both outside and inside of businesses, in outright defiance of the Downtown Denver Partnership’s no flyering without a permit ordinance.

We hit turbulence when a civilian wannabe-cop approached us to shit-talk and argue, without disclosing that he was secretly taping the whole interaction. After being exposed he hid his iPad from view till being mobbed by an intimidating, noisy and pissed off masked crowd caused him to turn his camera the fuck off and hurry away to the safety of shopping.

We concluded with an amplified re-enactment of Maddy Pfeiffers court testimony outside the movie theatre on the Mall, to moviegoers entering and leaving opening day showings of the new Twilight movie. This was Denver’s second grand jury resistance solidarity event. The previous one consisted of roving outreach of a similar kind on the Santa Fe artwalk, with resister’s statements also guerilla projected on the walls of galleries and warehouses.

Support Jordan Halliday

From Salt Lake City ABC:

Hey there! Some folks from Utah are selling t-shirts to help benefit local former political prisoner Jordan Halliday ( with any post release financing he may need. There is an etsy account set up with all the proceeds going to help pay off remaining legal fees and just help him out in general. The shirts are only $12 and have a variety of political messages and designs. Please visit the site and pass the word on.

love and solidarity,

Salt Lake Anarchist Black Cross