Georgia prisoners continue strike for 5th day

Prison...DABC Note: This is one of the most comprehensive articles we’ve found about the strike, and confirms that it has been ongoing since Thursday until at least yesterday. There has been no word yet if prisoners are still participating today, on what would be day 6 of the strike. Solidarity to the Georgia rebels!

From the Irish Times:

THOUSANDS OF prisoners in at least four penitentiaries across the state of Georgia continued a non-violent strike for the fifth consecutive day yesterday in a showdown between the Department of Corrections and inmates over forced labour and poor living conditions.

The strike is unprecedented in at least two ways: it was organised by mobile phones that were smuggled into the prisons, and it has united prisoners across ethnic and religious lines, in an environment where racially-based gangs often fight each other.

“They have set aside their differences,” said Elaine Brown, a former Black Panther leader and adviser to the prisoners, whose 27- year-old adopted son is incarcerated at Macon State prison.

“You have blacks, Mexicans, whites, Muslims, Christians, Rastafarians, you name it. They are all united and they are conscious that they are united around their common interests.”
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