Chile: Young punk killed by carabineros

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Monday 5 April, in the Nueva Braunau locality about 10 kilometres from Puerto Varas the carabineros surprised -at 2 in the morning – 3 young people who were drinking outside their home. The cops went up to them and told them they were going to arrest them. An argument broke out between the young people and the carabinero. The sister of the victim affirmed: “during the discussion a carabinero threatened to kill my brother and he replied “kill me” , not thinking that he would shoot. Instead the carabinero fired a shot at him.”

“Pepo”, the victim, was shot at close range , less than one metre and fell to the ground. The carabineros did not help the victim and the ambulance arrived after 25 minutes. The ambulance of the police in the area did not intervene.

The young punk died after arriving at the hospital. The two young people accompanying him were taken to the police station.

Greece: Anarchist murdered by the police in Athens

from Occupied London blog:

35 year-old comrade Lambros Foundas was murdered by cops on Wednesday morning in the suburb of Dafni (south Athens).

The police claims that he was a “terrorist” and that he was shot while trying to steal a car, and that was carrying firearms. Fountas was one of the over 500 anarchists arrested at the Polytechnic riots of 1995, in Athens.


UPDATE 3/11: Clashes today in Athens amidst the general strike.  Supermarkets looted, shops and ATMs smashed.  Updates at Occupied London blog.

more info as it comes at Occupied London.

Belgium: Alexandre Varga “suicided” in prison after escape attempt

ANDENNEA – Friday evening, Alexandre Varga took out a knife and took a prison guard hostage in the prison of Andenne. He forced the other guards to open the prison doors. When Varga was outside, the guard taken hostage managed to escape, supported by other guards who followed Varga, he started to run but was soon caught.

A day later, after they put Varga in isolation and after the guards announced that they were going on a 48 hour strike against “prisoner’s violence”, Varga was suicided in the prison.  They say he hanged himself. Every death of a prisoner is a State murder.

Alexandre Varga was sentenced to 18 years for a number of robberies, one against a supermarket and others against security vans. In 2008 he appeared before the court in an orange shirt with “GUANTANA-MONS” written on it to denounce the violence committed by the screws against psychiatric prisoners in the prison of Mons.

Supreme Court to rule on Mumia Abu Jamal execution today

Yesterday there was a huge development in Mumia’s case.

According to a posting yesterday on the US Supreme Court’s website, the Court has scheduled a conference for this Friday, January 15, to discuss Mumia’s case. Specifically, they are looking at the Philadelphia DA’s request to have Mumia executed without a new sentencing hearing.

The Supreme Court has apparently been waiting for the ruling on the Spisak case, which was also released yesterday. In Spisak, the court ruled to reinstate Spisak’s death sentence, but it is still unclear what impact this ruling will have. The common thread between Mumia and Spisak is the “Mills” precedent, and the Court yesterday ruled that Spisak’s case did not meet the standards of Mills.

This is the link to the Supreme Court posting.

Here is a recent article by Jeff Mackler, explaining the importance of the Spisak case.

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