May 3rd: Protest the Aurora ICE Detention Center

The one year anniversary of our resistance to, and solidarity at, the detention center is MAY 3rd!
We need YOU and your Friends to make this event successful!
We will have rallied and marched together on May 1st for reform.

On May 3rd help us say YES to dignity and justice and NO to continued targeting and division of our communities!

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Surround the Center!

End Unjust Detention!

Commemorate one year of resistance to the GEO detention center

Romero Troupe enactments of immigrant experiences at GEO

Music, poetry and prayer

Drum out injustice! Bring a drum, make one from a bucket!

Make a human chain of solidarity, surround the center!

Say NO to detention,
to unjust enforcement,
and NO to dividing our community
Say YES to human dignity,
to justice,
we are ONE Community!

DATE: Monday, May 3, 2010                      TIME: 6:00pm-7:30pm

WHERE: Meet at 30th Ave & Peoria Street, Aurora, CO

For questions or info email Piper at or call 303-623-3464 ext 5

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Feb 3rd: Letter Writing Night for ICE Detainees and Immigrant Rights Political Prisoners

Resist the War on Immigrants
Letter Writing Night for ICE Detainees and Immigrant Rights Political
Wednesday February 6th, 6:30pm-8:00pm
6th Ave. United Church of Christ (6th and Adams)
Co-sponsored by El Comite en Defensor del Pueblo and the Denver Anarchist
Black Cross

Denver ABC is excited to host its first themed monthly letter writing
night side by side with El Comite en Defensor del Pueblo. We are living
in a moment of an increasing militarized border, an expanding deportation
apparatus of immigrant detention centers and police forces, and a large
public segment of fomenting xenophobes. Yet immigrant people, indigenous
people who have had the “immigrant” label imposed on them, and their
allies are becoming better organized and more militant every day. We are
excited to host a night of letter writing to those imprisoned by either
being caught within the US’s war on immigration and those fighting back.

Envelopes, prisoner addresses and information, postage, childcare,
educational information, and a FREE SPAGHETTI DINNER will all be provided!


Resiste La Guerra Contra Inmigrantes Presos Políticos
Noche de Escribir Correos Para el ICE Detenidos y Los Inmigrantes Presos Políticos
Miércoles 3 de febrero, 6:30 pm-8: 00pm
6 ª avenida. Iglesia Unida de Cristo (6 ª y Adams)
Co-patrocinado por El Comite en Defensor del Pueblo y la Cruz Negra Anarquista de Denver

ABC de Denver est√° muy emocionado de ser anfitri√≥n de su primer grupo tem√°tico de escritura de la carta mensual de “side by side” con El Comite en Defensor del Pueblo. Estamos viviendo, en un momento de una frontera militarizada en aumento, la expansi√≥n de la deportaci√≥n aparatos de los centros de detenci√≥n de inmigrantes y las fuerzas de polic√≠a, y un gran segmento de p√ļblico de fomentar xen√≥fobos. Sin embargo, las personas inmigrantes, ind√≠genas, personas que han tenido los “inmigrantes” etiqueta que se les impone, y sus aliados son cada vez mejor organizada y m√°s militante de todos los d√≠as. Estamos poder ser los anfitriones de una noche de la escritura de cartas a las personas encarceladas por cualquier causa que fueron capturados en la guerra de los Estados Unidos sobre la inmigraci√≥n y los que luchan de nuevo.

Sobres, direcciones de prisioneros y de información, correos, guarderías, de información educativa, y una cena de espagueti GRATIS para todos!


Actions Escalate in Defense of Detained Haitian Activist Jean Motrevil as Nine More Are Arrested

Since December 20, 2009 when ICE agents detained immigrant rights activist Jean Motrevil, immigrants, human rights activists, clergy and other community members have rallied behind the him.  Recently protests have ended with people blocking traffic to the New York City ICE building.  The first came on Tuesday, when ten were arrested and most recently another nine were arrested on January 7th after refusing to move from their spots in front of Varick Street Detention Center.

In the middle of an immigration check-in meeting, ICE detained Motrevil on a twenty year old drug conviction, which he already served eleven years in prison for.  He now faces deportation despite not breaking any laws since his time in prison.

Montrevil supporters are calling upon ICE to grant him discretionary relief from deportation.  Already the petition being circulated has garnered 1300 signatures.  A slew of local politicians are also actively calling for his release.  Many feel the detention of Montrevil is highly politicized, motivated by his active work in groups such as Families for Freedom, the NYC New Sanctuary Movement, and Detention Watch Network.

Take Action

Sign the online petition to free Jean Montrevil.